A Papal Indulgence? Kim Davis Said Pope Met With Clerk and Told Her To “Stay Strong” [UPDATED]

kim-davis-mugshot120px-Pope_Francis_in_March_2013_(cropped)The lawyer for Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has stated that she met with Pope Francis during the pontiff’s visit to Washington D.C. last week and received encouragement from him in the meeting. It is a surprising disclosure, if true, but Attorney Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel insists that the Pope spoke to Davis and her husband in English and said “Thank you for your courage” and told her to “stay strong.”
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Pennsylvania Rep Takes Pope’s Glass and Then Dispenses The Water To His Family and Staff

2CC3B29000000578-3249286-image-a-9_1443204120212This week, there has been considerable discussion of a series of pictures released by the office of Representative Bob Brady that shows him pouring water in the mouths of family members and staff from the glass used by Pope Francis after speaking in Congress. Yesterday, Brady admitted to taking the glass and sharing the water (while insisting on holding the glass himself) but proffered that he asked permission to take the glass. He also confirmed that he did the same with a glass used by President Obama. What is really astonishing is that Brady not only took these pictures but instructed his staff to release them on social media.

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Ohio Couple Allegedly Robs Bank and Then Posts Celebratory Photos On Facebook Before Being Friended By Ohio Police

cash923frtMost of our parents told us about not bragging but John Mogan, 28, and Ashely Duboe, 24, appear to have missed that (in addition to a notable large number of other lessons in their lives). Mogan, a parolee, had allegedly just robbed the Savings Bank in Ashville, just outside of Columbus. He and Duboe celebrated by posting pictures with the cash.

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University of Miami Student Fakes Cocaine in Dorm Room . . . University Has Student Arrested

200px-UMiamiSeal.svg170px-Man_sniffingJonathan Harrington, 21, thought he had a great joke when he heard that the University regularly inspected dorm rooms for drugs. Harrington took powdered sugar in lines to look like cocaine on his desk with a rolled up dollar bill and seven aspiring pills. The university police proceeded to do a field test and declared it to be real cocaine — leading to Harrington being charged with felony drug possession.

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Another Arab Prince Faces Criminal Charges In Beverly Hills

2CBCF65100000578-3248499-image-m-3_1443156724642Last week, Qatar’s Sheik Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani first took a dangerous high-speed race through the streets of Beverly Hills and then allegedly told a reporter that he could kill him given his diplomatic immunity (which he didn’t have) . . . . and then fled the country in contempt of U.S. laws. Now, a Saudi prince has been arrested at a hillside compound near Beverly Hills after allegedly trying to force a worker to perform a sex act on him. Saudi prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud was arrested on suspicion of forced oral copulation of an adult. The arrest followed the reported sighting of a woman covered in blood trying to escape the compound by climbing an eight-foot wall. He is now accused of sexually abusing and beating at least three women during a three-day party in his $37 million Beverly Hills home.

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Arachnophobia Leads To Conflagration

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

giant-huntsman-spiderIn a truly illuminating display of foolishness, a patron at a Michigan gas station set a pump on fire when he attempted to remove a spider from his gas tank. His fear of spiders and what he probably believed to be a clear, and present danger to his person, used a lighter to kill the menace.

The predictable result, a fireball engulfed his car and the gas pump.

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