Month: August 2007

Lawyer in Mistaken Stabbing Case Receives 12 Years

In an incredibly sad story. Jonathon Edington a lawyer in Connecticut has been sentenced to 12 in prison for killing a man that he thought molested his 20 year-old daughter. Edinton stabbed Barry James in his bedroom after his wife told him that James had molested their daughter. Ultimately, Edington’s wife, Christina, refused to cooperate with the investigation and a defense expert found that she was suffering from d postpartum depression.

The case left the court with few options and many regrets in sentencingfor first-degree manslaughter.. For the full story, click here

Academic Freedom Challenge: Norman Finkelstein’s Classes Canceled by DePaul University

Norman Finkelstein has long generated controversy over his writings on the Holocaust. His critics, however, have launched a campaign to have him terminated from the school and have been successful. Many academics are alarmed by the official move to cancel his classes and lock him out of his office. At risk is the most important element of the American experience in higher education: academic freedom. For the most recent story, click here

Through Addictions to Dementia: Supreme Court Justices Have Refused to Step Down — The Need for Reforming the Supreme Court

The health problems of Chief Justice Roberts raises a long-standing problem on the Court, addressed in this prior column.

Orignially published in August 2005

It came as something of a shock at the beginning of the summer when Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist announced that he would not be resigning from the Supreme Court. He is suffering from thyroid cancer, has had a tracheotomy to help him breathe and will be 81 years old at the start of the new court term. The smart money was on retirement.

But Supreme Court justices answer only to themselves and God when it comes to stepping down from the bench. Once Congress hath joined a nominee and his office, only death or retirement can separate them. Continue reading “Through Addictions to Dementia: Supreme Court Justices Have Refused to Step Down — The Need for Reforming the Supreme Court”

Duffy’s Duties: Dog Neutering and the Right to “Productive” Years

In Sundbury, Pa, a court has ruled that a former owner can continue to demand that a show dog not be neutered and continued to be made available for breeding. At issue is a a 5-year-old French bulldog named Duffy. The breeder gave the dog to a third party with the understanding that Duffy would continue to supply services — valued at $73,000 over the last three years. The case has raised issues of animal health and continuing limitations on ownership. For the full story, click here