Asinine with Canine in the First Degree: Man Charged with Animal Cruelty for Swearing at Police Dog

Police in Florida have arrested Moses Rogers, Jr., 28, with cruelty to animals charge for yelling at a police dog in a patrol vehicle. It appears that the dog was deeply offended or agitated by the encounter.

Moses, who is also charged with disorderly conduct, committed the offense at 2:24 a.m. when he yelled the obscene statement at the window of the patrol car causing, according to the police, the dog to “become overloaded, tormenting the dog.” It is not clear whether the dog is in therapy or has been placed on leave pending recovery.

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The question for the Stuart police department should be the training of its offices rather than its canines. Officers may be legitimately upset with the rude treatment of their dog, but officers are supposed to use a modicum of judgment in making criminal charges.

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6 thoughts on “Asinine with Canine in the First Degree: Man Charged with Animal Cruelty for Swearing at Police Dog”

  1. Well, as we all know, the Police Academy attracts only the best and brightest among us.

  2. You won’t get any argument from me on that point. I’d really like to know what kind of idiotic language this abusive cop used to make this insane arrest. But I should carefully watch my speech, lest anyone try to arrest me for “contempt of cop,” which as Alan Dershowitz once remarked, is “anything less than total worship of the uniform.”

  3. It seems to follow the earlier entry on the police officer arresting a fast food employee for putting too much salt on his burger. This is a form of abuse of authority. No doubt this dog charge will be dropped, but the question is the standard of professionalism (or obvious lack thereof) within this department.

  4. From what I am reading these days, too many police officers aren’t doing what they’re “supposed to” do. Including showing common sense and avoid making frivolous criminal charges. When I read of people being arrested on insane charges like “public profanity” (this is just another example) or “unauthorized snacking,” it is truly a sign that some police officers don’t have enough to do to keep them busy. Maybe because really violent crime is down in their neck of the woods?

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