Video: Russian Police Demonstrate Their Beat-First-Question-Later Approach

While other departments are trying to teach non-violent methods, Russia appears to favor a more physical approach, as shown in this video.

Some countries have been working hard to reduce the use of unnecessary force by officers, such as the recent program in Ottawa. Click here.

This video, however, shows what many have complained is an all-too-familiar approach by Russian officers responding to a call. In this case, the police not only beat on suspect but hit a third party who dares to approach the scene of unrestrained abuse.

For the video, click here.

2 thoughts on “Video: Russian Police Demonstrate Their Beat-First-Question-Later Approach”

  1. Beat-and-ask. What a great idea. We need to unshackle our law enforcement from all those silly Warren Era constraints.

    Next: Knock-and-shoot

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