Max Mosley Shown on Video in Five Hour Sado-Masochistic Orgy

tn_13-07-07_14.jpgMax Mosley, President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), is at the center of scandal that makes ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer look like a junior leaguer. In the video shown below, Mosley is reportedly engaged in a five hour orgy with five prostitutes dressed as Nazi guards — a particularly embarrassing performance given the fact that Mosley’s father, Oswald, was the pre-war leader of Britain’s fascist “blackshirts” and even invited Adolf Hitler to his wedding. Update: Mosley prevailed in a court action in showing that the party did not have a Nazi theme and that his privacy was violated. Continue reading

Texans Seek to Strip Scientology of Religious Designation

There is a growing clamor on the Internet over an effort by some Texans to strip Scientology of its status as a religion — a move that would expose the Church of Scientology to both taxes and greater regulation. This move occurs as various countries continue to move against the Church and the Church is threatening lawsuits over the disclosure of confidential tapes and materials. Most recently, Wikileaks has made available the entire secret Operating Thetan (OT) documents — a move that could trigger another round of litigation by the Church. Continue reading

Iowa Governor’s Mansion Found Hazardous “Sick Building”

tn_18bats.jpg While after today some may complain about chronic indictment outbreaks at the Bush White House, here, service in Iowa’s Democratic Governor’s mansion may actually be a risk to your health. Officials now believe that a rare lung disease found among various employees is linked to bird or bat droppings at the mansion called Terrace Hill. Ironically, the headquarters of the American Lung Association has also been cited as a possible exposure point. The case would appear to fit neatly into the expanding cases involving “sick building syndrome.” Continue reading

All the President’s Men: HUD Secretary Latest to Resign Amid Criminal Investigation

tn_white-house_10.jpg It is beginning to look like all new hires in the Bush Administration receive with an office, security pass, and list of available criminal defense counsel. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson resigned today in the midst of a criminal investigation into favoritism in government contracts. He is only the latest in an impressive list of Administration officials fleeing on the heels on pursuing constables. Continue reading

Little Girl Dies After Getting Last Wish to See Prisoner-Father

10-year-old Nebraska girl Jayci Yaeger died not long after she was given her last wish: to see her father Jason Yaeger who is serving time on a drug offense. There remain questions about why federal officials in Yankton, S.D. fought any extended furlough for so long and only relented after a national outcry over their position. Continue reading