Semper Fido: David Motari Allegedly Apologizes for Throwing Puppy Over Cliff

While some commentators have rushed to suggest that the puppy shown in this video was either dead or stuffed, the accused Marine has reportedly posted an apology. David Motari has been named as the Marine in the video, though the Marines are still investigating. In what is purported to be a posting from him below, he blames the stress of combat.


In his alleged apology, Modari says that in combat people “develope [sic] a different sence [sic] of humor than what others are used to.” He say that he is “sorry about the dog.” He also complains about people bothering his family and his girlfriend.

For the statement, click here

Yet, in this video of the incident, a strikingly different individual is shown.

There is still no confirmation that this is indeed a genuine apology from Motari. Notably missing in the statement is any support for the spin recently put on the video to claim everything from a dead puppy to a suspected IED, click here

Even if there is no confirmed apology, one would have expected someone to come forward to make that stuffed or deceased dog claim given the torrent of controversy. Some advocates seem to be struggling to find a way to blame a liberal media for the controversy and have made criticizing this Marine into an attack on all Marine. Obviously, the outrage is due not only to the horrible attack but that this is not indicative of our service members. Indeed, the Marines seem pretty ticked about this whole episode and they will likely prove the harshest judges of all.

It is certainly wrong that people are harassing his family and girlfriend. That is a uniquely stupid act — not unlike throwing a puppy over a cliff. While combat fatigue may be a defense (or mitigating factor) in a possible criminal charge , click here, it should not alter the fact that this Marine does not appear capable of maintaining proper discipline and conduct in a combat area. It may be sufficient for Motari to simply agree to a less than honorable discharge as the proper punishment for this monstrous act. What he lost (in what this posting suggests is a momentary loss of humanity) should be the honor to wear the uniform of the United States Marines. It is a hard punishment for a young Marine, but it could be worse: he could be thrown over a rocky cliff.

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  1. Can I simply say what a relief to uncover somebody who really
    understands what they’re discussing on the net. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people really need to look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you
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  2. What a moron you were and are. Real big tough guy. Are all marines like you? And what a cheap cop-out….blame it in combat bull-poop. You are a true coward and a pussy. I hope your girlfriend did not stick with you all this time. If she did, she is as big a moron as you.
    I sincerely hope when you have children, no one does to their dog what you did…then you will not have to explain to them why there are assholes like that in this world.

  3. This is the kind of sick SERIAL KILLER FUCK that needs to go ahead and put a bullet in his head and end it all. What has he got to give society. I’m sure he’s done more atrocious stuff to “the enemy”…

    I personally know 2-families that have, lost a loved one in Afghanistan/Iraq due to “non combat related gun shot wounds to the head”

    We could only be so lucky if this FUCK would do the same….Semper Fi my ASS….he killed a defenseless creature….Dog or Human…he should rot in hell and I’ll loan him the .44 Mag to make sure nothing is left of his FUCKING BRAINS! a fucking GREASE SPOT THAT HE IS…FUCKER

  4. Arno Hollosi: DAVID MOTARI IS NOT A PSYCHOPATH. You have problems. There are MANY people who go hunting for enjoyment, and swat flies daily in their home. I KNOW you have swatted a fly in your home so you must be a killer and be called a psychopath! Learn the meaning of psychopath, you LIBERAL ANIMAL ACTIVIST! ^^^

  5. David Motari was doing his job. Would you carry a dog that had some sort of sickness 10+ miles back to your base? Didn’t think so! ESPECIALLY if it bites you, you can have to get medical attention right away? Right. Obviously it wasn’t the best choice of David Motari to throw a puppy over a cliff, but imagine the trauma our troops have to go through while they are fighting for YOUR freedom? Obviously all you liberals and animal activist don’t appreciate our troops one bit. I agree with you Janet and Rain! THANKS DAVID MOTARI FOR YOUR SERVICE IN OUR MILITARY!

  6. Puppies lives are not equal to human lives. And it seems kind of fishy that the bebo page was put up after the video was taken. I knew David and I was his friend on bebo. His Bebo page was delete immediately after all the threats. And also, doesn’t it kind of appear weird to you that his bebo picture wasn’t him? Hmm, makes you think, huh? Everyone who is hating are all animal activist. Oh and liberals also. I guess if you swat a fly in your home and it is wiggling it’s legs, then you are a “killer” and your family and you should have to receive daily death threats, your mother not be selected to do her job.. I can gaurantee almost everyone has swatted a fly in their house. So all the haters, go find something else better to do then bash David!

    Support Our Troops
    God Bless America

    Thank you David For protecting our country and risking your life for the freedom of Americans!

  7. screw motari he’s not sorry, just that he was caught may he spend his life working in convience stores cleaning dog crap off the floors.
    by the way I bet his daughter,wife and family are really proud of that less than honorable

  8. j espere que toi marine est ton cameraman vont marché sur une mine est que vos morceaux vont eclaté partout est que vous allé vous faire bouffé par les chien
    franchement …ou est le marine qui nous a sauvé de 1945 ou ??? moi qui est francais ..ou est le marine qui nous a sauvé d hitler ??? ou?? tout le monde vous applaudisser sur paris en 1945 mais je voit … que vous avait changer marine hitler il n y a qu un pas

  9. I really couldn’t bare to be bothered with read ALL these comments but, for David, Ernie and Janet etc. It’s people like them who are the example for why I could care less what happens to people and more what happens to animals. And them posting what they are posting and doing what they are doing doesn’t help their argument at the least. And if someone threw them or their kids off a cliff I wouldn’t care or even bat an eye Sorry but you can’t dish it and not take it

  10. His family lives in hell. Bullshit. I’d say that dog went thru much worse on the way down. The military is always filling its ranks with the dregs of society and Mortari is one of them. Fuck him and his family. Live in mommy’s basement once again and reflect on your wasted life every day, Mortari.

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