Mukasey Tells Joke About Sadists and the Legal Decisions They Make

With torture and detainees, Attorney General Michael Mukasey has never been viewed as much of a whoopee cushion. However, while speaking at the London School of Economics, Mukasey seemed to tell give a humorous example that seemed to put the Bush administration in the role of the sadist speaking to the al Qaeda masochist.

The whole point of the Mukasey statement was to explain that he really didn’t want to execute these individuals. However, he would never oppose execution based on the fact that they have been denied international or domestic rights of due process. Nor because they were tortured or denied access to witnesses and evidence. It is only because they would want death and we don’t want to make them happy.

“Because many of them want to be martyrs and it’s kind of like the conversation, you know, between the sadist and the masochist. The masochist says hit me and the sadist says no, so I am kind of hoping they don’t get it.”

What is most interesting about this statement is that the masochists are clearly the detainees which would make the sadist, President Bush. Now, that’s funny. He’s here ’till Thursday.

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25 thoughts on “Mukasey Tells Joke About Sadists and the Legal Decisions They Make”

  1. We will never know for sure if bush’s victims were innocent or guilty. Even if they confessed we can’t be sure that the confession was extracted through years of torture. How many innocents will be executed? We will never know until bush stands before an unbiased judge.

    He should have stayed in Texas where executing people was just a enjoyable hobby of a bored child of privilege.

  2. Sarah”

    Mukasey does appear quite a cut up when it comes to such subjects. His little funny about killing detainees no doubt has them rolling in the aisles at Camp X-Ray.

  3. Mukasey — and he does stand-up comedy, already — who knew?

    Today, the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and speechifying before the LSE — tomorrow the Catskills!

    Thanks again, Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein for making this wanker the U.S. Attorney General — the Bush Crime Family couldn’t have done it without you.


  4. VC:

    Another insightful analysis. You need to go with JT whenever he appears on Olbermann!

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