Sticker Shot: Car Dealer Offers Free Gun With Every Car

Walter Moore of Max Motors in Butler, Missouri recently had a brainstorm. What is the other thing beside a car that everyone should have. The answer is obvious: a semi-automatic handgun. Putting the lead back into American cars . . .

Moore is also offering free gas, but the firearms appear more popular with the car-driving set of Butler.
One snared customer Jerry Hertzog put it simply: “Love guns, we all need to have guns. Guns or gas or fuel, I’ll take the gun anytime.” Even the local sheriff is not opposed. Now, that will put the car back into carbine.

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19 thoughts on “Sticker Shot: Car Dealer Offers Free Gun With Every Car”

  1. yea mespo727272, because every person who has a gun is a knuckle-dragging moron.
    *rolls eyes* stupid… just plain stupid.

  2. Wholliebacon:

    That is a scream. I would only add glue gun for the Tata Nano.

  3. Great stuff whooliebacon, but a question.

    What goes with the Suburban?


  4. Hybrid: Free water pistol.
    Mini Cooper: Derringer.
    Electric: Tazer.
    Porshe: Air gun.
    Escalade: Tec-9
    SUV: 50 cal. machine gun.
    Hummer: On board Rail gun.
    Bond Car: Classified.


    Rockhound state park Deming, New Mexico. Been there done that. The higher you climb into the mountain the stranger the insects…extreme red color on their bodies.

  5. And I heard chipmunks are delicious! (So far as I know there’s no laws against poaching them either.)

  6. While attending my local rock-hound club at the Botanical Gardens a couple pulled in with a shot gun in the backseat, parked the car with the windows down and proceeded to the meetin’. When the president pointed out that leaving a loaded gun in the backseat with the windows down in a public park was probably not a good idea (not to mention illegal, even in Ohio) the couple became enraged and stormed off. No gun play or taser sparking ensued!

  7. rafflaw:

    Nah the dealer is likely off the hook legally if he complies with the federal firearms laws. The Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence has a nice synopsis on liability for negligent sales and I refer you to it.

    The law, like god, apparently has special providence for drunks, the USA, and car dealing fools.


    Can I order mine with that nice cow hide interior, a 440 4-barrel, and dual .45’s?

  8. Remind me to stay out of Butler, Missouri. Could the dealer have any liability if that gun is used in a crime after the purchase of the car?

  9. I think Mr. Moore should mount them to the hood, and give the driver a heads up display so we can do road rage the proper way. If you’re playing soldier, you might as well do it all out. Jerry Hertzog’s breathless comment –“Love guns, we all need to have guns” — is so vivid. I can almost see the drool and the dragging knuckles.

  10. dunder,

    I had not heard guns called “the great equalizer” before. I love it! And I must reaffirm my awe for Mr. Moore’s marketing acumen.


  11. Great idea! I love it! The great equalizer finds another way to the masses!

  12. Mr. Moore should win car dealer of the year for his savvy marketing! This is impressive! Did he think to sell ammo in the waiting room (along with nightcrawlers)? I certainly hope so.

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