Frittering Away Our Freedoms: Dunkin’ Donut Caves to Conservative Pressure and Withdrawals Rachael Ray Ad

Dunkin’ Donuts has pulled an ad featuring Rachael Ray after Fox commentator Michelle Malkin objected that a scarf that she was wearing resembled a keffiyeh, a traditional headdress worn by Arab men. It appears that even clothing resembling Arab clothing is viewed as an outrageous play for terrorists seeking donuts with their coffee. With the withdrawal of the ad, it is hoped that Homeland Security will lower the risk level to taupe. The company insists that no insult was intended and insists that its stores are safe for customers to come and enjoy “old-fashion donuts” and that bastion of American strength, the Apple Fritter.

The pitch for terrorist occurred in an ad where the Food Network host wears a silk scarf with a black-and-white paisley design.

Malkin quickly saw the coded message to Al Qaeda dunkers:
“The keffiyeh, for the clueless, is the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad. Popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos, the apparel has been mainstreamed by both ignorant and not-so-ignorant fashion designers, celebrities, and left-wing icons.” (I could not agree more; I personally find the use of checkered flags at Nascar races to be a bit too close for comfort).

There remains a question as to the future of the Dunkin’ Donut new line of Allahu AkBars — a chocolate bar with almond and crunchy center. Frankly, I am surprised that, after World War II, the company got away with Bavarian Kreme Donuts — open pandering to Arian eaters. (I will not even mention the French Crullers). The company already markets “jelly sticks” and “powdered sticks,” which is well-known favorites of the dunk-run-and-bomb crowd.

What is clear is that the Food Network will not be allowing Ray to prepare any filafels any time soon and Dunkin’ Donuts plans to dress her as a member of the Yearning for Zion Ranch (YZR) for future commercials.

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For Malkin’s campaign against yeast-based terrorism, click here.

36 thoughts on “Frittering Away Our Freedoms: Dunkin’ Donut Caves to Conservative Pressure and Withdrawals Rachael Ray Ad

  1. I can’t believe Rachael would allow herself to be seen in paisley. That is so 1 minute ago. OMG, fashion alert RED, critical, take shelter immediately! Must get duct tape and plastic now!

  2. For Malkin, another case of outrageousness substituting for talent or intellect. Given DD’s ultraconservative ways, I think running like a chicken-hawk is fitting. I love it when the wolves turn on their own.

    Tuning to Rachel Ray, I am wondering what all the fuss is about for this gravel-voiced epicurean, whose main claim to fame is food she says is fit to eat after 30 minutes of prep. Speaking of time, when is her 15 minutes up?

  3. Malkin: “a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos”.

    Actually, what he should have said was a “regular adornment of Muslim terrorists in Hollywood movies”. Hollywood has worked hard to make the kaffiyeh symbolic of terrorism, even in movies where terrorism has nothing to do with the plot. In a scene in Back to the Future, for instance, “Libyan terrorists” show up out of nowhere, inexplicably wearing a red kaffiyeh which is more common in Jordan actually.

    Anyway, I find it hard to believe no one at DD knew the scarf would be controversial, especially since Urban Outfitters had a similar flack with the Zionist fashion police. Seems a little engineered.

  4. This is not the best likeness of Rachael Ray. Seems to me the scarf was added to highlight the latte cup.

    Only Fixed news can identify a traditional headdress worn by Arab men as a female scarf and miss the obvious gang-sign Ms. Ray is flashing with her right hand.

    There is nothing to see here. Move along Ms. Malkin.

  5. Just one more reason not to eat the calorie/fat laden garbage that DD
    pases off as food. To be honest though, I never go there because their
    colors and decor seem so gay. What could be more un-American than that?

  6. Michael!

    What could be more un-American than that? Your clear implication that some of our police force may be gay. That is a precarious position to take!


  7. Jill,
    Thanks for the warning. My doors are locked and I’m googling how to legally change my name. Just in case do you know any good defense lawyers?

  8. Jill,

    Genius…more like Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle, but thanks anyway.

    Imagine what Fixed news could do with a graffiti tagged Boxcar…likeness of Osama.

  9. Yes, the keffiyah is common attire among Arab men. It has only become common attire among non-Arabs in America among two groups: (1) those who wish to to express their solidarity with violent opponents of America and Israel, and (2) ignorant rubes who have allowed group number one to serve as the inspiration for a fashion fad.

  10. Go to the Dunkin Donuts website, contact them and let them know that you disapprove of their bigoted decision to pull the ad.

    It is bad coffee non-food and Rachel Ray is annoying, but prejudice is much worse.

  11. One more reason why I won’t be going into a Dunkin Donuts store anytime soon. Between Ford and DD, are there any companies that won’t listen to the nonsense that comes out of Malkin’s mouth and from the Sly Fox network? The November elections need to get here quicker.

  12. rafflaw,

    I agree this is a conundrum. When right wing crazies speak, large companies listen. Why? Part of it seems to be unity and repetetion of disinformation from their mouthpieces. If you check out the latest talking points from the administration and friends on Scott McClellan they all repete how they don’t know who he is (i.e.-he’s crazy) and he’s a disgruntled former employee. (They aren’t even allowed to say the latter as it’s a registered trademark of the US Postal Service.) I notice that what McClellan actually said is given far less coverage than every administration loyalist trying to discredit him. Those people get on message and stay there. Even so, why are these messages taken so seriously? It takes complicity to make the cycle work. Perhaps the article on puking for Christ is instructive about that.


    That’s a good idea!


  13. It’a amazing to see how idiots like Malkin, despite claiming to be Christians and touting neo-con ideals, fail to realize that the keffiyeh has been around for centuries, BEFORE Islam, and I dare say Jesus and his disciples probably wore them too!!

    The whole idea is to keep cool in the hot Middle East sun…and as somebody said earlier, the symbolism is the making of Hollywood movies.

  14. These post have explored, “Doughnuts, the Darkside”… but I want to add something I think others will enjoy. It’s from a wonderful book called: Father Knows Less or Can I Cook My Sister by Wendell Jamieson. He takes on his (and other) kids’ questions and gets them answered by various experts in their field. So here’s the question:

    “Why do policemen like doughnuts?”
    Answer by John F. Timoney, Chief of the Miami P.D., former First Deputy Commissioner, NYCPD.

    “It’s because doughnut stores, especially in NYC, are everywhere…and they are often open 24 hours day….the one staple is coffee and doughnuts. It’s quick and easy; if while you are eating in the car you happen to get an emergency call, you can discard them easily–the loss isn’t a hell of a lot. You throw them out the window and your gone. It’s always easy enough to get more.”

  15. Jill,
    You will notice that all of the Bushies who were crying about McClellan’s book and how he changed, none of them denied his claims directly. They can’t deny them when almost every ex-Bush official also seems to say the same thing when it comes to the war in Iraq.

  16. rafflaw,

    I noticed this exactly! Not one of the “pressies” as I’m going to call them from now on, bothered to press them on the merits of his claims.


    Impeach Now!

  17. And the so-called “peace sign” is actually a communist symbol called the Broken Cross that means “victory through infiltration.”

    And the bar code is the Mark of the Beast.

    How do liburulz not recognize this stuff? It’s so obvious!!!1!1!!

  18. Let’s take this new pastry logic for a spin.

    So, all alleged Americans who eat French crullers are actually surrender monkeys?

    A scarf is outrageous but the jelly roll remains the same.

    Juvenile xenophobic idiocy across the board; it’s as if the majority of the ‘politically involved’ population never matured a day past the age of five years old.

    No, on second thought….

    Mankind has not evolved an inch from the slime that spawned him.

  19. JR,
    Let me see if I have this right….if you are for peace you are a communist? I will have to edit the Gandhi Wikipedia site to make sure everyone knows he was a Communist. And of course, Martin Luther King’s site needs to be updated to show that he was a Communist. I imagine that facts and reality are troublesome for Republicants.

  20. The F.B.I. knew MLK was a communist. JR and whooliebacon were correct to point out the many signs of the evil that walks amongst us. I am still crying after learning from JT that Nascar has been infiltrated as well.

  21. Add me to the list of people who think the DD situation was engineered, although perhaps not consciously.

    Malkin only has the power people give to her. If she calls for a boycott and everyone laughs, she’s defanged and history. It’s in her interest to periodically create a crisis, but only ones where nobody can create a meaningful opposition that would shred her case. Ideally something where the ‘bad guys’ will capitulate quickly and she can be carried around the field on the shoulders of her oh-so-macho supporters.

    Hence nonsense like this. It got her name out, she “demonstrated” the ability to “force” corporations to accede to her demands, etc. It showed her supporters as “more powerful than big business” (no pun intended) and her opposition as “powerless”. Which is true, to the extent that we’re so busy laughing at the claim to take it seriously, but that was never her objective.

    She might not even be aware that she’s doing this, but anyone who’s dealt with certain types of drama queens will recognize it immediately.

  22. This one tears it for the beautiful and crazy Michelle Malkin. She’s no dummy, but apparently really is nuts, and now has not a shred of credibility left. Put her in the rubber room with Coulter. Typical xenophobia from a disturbed and paranoid woman with a forum, whose biggest claim to fame is authorship of “In Defense of Internment”, an apologia for America concentration camps, a zealot who also argued on Hardball in 2004 that John Kerry shot himself in the foot to get a purple heart and a ticket stateside. What a sad and hateful human being.

  23. Knowledge is power, ignorance is crime …
    It is just sad to see ignorants like Michelle Malkin and yourself making up these stories just to make a minority group happy with you, I call that a** kissing.
    The head scarf you are talking about was always worn by people in hot areas in the middle east, it is also worn during the cold winter to keep warm.
    My grandfather used to wear it and he was a priest, he wore it before the creation of israel. I wear it and I am not even a Muslim. True some Palestinians wear it in while protesting, but you fail to know that millions of people wear it and they are not associated to your war stories or whatever you are trying to say. You guys are true ingnorants and I am sure that the reason Dunkin donuts pulled the ad is that they have many stores on the east cost, they do not want to loose any jewish customers.

  24. The only thing missing from this debate is a violin solo performed by Emperor Nero.

    Imagine, that while our American military, facing every imaginable deadly danger, ostensibly, to bring freedom to the Middle East … celebrated public figures in the United States are launching National campaigns about scarves in order to bolster inconceivable paranoia and replace our own freedom with mass paranoia and a National campaign to promote hatred.

    While our Constitution is being shredded, concept by concept, the invisible hand of the market is being summoned, to not only pick our pockets – but to pick our wardrobe as well.

    Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin, desperately seeking National public attention was handed two news cycles in which to market her brand of fear mongering while she waves a tattered American Flag to the sound of a pathetic violin solo, not one week after the Nation played taps to honor its war dead. Deceased veterans that lost their lives representing a Nation, that gives the opportunity for Malkin to express her freedom of expression – even when her message is offensive.

  25. Here’s a blast from the past: does anyone remember when Amanda Bynes had one of her movie posters edited because she was flashing a peace sign?,,440739,00.html

    Gang youth!

    (rafflaw – how was that snark not immediately recognized?!! Actually, if you want to see that rant about the “Broken Cross” in its original form, read Stephen King’s “Hearts in Atlantis,” which has a classic scene about the ‘origins’ of the peace sign)

  26. I so agree. This is insane and I’m switching to Starbucks in protest at this caving in before some befuddled right-wingers. But a link to the DD coffee company would be good in this article, I tried their corporate HQ and got nowhere.

  27. […] Jonathan Turley pretty much sums up how I feel: It is a sad commentary on our contemporary politics that an Arab-American cannot simply win such a pageant without unleashing such a torrent of hateful conspiracy theories. I do not even like such pageants but it is astonishing how little it takes to vent such anger and prejudice. Of course, even a scarf on a donut commercial in enough to trigger a national boycott today, here. […]

  28. […] Jonathan Turley: It is a sad commentary on our contemporary politics that an Arab-American cannot simply win such a pageant without unleashing such a torrent of hateful conspiracy theories. I do not even like such pageants but it is astonishing how little it takes to vent such anger and prejudice. Of course, even a scarf on a donut commercial in enough to trigger a national boycott today, here. […]

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  30. “Dunkin’ Donut Caves to Conservative Pressure and Withdrawals Rachael Ray Ad” — You meant to use the verb: “… WITHDRAWS Rachael Ray Ad”

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