“Absolut” Madness: Florida Man Dies After Vodka Drinking Contest

In Seffner, Florida, there are questions being raised about a bar’s drinking contest that caused or contributed to the death of one of the contestants. Eric Morris, 26, died after consuming an estimated 25 shots in 30 minutes.

With the advent of Dram Shop laws, bars have been subject to a greater level of liability. However, most such cases concern third parties injured by drunks in car accidents or other incidents. It remains difficult for the actual drunk to sue in these cases, though not impossible. In this case, a strong case of negligence could be raised by the family. Drinking contests are rarely seen these days due to potential liability under Dram Shop and other possible claims.

Morris appears to have continued to drink even after another bar patron stopped. Police are considering possible charged in the case.

I have been trying to do the math. If a standard shot is 1 1/2 ounces, 25 shots would be roughly 38 ounces of Vodka. Even with the usual over-pour on a standard shot (making it closer to two ounces), this would mean that Morris drank over two pints or over one quart of Vodka.

For the full story, click here and here.

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