Black Widows Get Two Consecutive Life Sentences

In a prior entry, the bizarre case of murderers Helen Golay, 77, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, were discussed. The two women (known as the “Black widows”) who killed homeless men for insurance benefits have now been sentenced to two consecutive life terms each.

The two women collected $2.8 million before the police caught up to them. The judge, not surprisingly, felt no need for mercy. He described how the men came seeking basic food and shelter and “[i]nstead, these unfortunate men were sacrificed on your altar of greed.”

My guess is that two life terms is a bit over kill for the women, 77 and 75 years old. But then again, they would be the first to acknowledge that a little insurance never hurts.

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10 thoughts on “Black Widows Get Two Consecutive Life Sentences”

  1. will again people have mixed up the meaning of a black widow. yes the to old ladys killed hoeless men, but a black widow kill there mates ,and i am only assuming that these 2 older wemon where not having sexual affairs with these men , so i dont think putting a logo on them as black widows. is is correct, they do how ever deserve to do some time in prison, may be not 2 life sentance, i mean come on how long do u think they will live for 200 yrs. they are already in there mid 70s. they might have another 10 to 15 yr in them but they might not even have 5yrs. i think it is a rediculious sentencing….

  2. The BBC featured these two this morning. If I caught this correctly, I believe the police have one of them on tape unbraiding the other for “being too greedy” and getting them both caught. I know if I was on a murder spree, I’d worry hard about that too! I guess there were earlier suspicious deaths connected to them where no payout was made due to the questionable circumstances of these men’s demise.

  3. In the “bug” world, a black widow is a female serial killer having done-in their mates after dinner and a movie.

    As opposed to cereal killer, as in who killed Count Chocula.

  4. I was wondering how these homeless guys had over 2 million dollars in life insurance? I have no problem with the life sentences since from the picture they don’t look like they will be with us too long anyway.

  5. Jeezes, 2.8 million…. where were these old murderers gonna spend this kind of money… daily bingo nights?

  6. Because I imagine he assumes anyone reading it would get the overwhelmingly obvious reference.

    Not to mention its been a public story and therefore common knowledge for sometime now, so everyone knows why they’re called the Black Widow killers.

    Anyone with a TV set that is.

  7. They are not “black”, so why are you headlining as such and not providing the explanation that this alludes to the spider – black widows?

  8. This is one of those times that a reduced sentence should be considered. Perhaps 5 years of listening to McCain’s speeches on a loop. Then again, it is cruel and unusual.

    More apologies … I’m grieving over the English language after listening to the President this morning. When I read here aobut consecutive life sentences, naturally my thoughts ran to Bush and Cheney.

  9. And so a new financial vehical is born–“sentencing viaticles”! We need more risk in this economy and they could really take off.

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