Hospital Staff Dance and Play Cards as Patient Dies After Being Abandoned in Chair for 22 Hours

A North Carolina mental patient died after nurses and doctors at the state mental hospital left him in a chair for 22 hours without food or assistance. The death of Steven H. Sabock, 50, was recorded on a security video. He choked on medication while a nurse stands nearby without rendering assistance at Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro.

The video show staff members playing cards, watching television, and even dancing while Sabock died.

To make matters worse, staff did not appear to realize that he had expired when they tied to stand him up and then used a chair to slide him to his room. Minutes later, staff are seen rushing to the room with emergency equipment.

A wrongful death lawsuit seems inevitable and the only question is the possibility of criminal neglect charges.

Federal officials are considering cutting off funds for the hospital.

The case is strikingly similar to the recent New York death of a patient, here.

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8 thoughts on “Hospital Staff Dance and Play Cards as Patient Dies After Being Abandoned in Chair for 22 Hours”

  1. It’s simple, what’s the value of a mentally ill
    person in our society? The Nazis were aware of their
    value in 1935. Sick but true.

  2. Jill,
    The majority of the conservatives who are not in the upper 1% of the income brackets, have been voting against their economic best interests for 7 1/2 years now. They won’t change now because Fox News is still telling them that universal health is bad.

  3. rafflaw,

    Have you ever wondered why conservatives are O.K. with 2000 private companies telling them which doctor they may see and which proceedures they are allowed to have? I have never understood this. Other countries have national health care for all with doctor choice. Their doctor does not have to fight for a proceedure to be authorized and the patient does not have to have fund raisers to cover their treatment. ARRGGGG!!!



  4. The facts are very clear (for those who live in reality) that the Medicare system is much more efficient than the profit based insurance company system that some people think is the best that we can do. I agree with Susan and Jill that the family needs to use the legal system to show this hospital the errors in their ways. I was amazed that the Feds are only “considering” the withdrawal of Federal funds for this hospital.

  5. I guess that bribe from the funeral parlor worked this time.

    Seriously, Susan, I completely agree!

  6. Good GRIEF! This is the kind of substandard “medical treatment” given to inmates at a jail or prison, and that is just as inexcusable. The fact that this callous disregard for a person’s life was caused by medical staff at a HOSPITAL makes this patient’s needless death far worse. I hope the family of this patient will not only file a large wrongful death lawsuit, but pressure the local prosecutor to bring charges against them for criminal negligence.

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