Battle of the Billboards

imaginenoreligionbillboardThe atheist billboard reading “Imagine No Religion” has been taken down shortly after it was put up in Rancho Cucamonga, California. There were 90 complaints and the city demanded its removal and the General Outdoor company was more than willing to comply. Yet, the billboard on the right a few years ago seems perfectly acceptable in West Virginia. 6566308_70169157efjpg2

I am not sure why Freedom From Religion Foundation did not replace the billboard with “Imagine No Free Speech.”

The West Virginia sign appears to be nothing but a crowd pleaser in West Virginia.
This is a true lesson into deductive reasoning gone terribly wrong by the Rev. E.F. Briggs of Monongah, West Virginia. The Reverend must have been filled with God’s Love on the holidays when he wrote:

Attention: Lunatics Atheists & Their Lawyers
Anti-God is Anti-American
Anti-American is Treason
Traitors Lead to Civil War

If you simply remove the word American and replaced it with Iranian, you would have the perfect sign for Tehran. How about this alternative following the same deductive reasoning:

Attention: Fanatics Theocrats & Their Ministers

God Loves Freedom
Freedom Requires a Separation of Church and State
Separation is Opposed by Religious Fanatics
Religious Fanatics Hate God.

Or then there is the more personal

America Loves Freedom
Freedom Demands Church and State Separation
Rev. Briggs Hates Separation
Rev. Briggs Hates America

Briggs passed away in 2006 so he may be in a better place or, God help him, a pure free speech zone where he has to listen to opposing views for eternity.

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