England Set to Make Photographing Police a Crime

thumb_policeman_cartoonEngland is about to make it illegal to take photographs of police officers in a continuing trend limiting the free press and free speech in the West. This ill-conceived law, The Counter-Terrorism Act 2008, will take effect on February 16th and “allows for the arrest and imprisonment of anyone who takes pictures of officers ‘likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism’.” For this crime, you can get up to ten years and a fine.

Journalists in England have been facing rising limitations on their ability to photograph police operations. On such controversy involves film-maker Darren Pollard who was cleaning his front garden after a flood when he noticed the police harassing a youth opposite his house. After a police officer spotted him filming the alleged abuse, they told him that it was illegal to film police.

Likewise, an English citizen was arrested for filming an officer engaged in a dangerous traffic violation, as discussed in this earlier entry.

From the Rodney King beating to recent New York protest abuse videos and recent BART shooting, we have seen how citizen videos have proven a critical element in proving police abuse. England is now set to deter this growing and positive trend.

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19 thoughts on “England Set to Make Photographing Police a Crime”

  1. “those that hide from sight , are those that break the law.”
    a relative of mine once said the above, a long time Police chief!
    no one no one is above the law and when the police hide they are
    are the most dangerous criminals

  2. I agree that the international media needs to call England out on this matter but I am also concerned that the US MSM is in no position morally to do so because of the corporate or philosophically driven self censorship they themselves practice. The international media needs to call the US out on this 😉

    I have come to call the citizen news media “the 5Th Estate”. That includes bloggers and the people that use their cell-phones and YouTube to film news as it breaks. This kind of instant reportage is unprecedented and a breath of fresh air. It must also scare the powers-that-be half to death and they are pushing back hard.

    A headline and story in The Washington Post today:
    “Local Police Want Right to Jam Wireless Signals”
    I can’t imagine that limited range jamming takes much equipment and a device to do so probably could become part of the typical police officers’ tool belt or built into the electronics of a squad-car. I see this as an assault on the 5Th Estate and whatever oversight of local law enforcement by the citizenry cell phone technology facilitates.

    I write the White House website and leave a comment at the “Contact” page at least every other day.
    This story and my opposition to allowing this tool local use was my comment for today.

  3. Lottakatz:

    England has never embraced the robust free expression and free media traditions as the United States. Preferring to show benign application of the laws. The Crown laws are enough to throw a civil libertarians into a fetal position. I have never understood why such an educated and advanced nation would allow such restrictions to continue. The English seem to prefer an Damocles sword hanging over the heads of the media by a thread. This law is another example of the need for the international media to call England to account for its treatment of the fourth estate.

  4. There is a move underway to make silent pictue-taking with phones illegal in the US. I just Googled to see if I could find the specific posting I read and there is a treasure trove of info out there.

    England is already the country with the greatest level of survailence of its citizens and the abuse of that technology and mindset makes the British papers regularly. I follow online editions of British papers and the stories of abuse just keep coming up.

    I am not for any law in the US that might weaken the (too few) methods of oversight of the police.


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  6. Mike A.,

    I never thought you were hear to drum up business. I value your contributions a great deal and I hope you keeping posting. Although we do not always agree, I ALWAYS value your thoughts.

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  8. Mike A:

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  9. Jill and Bron98, I’m not here to drum up business. I guess I use my real name because I’m old enough not to worry whether someone else thinks I’m dumb. Or, as my wife might say, that boat’s already sailed.

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    My apologies to Prof. Turley for my contribution to the madness.

  11. The New World Order is advancing at a rapid rate!!

    ‘this town is coming like a ghost town.’

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  14. England.

    Rapidly becoming just what Orwell and Moore envisioned.

    Congratulations on being added to the list of country’s that won’t get my tourism dollars. It wasn’t just this one thing. You’ve had it coming.

  15. No reasonable person can possibly determine when he or she is violating this statute. I defy anyone to offer a clear explanation of the phrase “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.” Presumably this law would be declared unconstitutional on its face if adopted in the U.S.

    On the positive side, the act may be useful in serving as legal cover for the periodic round-up of especially obnoxious American tourists.

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