Former Missouri Rep. Kenny Hulshof Accused of Another Case of Prosecutorial Abuse

160px-rep_kenny_hulshofFormer Missouri Rep. Kenny Hulshof secured six terms as a Republican member of the House and ran for Governor on his tough-on-crime record. That record, however, is now under scrutiny with another abuse cited by a court from Hulshof’s work as a prosecutor — leading to the conviction of a teenager for a murder that he did not commit.

Hulshof prosecuted Joshua Kezer, who was 17, for the 1992 shooting death of 19-year-old Angela Mischelle Lawless. He was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 60 years. He has spent 15 years in jail before a court found that the prosecution withheld key evidence that would have cleared Kezer.

Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan ruled that Joshua Kezer was wrongly convicted of killing Lawless who was found in her car with the motor still running an the Interstate 55 exit ramp.

Callahan singled out the Hulshof for his alleged misconduct as the special prosecutor in the case.

kezer200fileCallahan said Hulshof withheld key evidence from defense attorneys and exaggerated details before the jury. New evidence has revealed that Lawless had DNA material under her fingernails belonging to her ex-boyfriend.

Hulshof is now practicing a Kansas City-based law firm Polsinelli Shalton Flanigan Suelthaus and insists that he did a good job. However, in 2008, an AP investigation found a pattern of such abuses by Hulshof in four other cases prosecutorial errors by Hulshof led to death sentence reversals.

In this case, the court accused Hulshof of concealing (1) investigative notebooks that included references to other suspects and contractions among witnesses; (2) an interview record of a witness who spotted another suspect near the car who was biracial (Kezer is white); and (3) a written statement from an inmate who admitted to lying when he said that Kezer confessed to the crime. In addition, Hulshof told the jury “We put him at the scene, we put a gun in his hand, we put the victim with him, we have got blood on his clothes.” The court said that that statement was untrue.

The question is what the Missouri bar will do about a prosecutor with such a record. In North Carolina, the bar disbarred Michael Nifong for his abuses in the Duke Lacrosse case. That was just one such case of abuse. Of course, he could always become a talk show host.

As for Polsinelli Shalton , the firm still tauts Hulshof as a real catch for the firm on its news site.

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23 thoughts on “Former Missouri Rep. Kenny Hulshof Accused of Another Case of Prosecutorial Abuse”

  1. I just watched Kezer’s story on the Paula Zahn show. Looks like even after all these years, Hulshof is still a great catch for his employer. I know that prosecutors can not be sued. But can they be prosecuted after they leave office? This is a guy who definitely needs to spend some time in custody. His elections should be invalidated because of his lies and obstruction of justice, his benefits from his time as representative should be voided. A lesson in accountability is really needed here. He needs to be brought down, just like racing cheat Lance Armstrong.

    1. Thanks Turley!! This is where they should all be – in jail.  We asked for Missouri Representative for their help Congressman McCaskill(D) too, to stop the illegal seizures of our home and Retirements, what they did was laugh?! Leaving us in the POOR house!  The shoes on the other foot now and they’ll only see the rest of whats to come and what they’ve done to decent, moral, christian, US citizens within the State of Missouri.  But the Federal Government is the worst example. I’m surprised no-one has reported on the subsidies they gave illegal Cubans and Mexicans, funny taxes we paid so that they could compete directly with me a”disadvantaged minotirty small business”  funny that the ones using “our taxes” are the illegals while WE as US citizens cannot find any Tax Attornys who’d help us?  Thanks for reporting this and good look getting the crooks that have devastated this nation and brought to its knees….

      …when the wicked rule; the people mourn…Prov 37 [usurpian government -John Adams]…    …a government that seizes property without any right. We have fled Missouri’s ruthless, hateful and malicious people, they now claim “it would best serve the US to steal property from our poor family”. America has become a country of the Rich and Rich Governments! There are no US Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights, Taxpayers Rights, just bend over and let become richer at the expense of the poor. Has anyone heard of the rich or rich Federal Governement being seized? No not anylonger while the truth becomes more and more reality – Americans have no Rights against the Federal Government!


  2. I am amazed about Kenny Hulshof. Seemingly the people in Missouri are like this guy and must be of the same cut as he is. He is a LYING Criminal. Example of the Dale Helmig’s case he had to knowingly persuade the State Cop and the Sheriff to lie and the lies of his own time lines. He needs to go to prison for at least 10 years and his family not to benefit from his monies (seize all assets if not then there is no justice and crime pays as long as your the lying law enforcement) had made because he made them over the years under false pretenses. By falsely convicting people. IS THE HOW MISSOURI PEOPLE do justice. I think so there is no outrage. Missourians support and even elect to Congress liars birds of a feather….

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