Eleven-Year-Old Boy Allegely Uses “Kiddie Shotgun” To Shoot Father’s Pregnant Girlfriend — and Then Goes to School

jordan-brown-11-year-old-001Marie Houk, a pregnant mother, was found dead by her four-year-old daughter. The killer appears to be the son of her boyfriend who will reportedly face adult murder charges — despite the fact that Jordon Brown is 11 years old. He reportedly went to school after killing Houk in a farmhouse in western Pennsylvania.

artvictimwpxiThe child was charged with one count each of criminal homicide and homicide of an unborn child. In Pennsylvania, anyone over the age of 10 accused of murder or homicide is charged as an adult and can face life in prison.

The boy and his father are living in the farmhouse in Wampum, Pa. 18767620_240x180

He appears to have used a youth model 20-gauge shotgun — a gun designed to be used by young children. There are a considerable number of options for kiddie guns. Some sites prefer to call them “small statured shooters.” In states like South Dakota, the trend has been to lower the age to as low as 10 for hunters. Children as low as eight have received gun permits, as discussed in here and here in the United States and England. Some ministers have called on parents substituting video games for gun lessons as a wholesome alternatives.

The idea of treating an 11-year-old as an adult in such case is unfathomable but not uncommon. It remains one of the continuing points of conflict with other Western nations. The Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that states cannot execute murderers under the age of 18 over the objections of many conservative leaders.

What is fascinating is the desire to continue to treat children as adults despite recent research showing that human brains do not fully function until in their late teens. Specifically areas of the brain used to judge risk and make judgments are affected.

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47 thoughts on “Eleven-Year-Old Boy Allegely Uses “Kiddie Shotgun” To Shoot Father’s Pregnant Girlfriend — and Then Goes to School”

  1. personally i think the father was having an affair with the woman his son killed and i think he killed the home wreaking whore for his mother so the lesson here is maybe woman when they see a man is taken and has kids maybe they shouldnt sleep with him and have a little respect and find a man thats single after all home wreaking sluts deserve to die i agree with the kid all they do is ruin lives and make kids angry and hungry for revenge for there fathers absence so i think that women like that deserve what they get

  2. If every dumb person thinks videogames are to blame for violence well then you then people like that are just dumb very very dumb.

  3. However i am inclined to agree with Buddah, except on the fact that children over the age of 10 should be treated as adults due to i knew perfectly well everything had a consequence at that age and I’m probably closer to that age then you (no offense just meaning memory gives out over time) and to letil or what ever, dude I’m a teen of this day and age and I’m probably going to havta pay through the nose for your decisions dont say you must have been a good little boy who kept his nose clean even though you played with guns. If you have a gamer tag i think it would be fun to play a round of gears of war 2 because i think your right to a point where people are more paranoid about gun control then ever but thats probably becuase the shows today are the dummest EVER pardon my french but they sir are $h1t.

  4. I dont think that guns are the problem, I started my son shooting with a shotgun around 6th grade. We used to go skeet and trap shooting and it is great fun. He took a hunter safety course and I have pounded into his head that he does not point a gun at anything he does not intend to shoot.

    I think the real problem is half witted parents who keep ammunition and guns within reach of small children. I have been around some really scary people when it comes to firearm safety, but most people obey the rules of the road and it is generally a safe sport.

    I agree with Raf that the kid ought to be counsled but he should pay some sort of penalty if for nothing more than his own mental helath. I can only imagine the problems he is going to have when he figures out what he really did. And as others have said, the father should probably do jail time.

    I know this is trite but guns are inanimate objects and can sit on a table loaded for years without going off. A gun needs human will to be effective.

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