Texas Chair of the Texas Board of Education Puts Atheist-Conspiracy Book on Recommended Reading List

516zz5rmiel_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa240_sh20_ou01_Don McLeroy, controversial Chair of the Texas State Board of Education, has recommended released his top choice of his recommended reading list: “Sowing Atheism” by Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. — a book billed by creationists as disproving evolution and exposing the worldwide atheist conspiracy. When combined with the effort to create an advanced degree in “Creation Science” in Texas, the state will soon rival Iran and Saudi Arabia as a bastion of medieval thought.

McLeroy advocated that all board members read the book before its vote on the science curriculum for the state. Johnson, who holds a basic science degree from West Point, wrote the book to challenge the publication by those ill-informed clogs as the National Academy of Science “Science, Evolution, and Creationism.”

Johnson released the following statement: “I’m delighted with Mr. McLeroy’s endorsement of ‘Sowing Atheism,’ and hope all the board members read it thoughtfully before they vote. Our nation cannot progress morally, spiritually, or politically so long as we permit the NAS to teach our children that they are descended by chance from worms.”

McLeroy, a dentist from College Station, Texas, called himself a “young earth creationist” and has led the effort to teach creationism as part of scientific studies in Texas. In supporting an amendment to allow teachers to who challenge evolution with creationist arguments in their public school science classrooms, he noted: “That shocked a lot of people. [But] It’s certainly not a religious standard…. People are probably opposed to [the new language] for ideological reasons.”

It turns out that evolution, according to the Chair of the Texas Board of Education, is just an expression of ideology. My only hope is that McLeroy will next turn to those rabid ideological atheists pushing the theory of gravity on our impressionable children. Gravity is just an atheist conspiracy to suggest that people cannot float to Heaven.

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