When Judges Attack: Florida Judge Leaps Off Bench To Tackle Defendant

richards_ianBroward County Circuit Court Judge Ian Richards does not like people messing around with his witnesses. In the video below, Richards flew off the bench to tackle John Charles Reasee II, 29, who attacked a woman, Nicole Word, testifying against him.

Reasee was facing a domestic violence charge when he attacked the woman who testified against him. He succeeded in punching the witness, Word, 28. He joined a bailiff and two Lauderhill police officers in coming to Word’s rescue.

Other judges in Florida pack heat for just such a moment. Circuit Judge John Merrett pulled out his handgun when a man jumped a railing and punched handcuffed Derrick McNeil, 21, accused of molesting his son.

For the video, click here.

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8 thoughts on “When Judges Attack: Florida Judge Leaps Off Bench To Tackle Defendant”

  1. Sure can’t mess with Ian Richard’s court, Good for Broward County to have a such a Guy

  2. Wow.

    Andrew Jackson, when he was a judge up in Jonesborough, TN, actually would fire off a pistol once in awhile to restore order. He probably killed nearly as many roof beams as he did men in duels.

  3. shouldn’t they add witness intimidation charges, too? (not just additional domestic violence, as per the linked article)

  4. CCD:

    Great catch on that story. I think we need a new announcement for this judge instead of the traditional, “oyez, oyez, slience in the Court!” How about, “In this corner….?”

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