Model Teacher: English Teacher Faces Possible Discipline Over Modeling Career

England flagWe have yet another teacher facing punishment over her private life. We have previously seen teachers in the United States disciplined over appearing in provocative pictures after hours. In this case, Natasha Gray is not an elementary teacher but a physical education teacher at Manor Community College in Cambridge, England.

Gray is a part-time model and her pictures appeared on a “Tasha” page. The pictures show her in skimpy outfits as is often the case with models. (I personally have been waiting to post my swimsuit photos until a Rubens male movement takes hold in society).

Parents are up in arms after their kids found the pictures, which have been deemed “provocative” and now “common knowledge” among students. The Head Teacher, Ben Slade, blames Gray and says that she should not have published the pictures.

Once again, I fail to understand why the lives of teachers are subject to majoritarian demands or censorship. Gray is a model and has a yet to pursue that perfectly legal career. Even if it were not a career, teachers are entitled to private lives.

Gray was voted the UK’s sexiest teacher on a television show in 2002 and won a “telly” competition two weeks before starting her job as a teacher at the school.

For full disclosure, I was recently asked to take off clothing during a speech. Ok it was my jacket, but the prospects of a surging and wild crowd at the sight of an endomorphic law professor convinced me to remain fully clothed.

For the photos, click here.
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18 thoughts on “Model Teacher: English Teacher Faces Possible Discipline Over Modeling Career”

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  2. I agree with the majority here. What someone chooses to do on their own personal time should be of no concern to and without repercussion from their employer.

    We must not allow ourselves to be ‘owned’ 24/7 by our jobs or the corporation/entities behind them.

    PS Travis – the “unconstitutional” argument might possibly apply in the U.S., although doubtful as I have seen numerous similar cases here. The teacher whom this article is in reference to resides in Britain.

  3. One’s private life should not be in question when employeement is concerned. It’s a clear cut unconstitutional act.

  4. Thank you Professor Turley,

    And you probably have every right to be suspicious of everyone on the internet. As you see I am Anonymously Yours, I have seen a lot in the trenches and I am sure you have seen a lot in the academic world. Just change the scenario and people are basically the same. Of course with some exceptions and thats why we do what we do.

    I have heard through the grave vine that people do not like getting communication from me. I just figured that I was doing my job. One attorney that had been in practice a while said that he was always a little nervous when he received communication from me. I don’t know why. Well maybe I do, I liked to settle matters quick, I do not like to waste my time, unless of course I was wasting it.

    In as much, thanks for the free range forum. I will try and not disrespect it too much.


  5. Prof Turley,

    I was going to look up the Code that you had put out here. Could you please repost it. I was on my phone and did not write it down.

  6. Or sir,

    You may send it to

    St. Judes
    Patron Staint of Hopeless
    or in this case Lost Causes
    In Care of Marlo Thomas
    Memphis, TN

    Please Notify in case of No Response

    The Presybterian Hospital
    In Care of Dr. Freud
    Jackson 5
    Dallas, Texas

  7. Mike S. do the world a favor and stay off of nude beaches. If you must patronize keep well covered, no point in grossing out half the planet!

  8. If you have not seen this presentation by Professor Turley (from the link ‘speech’ in the article above), I suggest that you view it on YouTube.

    “Jonathan Turley speaks at The Future of Freedom Foundation’s June 2008 conference, “Restoring the Republic 2008: Foreign Policy & Civil Liberties.”

    Glenn Greenwald is another presenter.

  9. Timothy:

    When sexual mores are founded on first century thinking these are the results you get. Don’t be surprised, but I do suggest you ask your vicar or priest his opinion. I suspect you already know the answer but ask yourself why his answer is in such lockstep with all the other bigots and prudes.

  10. Iam a 44yr old father with a school going daughter, and to say that Miss Gray is a bad influence is a load of rubbish. How many people have gone out and got drunk in their private time? are they acused of condoning alcohol abuse or binge drinking. Dont think so. Miss Natasha Gray is a stunning looking lady and would certanly promote physical fitness.

  11. Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards 1972 #4 hit Pop Charts:

    “He can’t even run his own life
    I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine…(Sunshine)”

    When I sing this song, I replace “run” mine in the second phrase with *ruin* mine.

    As an LEO, I took an oath that I would never do anything in my personal life that would bring disgrace on my profession and that I would always “act under the color of my uniform” (the law/authority)whenever I was off-duty. That is a reasonable requirement for a career in law enforcement. However, there are other professions, such as teaching, that what employees do on their own time should remain untouchable by their business/school policies unless such actions are clearly illegal and specifically violate stated policies.

    This case appears to be fashion/moral ‘police’ dictating and forcing their own morals on this teacher who—by most reasonable standards of decency and conduct—did nothing egregiously wrong.

    Sunshine (Cover by Juice Newton) #35 Country Charts 1980

  12. Isn’t it a shame that the prudery of the minority casts such a big shadow. Sex is no big deal, neither is sexuality. It is the prudes of the world that create prurience. Anyone who has ever spent time on nude beaches, as I have, would understand how little heat a group of naked human bodies generate. The aroused ones were the Bermuda shorted tourists, mouths agape, cameras snapping.

  13. If my child had a teacher that posed for photos like that, I’d ask her where I could get some taken of myself!!

    Wouldn’t such photos make a great gift for one’s husband?

    She looks great! Must be some jealous moms out there that found the photos offensive!

  14. At one point during college I was an education major. I watched people graduate and make less money than I was making while attending college (I worked full time for the Post Office). I read in the news every few weeks about teachers getting in trouble for these sort of things. Needless to say, I am no longer studying education.

    What people do in their free time is their personal business. Unless teachers start getting paid for 24 hours a day, I don’t see how any of these firings are legal. Every couple weeks or so, we continue to see these kinds of cases. The masses are frothing at the mouth to have something to be angry about. They destroy these women’s (and men’s probably) careers in the name of decency (“Think of the children!!”). I honestly don’t see why anyone is willing to put up with this, but teachers unions et al. don’t seem too eager to stand up for themselves.

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