No Spinning Zone: Saudi Female Athletic Clubs To Be Shutdown

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenIt appears that women in Saudi Arabia will soon be denied the right to work out in athletic clubs. Saudi officials have decided that there is only authority for men’s clubs to be operated and regulated in the Kingdom. Due to the strict separation of men and women, various clubs have started to tailor to women and those clubs now appear close to a shutdown.

Of course, you can only go to workout in Saudi Arabia if you can find a male to drive you since women are not allowed to drive. The General Presidency for Sport and Youth Welfare has announced that since it has only the authority over men’s gyms, women’s gyms cannot exist and women are not allowed to go to clubs with men. The result: the ultimate couch potato woman who is not allowed to leave the house without male supervision or to go to work out. This should put the fat back into fatwas.

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6 thoughts on “No Spinning Zone: Saudi Female Athletic Clubs To Be Shutdown”

  1. I’m with you, Mike. Any country that treats any portion of its citizenry as second class citizens, let alone property or objects, is worthy only of scorn, derision and, yes, hatred.

  2. The treatment of women by certain middle eastern countries the US continues to do business with is deplorable.

  3. I must admit my bigotry on this. I hate Saudi Arabia simply because of their treatment of women. No other justification is needed.

  4. Well what do you expect. Maybe they should convert to Warren Jeffs Clan.

  5. Well someone needs to support the late night “ab crunch miracle” infomercials.

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