Baltimore Judge Orders a Woman Jailed For Saying “I Love You” to Brother

47521620-16045808It appears that expressions of affection cannot simply cost you a high school diploma, it can get you thrown in jail. Baltimore Circuit Judge Alfred Nance is known for having a temper in his courtroom and he appeared to have lost both his temper and his judgment when he ordered the jailing of Tamika Clevenger for throwing a kiss and saying “I love you” to her brother.

After a public defender objected to his abusive order, Nance rescinded his order.

Nance has been repeatedly accused of rude and bullying conduct, including demeaning statements to women in his courtroom.

When Clevenger, 24, said “I love you” to her brother, Nance responded “I love you, too. Ten days, Baltimore City Detention Center. Take her. Don’t bring that stuff in my house. Period.” He added “Ma’am, your talking is over.” He also told another woman wearing a strapless top: “Young lady, step in the hall. The beach is three blocks down and to the right. It’s not in this courtroom.”

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16 thoughts on “Baltimore Judge Orders a Woman Jailed For Saying “I Love You” to Brother”

  1. I totally agree Nance is a monster hiding behind the robe of righteousness. He also wears the Napoleon Syndrome as well as being a perpetrator. His hunger for control only reveals his starvation of not having any control within his household. Therefore, he lacks respect for women because their are three people living inside of him. The first one being Al, the second one Fred and if one would like to know “Y” he is such a funk bomb just add that letter to his last name Nance and what do you get Nancey. And because Nancey got Al and Fred by his small balls that makes him a mad little man. You have no control Nance and you definitely won’t get my respect to call you a judge or give you any honor. Just because there’s three of you and Nancey running things, you think that you should be up there with God. You think, you little toad frog. You will become just what you portray, “Nothing!!!” You will see how fast the Angels of the unknown act upon your “Karma” and the good thing about it is that you won’t have the option of an attorney. Now you deal with your upcoming Karma that will be knocking on your door with a telegram stating, “Pay up in full, there will be no partial payments.” I hope you don’t believe in Karma, because unbelievers are the best players. I’ll just wait until God put your sorry ass on stand and I hope God uses all women to determine your punishment. Sorry dude, with God there is no bail to be made.

  2. What does it it say adout the integrity of the judiciary of Baltimore. City and Maryland when these so called. People. Of honor sit ideally by while a judge like Nance betrays the citizens trust while fully acting out without. Any restraints on. His prejudices. Or personal agenda we have a monster. On the bench cloaked in official respectability while we are lead to his court room for abuse & prison and even the loss of our lives. We the. People. Deserve better it’s time to change by any means necessary


  3. There must Not be a place for a judge like. Jud. ge Nance on the bench

  4. This judge is a pompous jerk and has no place being a judge. I also completely disagree with his harassment of the young lady because he didn’t like the way she was dressed. Does this judge have a God complex? I ask that because I don’t think either of his actions (wanting to send a woman to jail for saying she loved her brother, or the harassment of the ‘under-dressed’ woman) had anything to do with law and everything to do with his own sense of power. What a douche. Apologize for the language, but people who make other people suffer to satisfy their own narcissism is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially when the narcissist has actual power. People like that are not responsible enough to have that power. Like spidey’s uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

  5. While it it true that some people aren’t cut out to be judges, it is likewise true that some people aren’t cut out to even be people.

  6. Buddha, Buddha,

    I wish to warn you in advance that you and Judge Samuel Kent are using the same words. This is am excerpt from his sentencing:

    “In his sentencing before Senior U.S. District Judge Roger, an apologetic Kent, 59, stated “I submit myself humbly to you.” ”

    I now associate this with MLK, I have a dream speech. You can do better.

    I am only kidding you. Really? Maybe? I am not sure. Well..

  7. I’m not disturbed by the Judge calling someone out because she was dressed inappropriately for court. Maintaining a certain minimum level of decorum in a court is appropriate IMO but I know I’m going against the tide on that point. That he seems to lack humanity in wanting to send someone to jail for a verbal expression of affection is a whole different matter.

    This fellow was appointed by the Governor then elected to a 15 year term. His term ends in 2013. If I had job security for 15 years I guess I’d feel free to be a bully too.

    From Wiki:
    “Each Circuit Court judge is appointed by the Governor (with Senate confirmation) and then must stand for election. The judge’s name is placed on the ballot in the first general election that occurs at least one year following the vacancy the judge was appointed to fill. The judge may be opposed formally by one or more qualified members of the bar, with the successful candidate being elected to a fifteen-year term.”

    Misogynists abound:
    First Lady called a gorilla?

    BIL/AY: I always heard it as a 2 person statement and retort: statement: Cream rises (or floats). reply: So does ****.

  8. Well there might be, but if you leave anything out in the heat too long it spoils. Look at W.

  9. Buddha is Laughing:

    “cream rises and shit floats”?

    Cream floats on the other milk because it is high in fat content. So your point is that sh… and cream are the same?

    Sometimes old country sayings make no sense.

    I get it, its the Peter Principle, both sh… and cream rise to the top and you have to “smell” the product to make sure which is which.

    So even though the Judge is “creme” he still smells like sh…. Point well taken.

  10. After reading the story, I am surprised that the Public Defender did not got to jail as well. Apparently he said something about a spanking, Oh Baby (my words) and offered to send PS to are for the child while the woman was in jail.

    Can I say MOFO? Opps I did.

    Misconceived Maryland Misogynist on the bench. That I can say.

  11. “Judge” Nance,

    Nice job. You should really retire if you’re that miserable a human being because you’re an embarrassment to the Court with such petty behavior. They have a saying on the farm. Cream rises and sh*t floats. I’m thinking you floated to your current position. BTW, I love you too. You power abusing small minded jackass.

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