The Proper Way to Peel a Banana

250px-Saimiri_sciureus-1_Luc_Viatour120px-Banana_and_cross_sectionI saw this video today and was struck by the fact that I have been peeling bananas the wrong day for decades. I had to share it for all Turley bloggers to save time on future human v. banana incidents. I have personally tried this technique and had extremely satisfying results in my limited study. Each banana was left intact and unmarred.

This is just one more benefit that you can’t get on other legal sites (I know some of you have been straying). The Turley blog does not just make for better news, it makes you better people. Remember that my potassium-challenged friends every time you peel a banana.

The credit however goes to monkeys who have been peeling bananas this way for centuries before our eyes. Some however are a bit messier than others:

If creationists are looking for proof that man could not have evolved from monkeys, we may have proof in the peeling of a banana. If we are a higher order of evolved life, how come monkeys are starter at peeling bananas?

31 thoughts on “The Proper Way to Peel a Banana

  1. The Banana is a already favorite of Creationists because it shows a plant that was created just for us. I think this may have them rethinking their place in the order of things.

    I for one welcome our new Monkey overlords.

  2. I just tried this. -It really works!

    There is a side effect.

    Now I have an incredible urge to throw feces at my neighbors.

  3. We recently began purchasing some miniature bananas from Kroger that gave the instructions for the correct way to open a banana.

    I had no idea, either. But it does work better, with the exception of the little gross part you have to remove at the tip.

  4. Jim,



    When I was kid, they used to have an ape house at the KC Zoo where the chimps had an indoor/outdoor set up. Outside, you had a moat that was a good distance since chimps can leap like demons but hate water. Inside, you had a fence and a sign, “WARNING: Chimps may throw feces!”

    Well me an my dad were watching the chimps as usual but it was so hot we went inside. I was about 8 or 9 at the time. We were minding out monkey business when suddenly and without warning my dad shouts, “Get down!” and shoved me down. I was upset until I looked up and saw the guy behind me had a nice chest full of freshly flung monkey poo. Had my father not shoved me down, it would have been at head level.

    There is no moral to that story, but perhaps the advice to “Shoot low, Sheriff. They may be riding Shetlands.”

    I intend to eat a banana this way as soon as I get home tonight.

  5. The Turley blog does not just make for better news, it makes you better people. Remember that every time you peel a banana.

    Umm, I don’t know about making me a better person (I am still the same old fart I was before I found the Turley blog), but I will agree that the Turley blog has aided me in fulfilling a life long dream… learning how to peel a banana like a monkey. One question though, are pajamas optional, I don’t think I have ever seen a monkey in pajamas?

  6. The knowledge that I gather from this site is :

    “ex·traor·di·nar·y (k-strôrdn-r, kstr-ôr-)
    1. Beyond what is ordinary or usual: extraordinary authority.
    2. Highly exceptional; remarkable: an extraordinary achievement.
    3. Employed or used for a special service, function, or occasion: an extraordinary professor”

    And profound in its timimg,for I just walked in the door with some,Bananas.:)

  7. Thank you Jim and Buddha for bringing the dicussion back down to a level I can appreciate. Also, the monkey in the second video posted by the Prof. seemed to go in sideways, which is how my 3 year-old eats everything, suggesting that atleast my family descended from apes.

  8. Humm, I thought that that was a couples playing activity set. You mean that I am wrong?

    I for one never buy bananas at a store traditionally visited by people of the alternative sex life. I heard that they were all brown.

  9. “I heard that they were all brown.”

    Something tells me that’s not “traditional”.

    Do I really need the “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” disclaimer?

  10. I have to say that everybody in my immediate family has been peeling bananas the way monkeys have for years. In fact, I had never seen anybody peel a banana differently until I was in college. So it seems mind boggling to me that the vast majority of people peel bananas differently from my family and monkeys.

  11. I just love it when scientists get involved with studying behavior patterns.

    OK…so it was off topic. When you can shoot me. :>)

  12. One of my earliest childhood memories was from when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My aunt had taken us to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. One of the chimps was hunched over, going to town on his, er, monkeyhood. Whem I innocently asked my aunt, “What’s that monkey doing with his tail?” my aunt hurriedly rushed me away to go check out the giraffes.

    About 8 years later, alone in my room, just me and my Farah poster, the realization hit me: that was no tail! And I at last discovered why my aunt was so determined to look at the giraffe’s that day instead.

  13. Jim:

    Thank you for the monkey peeing in his mouth video.
    I am going to have gag reflex dreams for the next two weeks.
    Don’t worry I will share the video with everyone I know, just to spread the pain, and so they can have gag dreams too.

  14. I was at the National zoo when a mother gorilla used her urine to whipe down her baby and her own face. Should have had a video camera. The adults in the crowd reacted less mature than the children. The zoo is a major trip!

  15. Call me fussy, but I for one don’t think we should be taking culinary lessons from an animal that eats its own faeces

  16. commoner, ” I was at the National zoo when a mother gorilla used her urine to whipe down her baby and her own face.”
    I saw a documentary of indigenous people in North Africa, semi-nomadic herders by lifestyle, that used cattle urine for bathing their children. It’s acidic and kills bacteria and drives away many parasites and insects. Pretty smart actually.

    I also like visiting the zoo and the visitors are often the most interesting exhibit.

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  18. No, no, there are two ways to open a banana that are just fine.
    You are probably either a big-endian or small-endian regarding soft-boiled eggs, too.

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