Graduate Sues College After Failing To Get Job

adxGetMediaTrina Thompson does not feel that she got a sheepskin from Monroe College — just skinned. Thompson, 27, has sued after she failed to get a job and wants her $70,000 back.

The basis of the lawsuit seems entirely frivolous and could result in sanctions unless the college made (unlikely) promises of employment.

She accuses the Office of Career Advancement for not providing her sufficient support — a common complaint among students.

The college promises a lifetime of free service for graduates, but it does not promise a job. Thompson feels that the college falsely promised support and leads for jobs.

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8 thoughts on “Graduate Sues College After Failing To Get Job”

  1. “I learned law so well, the day I graduated I sued the college and got my tuition fees back.” — Fred Allen (radio comedian, actual quote).

    The things one finds by accident . . .

  2. You know, I was clipping my toe nail the other day and got too close to the skin and nipped a piece of my toe off. It hurt really bad and bleed a little to. I think I am going to sue the maker of those clippers. Somebody has to pay for my pain and suffering. Sarcasm off.

    Damn! We are a suing happy nation. Ridiculous.

  3. Hi, Obloodyhell.
    Isn’t it weird that some people couldn’t be paid enough to clean?

    (is that a pancake on your head?)

  4. > Don’t we all, just want a job?

    I’m sure that, somewhere, there’s a job scrubbing toilets for this woman.

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