Saudi Arabia Bans “Evil” Summer Festivals

Saudi Arabia flagThe morals police in Saudi Arabia has directed their attention toward the latest conspiracy to corrupt the youth and undermine Islam: summer festivals. The religious police have declared that these festivals improperly encourage the mixing of men and women and involve such evil acts as dancing and magic shows.

The festivals were part of an effort to boast tourism to the Kingdom and it demonstrates the power of the religious institutions in blocking a governmental effort.

Religious police spokesman Abdullah al-Mashiti announced: “These acts contradict the faith and must not be done, taught, spread or encouraged.” al-Mashiti noted that some circus performers engage in fire-eating and lying on beds of glass which constitute “magic” outlawed by the Koran (Qur’an). It appears that no one has explained to al-Mashiti that it is not actually real magic.

The religious police has also shutdown summer movies in its continued effort to keep the populace in a medieval state. The clerics appear to have finally moved beyond the crackdown on Mickey Mouse and mixed coffee consumption.

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25 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Bans “Evil” Summer Festivals”

  1. I’d say fire-eating and lying on beds of glass are as real “magic” as the Kuran is real “truth”, but that’s just me – the silly, educated, Western infidel – talking.

  2. What a great story Jill, I’m glad it has such a happy ending. I’m glad your run-in with the Oklahoma police had such a good ending too; I worked with a couple of Oklohoma boys for years and they never seemed to lose the folksy gentlemanly-ness thay left Oklahoma with a decade before, I hope that wasn’t a generational thing and a lady in similar distress wouldn’t get tazed today!

  3. lottakatz,

    I hope they will be O.K. I know you’ll do your best by them.

    When I was in OK for a few weeks I got a serious case of the “stupids” and went to the cat shelter. There was a 4 lb dying kitten that stole my heart. I went to see her every day and brought her the best food I could get. I also got her a B-12 shot. I didn’t think she’d make it several times and even got out of a speeding ticket because of her.

    I got pulled over and I was crying so hard I couldn’t get out my registration, insurance, nothing. I just kept blubbering and shaking and babbling. The policeman asked me if it was a family member and I just burst out crying even worse. So that’s how I got off–incoherent blubbering!!!

    18 hrs. drive time and 16 years later this kitten is having fun and raising hell. That’s what I’m hoping for your kitties!!!

    P.S. I found that Wellness dry and canned has turned out to be very good for my cats. It really has made a difference for them.

  4. lotta writes:
    GWLSM, how right you are. I was thinking that if they (the kitties) were dogs I could just stick the pills (or just about anything else that would fit) in a chunk of hot dog and they would eat it gladly and love me for my generosity.

    try sour cream. this works for my next door neighbor.

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