Evolution Claims Another Victim: Christian Motorcyclist Injured While Jumping Giant Creationist Crab

180px-XiphosuraFreedom Worship Baptist Church in Blanchester, Ohio wanted to demonstrate the fallacy of evolution of the human species and appears to have succeeded. The Church arranged for stunt driver Louis Re of New York to jump in a motocycle over a giant horseshoe crab — an example often cited by creationists to show creatures have not evolved since they were spontaneously created a few thousand years ago.

The crab is 12 feet tall, 24 feet wide and 68 feet long — which would certainly appear to support the idea of evolution since most crab fossils show a much smaller creature. Unfortunately, that was a few feet too long for Re.

The event is called "jumping the crab." Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt explains “[t]hey paint it as a leap of faith – believe in Christ.”

Pastor Jim Rankin was not available for comment but the crab is believed to be a gift from the Creation Museum in Boone County.

You can see the giant crab on the church’s website, here. It usually sits in a biblical theme garden, here.

Creationist sites often speak of the horseshoe crab as evidence of the truth of the biblical account:

Consider ants, horseshoe crabs, bats or algae. Many ant species appear in amber from the Dominican Republic, which evolutionists claim is 25 to 40 million years old. Yet they look exactly the same as they do today. Fossil horseshoe crabs claimed to be 150 million years old are identical to those found alive. The oldest skeleton of a fossil bat, dated as Eocene by evolutionists and supposedly 50 million years old, looks exactly like the skeleton of modern bats. The “oldest” fossils found on earth are said to be blue-green algae colonies one billion years old; yet these fossil colonies seem to be duplicates of living colonies.

What should be clear from this creationist event is that, just like horseshoe crabs, humans show no sign of evolving into higher intelligent creatures over time.

In addition to jumping the crab for Jesus, you can drive through flaming walls at the crabfest:

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16 thoughts on “Evolution Claims Another Victim: Christian Motorcyclist Injured While Jumping Giant Creationist Crab”

  1. Fonzi jumped the shark while water skiing in a bizarre episode of Happy Days. This was the low point for the series and some think that it hastened the rapid decline of the series. this is why wen TV shows run out of good ideas and the best writers leave to do other, more creative things, someone comes up with a really bad episode and critics and viewers call it “jumping the shark”
    it usually means that the show is pretty much dead and ratings plummet.
    too bad that stunts like this do not sound the death knell for religiosity based on stupid ideas. churches like this should not be renewed for another season.
    or else they should just go back to playing with rattle snakes to prove their faith in christ.

  2. But if they are agreeing with the point that some animals have been around for millions of years, how does that affect their ‘earth was created about 6,000 years ago’ arguement. It’s a slippery slope into atheism from there on….

  3. There is nothing wrong with America that a little Clorox in their gene pools would not take care of.

    Happy Labor Day

    My friend at school always said, we can’t put brains where God didn’t no matter how hard we try. In response to no child left behind.
    What she said about bush is unprintable!!!!

  4. If the church is done with that Big Horseshoe Crab because they’re so bloody embarrassed about the debacle, they should send it Down Under. Because Australia LOVES big statues. There’s already a Giant Mud Crab, a Big Lobster and a Gigantic Prawn, but no Horseshoe Crab. Bring it on, boys!

  5. Ste:

    “Wasn’t this a Fonzi episode?”


    Indeed, it was a “Happy Days” moment.

  6. Whats next Spankin the Bishop, from the Bully Pulpit? Sorry I could not resist.

  7. Obviously his faith wasn’t strong enough or else he would have cleared the crab. Proof that God does have a sense of humor!

  8. “The event is called “jumping the crab.” Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt explains “[t]hey paint it as a leap of faith – believe in Christ.”


    A true “jumping the shark” moment while jumping the crab. Maybe their sitcom theology will end soon too.

  9. Nature has some very simple rules. This is what happens when you break them. Natural selection at work here. Nothing for you creationist to be concerned about. Move along. Nothing here to see. Go home. Go back to sleep. Your sky god has it all under control. For evidence of this see “natural selection”.

    Ekkk! Blasphemy!

    Or is it?

    Survival of the fittest does not mean survival of the strongest. It means the survival of the most adaptable. If God supposedly helps those who help themselves, is it so unreasonable that He made a natural process that mimics His rule? Hm? No. In fact, it makes perfect sense within the confines of divine subject matter. Is it unreasonable that those who can better help themselves have an advantage for survival? No. Tigers vs. kittens. If the challenge is a water buffalo? Tiger wins. If the challenge who can escape a burning building through a small hole? Kitty wins. Hello, Kitty! If natural selection is the prime mechanic of evolution, does it not follow that there is nothing ungodly about either natural selection or evolution proper? Ponder that a bit. Then go apologize to a picture of Darwin.

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