Batty and Booked: Man Arrested for Assault of Officer With Pillow

20091013_BOOKINGPHOTOWe have recently seen police charge individuals for assault through flatulence (here). However, assault via a pillow is something new. Erik John Batty, 40, is facing the charge of battery when he threw a pillow at Officer Myles J. Lawler.

Police were called to the Driftwood Mobile Home Park by Erik’s father, George Batty, 62, who was concerned that his son had taken too many pills. While the officers concluded the son was not overdosing, an argument ensued when Erik threw a pillow at an offer. Due to cuts on this face, the officer feared”biohazardious material” and arrested Erik for assault.

Batty faces a charge of battery on a law enforcement officer stemming from the thrown pillow.

In defense of Lawler, the Spanish Inquisition was known for using soft pillows to extract false confessions.

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5 thoughts on “Batty and Booked: Man Arrested for Assault of Officer With Pillow”

  1. CCD 1, October 15, 2009 at 12:12 pm


    Off topic, did you see the obit for Judge William Justice? It sounds like he lived a life that impacted people for the better.
    My question is am I violating the Associated Press’s copyright by pasting the link?

    Yes I did. My sister used to sit for his children. They were fine folks. He did the right things even in the worst possible situations. He was not liked especially in the not so Democratic Tyler Texas. He was a man of conviction and principal. Something you do not usually find. (Elaine M. this is the correct use, yes?)

    Another great US Judge was Woodrow B. Seals. Woodrow Bradley Seals, a senior United States district judge who ruled in 1980 that it was unconstitutional to deny children of illegal immigrants access to free public education. However this is the link to his Obit.

  2. Soft pillow, sharp knives, dull knives, teflon bullets, copper bullets, hollow point bullets, Extra Firm Hard pillows. Save us all.

    The case that gets me, man arrested for DWI and strapped to the gurney is charged with resisting and obstructing the lawful commands of an officer for refusing a blood draw. Thats the top of the cake/ over the edge in my view.

    Come on Officer Lyon. You should get the commendation of Chief and this is how I can imagine it going:


  3. If that dude threw something at me looking like that, I would be suspect, also.

    But why didn’t they either taze him, beat him down, or just shoot him on the spot like so many others do?

    Are our Boys in Blue Slacking?

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