Parking in Pink: Korea Experiments With Women-Only Parking Spots

180px-Bad_parkingThis may be a benefit that women want to pass by. It appears that in some parts of South Korea women are being given special pink painted parking spots. That might not be so bad except for the reason: the space are wider to give extra assistance to female drivers.

The treatment of female drivers as handicapped would result in hundreds of torched cars and riots in the street in this country. There does not appear to be much of a squabble in South Korea, however. The spots are 2.5 meters wide rather than the standard 2.3 — purportedly to accommodate the difficulty women have with parallel parking, here.

In the meantime, Seoul is working on special parking spaces near handicapped spaces for women — on the premise that women wear high-heels and thus need closer spots, here. Notably, women in “sensible shoes” are still allowed to use the close spots.This would seem to raise a problem of sexism in the other direction. Why should women be given preference over men due to their clothing styles. What if some of us are willing to wear stiletto heels for a close spot? How about women only driving lanes?

34 thoughts on “Parking in Pink: Korea Experiments With Women-Only Parking Spots”

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  2. Although many women appear to lack the concentration and coordination necessary to drive well, statistics suggest that you are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident involving a highly skilled male driver who is between the ages of 16 and 25.

  3. Dar–

    I suggest you lighten up a bit. Maybe then you’d catch the humor in some of Professor Turley’s postings. Did you suppose he was serious about wearing stiletto heels so he could get a closer parking spot?

    BTW, Professor Turley is often critical of things here in the US.

  4. Mr. Turley seems to have a problem with any culture that isn’t like America.

    I’ve no problem with the legal news posts, but why this incessant attacks against any country that doesn’t automaticalyl bow down and kiss America’s (cultural) feet?

  5. If they brought this to America, I don’t think some American women would complain too much.
    Too many Americans are lazy and overweight. Many people will drive around a mall parking lot in search of a close spot so that they don’t have to walk too far.
    Yet they’ll walk all over the mall for hours, spending money and stuffing down those mall pretzels while guzzling down a large soda.

    All the more reason to park further away. It’s good exercise

  6. Elaine M. 1, October 24, 2009 at 10:26 pm


    Lots of women wear high heals and trousers–so hairy legs aren’t a concern as long as you keep your pants on.

    Oh baby, you know how to sweet talk me. Don’t think so Pictures might be taken and I might be mistaken for Marve Albert.

  7. AY–

    Lots of women wear high heals and trousers–so hairy legs aren’t a concern as long as you keep your pants on.

    FF Leo–

    Just because we gals look at all the angles that doesn’t preclude us from thinking straight. Your theorem is assumed to be proved true by you–and you alone. Sorry…I don’t buy your conclusion.

  8. I lived in S. Korea for nearly 2 years. I have never seen so many high heels in my life. Nearly every woman wears them because it is very desirable to have long legs and to be tall. As for the wider car spaces for women thats ridiculous. From what I saw neither men or women can drive or park in S. Korea.

  9. I love the current idea that only women wear high heels. Look at pictures of other cultures and even the not too distant past (founding “fathers”) of America and you’ll see what I mean. High heels are by no means, “a woman thing”.

    Frankly, to be more consistent I would have thought they’d cut the space size for women. In this nation, women are supposed to survive paying 100% of the cost of everything with 79% of the income. Go figure.

  10. Ms. M wrote:

    “To geomertrize this discussion further–I think we gals try to look at all the angles of an argument.”

    Thank you, Ma’am, you helped me prove my Theorem: You state that gals look at all angles; therefore, it logically follows that women can’t think *straight*.

  11. Elaine M.,

    Nah you wouldn’t I have tooooo hairy of legs to do that to anyone. Not that I wouldn’t look great in them. Hair is not going and I would not look good in drag. The mustache would be a dead give away. Not that there are not some of the opposite sex that would not give me competition in that department too.

    The above was meant only as humor. If you do not have a sense of humor become Republican. See where that got you and us too. Oops sorry you must have a sense of humor.

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