Family Accuses Chicago Officers of Dangling Suspect Out of a Window and then Dropping Him

250px-Chicagopd_jpg_w300h294The family of Matthias Mayhorn has filed a complaint against two Chicago police officers alleging that they dangled Mayhorn out of a second floor window, fired their weapons near him, and then dropped him. They also allege that the officers refused to call immediate medical attention. He died later at a hospital from his injuries. The case shows how one event can present radically different accounts.

The alleged abuse occurred on March 10, 2009 and accuses officers Henry Thomas and Patrick Kane, who allegedly entered his home without permission.

The officers have a strikingly different account: alleging that they shot Mayhorn who was armed and escaping out the window, here. Mayhorn was no angel. He had been convicted of several felonies, including aggravated domestic battery, possession of a firearm and escape from a peace officer. That record is not likely to help the lawsuit.

For a copy of the complaint, click here.

6 thoughts on “Family Accuses Chicago Officers of Dangling Suspect Out of a Window and then Dropping Him”

  1. CCD,

    Nice catch on the movie reference. “Apes read philosophy, Otto. They just don’t understand it.” I had always had a bit of a Jamie Lee Curtis crush, but that was the movie that made me envy Christopher Guest just a little. And Kevin Kline for that matter. It takes a lot of talent to play someone that stupid and not actually be that stupid.

  2. If the officers had shot him, wouldn’t the hospital records be conclusive as to who is telling the truth? This case just smells a little fishy.

  3. I’m certainly no lawyer, but wouldn’t the so called “evidence” you presented be prejudicial? Does a person’s past record justify the alleged actions of the officers? Just askin’.

  4. I am glad that this did not happen to me. This kinda does not surprise me in the least. Did make me smile though, too bad I am not on either side of this case. It sounds fun.

  5. Illinois the Kingdom of Corruption,
    Chicago the Capitol of Corruption.


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