Rinse, Do Not Repeat: Texas Man Arrested After Breaking Into House and Taking a Bath

I would love to see this lineup. Larry Ticey of Tyler, Texas was arrested while taking a bath at 3:30 am on Sunday. The problem was that it was not his house.

A resident called police to report that a man had kicked in the front door of the house. The resident believed that the man had left the house, but the police found Ticey taking a bath. A soapy struggle ensued and he was taken into custody. It is not clear if he was advised that he has a right to rinse and a conditioner will be supplied to him if he cannot afford a conditioner.

Ticey remarkably was not charged with a felony. He is charged only with a misdemeanor criminal trespass charge.

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14 thoughts on “Rinse, Do Not Repeat: Texas Man Arrested After Breaking Into House and Taking a Bath”

  1. The reason I point the story out is that he is the Treasure of the MN state Bar.

  2. Tyler, Texas? Smith County. Northwest Tyler. This is the poor sides of the track.

    Tyler is the only city I know of that refuses to grow North. Everything is southeast for some reason.

    Professor did you see this one?

    Judge orders $500,000 bail for lawyer accused of raping boy

    Citing concerns that Aaron Biber might flee, a judge this afternoon set bail at $500,000 for the prominent Twin Cities attorney accused of raping a teenage boy.


  3. Mistake bathroom? Pfttt, David Carridine (in his earlier days)was found in a neighbors house in a stupor after he had wrecked it totally. He thought it was his house and it had ‘transformed’ somehow. Yes, he was tripping. Amateur.

  4. I had an epileptic seizure in a laundromat once and my wife told me to go outside and rest in the car while she gathered everything. So I stumbled back semi-conscious and pulled down the passenger seat, and started to take a nap. Then this guy kept bugging me through the window, in broken English, and I asked him all groggy WTF did he want, go away, quit begging me for money, I’m sick. Then my wife comes out and sees this. Well guess what.

    This blog reminds me of all my epilepsy stories. I don’t have an arrest record yet… The guy was cool with it I guess. After all, I was only one car off. Although this was before everyone had cellphones for summoning cops anywhere. I really should get a lobotomy one of these days.

  5. I seem to remember Christian Slater did something similar a few years ago, tho I think he was found asleep in someones bed not their bathroom.

  6. I live in Texas. This guy is lucky he wasn’t shot by the homeowner BEFORE the police were called.

  7. JT,

    Didn’t you have a similar story posted here about a guy who was found living in the attic of somebody’s house?

  8. It was a house, too. I’ve heard of people drunkenly crashing on stranger’s couches in near-campus apartment complexes, and that’s almost vaguely understandable from a drunken view point. Apartments can all look alike. But not being able to tell one house from another is a new level of blacking out.

  9. How drunk does one have to be to not realize they are not in their own bathroom let alone their own house? And the door?

    I’m thinking Ticey probably goes through a lot of doors too as apparently while cleanliness is next to Godliness using a doorknob is next to impossible.

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