Flasher Identified By His Pronounced . . . Tooth

In what may be something of a disappointment for Ian Rushing, 27, women identified the Oregon man as the alleged “St. Helens Flasher” by his pronounced bad tooth.

Rushing is accused to grabbing women and exposing himself at the Cascade Cleaners in St. Helens. He also won the coveted award for “The Mugshot Most Likely To Be A Flasher.”

He is charged with public indecency, 3rd-degree sexual abuse and violating his probation.

For the story, click here and here.

7 thoughts on “Flasher Identified By His Pronounced . . . Tooth”

  1. A smile like that can’t help but inspire me–poetically speaking!

    Part I
    Who dat hangin’ at the laundromat?
    Who dat? Who dat?
    Who dat rotten-toothed creepy cat?
    Who dat? Who dat?

    Part II
    Dat man? Dat man?
    Dat’s a pervert with no dental plan.
    Dat’s da flasher with the silver van!
    Dat man’s going to da county can.

  2. Bdaman,

    That was such a nice story. So what time did you leave the reception? How did the honey moon go? Was it everything you had hoped for?

  3. This reminds me of when I was a cook in high school. I would go into the cooler to get something and raid the NY Cheesecake box. I would take a bite and put it back in the box, then go back and finish it the next time. The manager on duty caught on and couldn’t figure out who was doing it. He then grabbed a piece that was bitten and lined everyone up in the kitchen. He went down the line comparing the bite marks. When he got to me he placed the cake right up to my teeth and it matched perfectly. He then shoved the rest in my mouth and all over my face.

  4. This, this, this guy needs help. According to the article he only live 5 blocks away from one of the Laundromats? I guess his rinse cycle didn’t work so well? I bet he is hoping the spin goes better. It appears that the cogitation worked after it was full.

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