Cheney: “I Was a Big Supporter of Waterboarding”

Former Vice President Dick Cheney came out this weekend in an interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl to proclaim “I was a big supporter of waterboarding.” It is an astonishing public admission since waterboarding is not just illegal but a war crime. It is akin to the Vice President saying that he supported bank robbery or murder-for-hire as a public policy.

The ability of Cheney to openly brag about his taste for torture is the direct result of President Barack Obama blocking any investigation or prosecution of war crimes. For political reasons, Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have refused to carry out our clear obligations under international law to prosecute for such waterboarding. Indeed, before taking office, various high-ranking officials stated that both Obama and Holder assured them that they would not allow such prosecutions. While they denied it at the time, those accounts are consistent with their actions following inauguration.

By the way, this is the same man who insisted that acknowledging waterboarding was barred under national security laws — a position accepted by ranking Democrats who were eager to avoid the issue during the Bush Administration.

We have now come to this: a Vice President who feels perfectly comfortable in bragging out his support for a torture program. It is a moment that is more of an indictment of Obama than (the unindicted) Cheney. It is fruit that comes from an Administration that chose politics over principle — even at the cost of precedent forged in the Nuremberg trials and the Geneva Conventions. Cheney’s statement should be a moment of unspeakable national shame.

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  1. Because it bears repeating:

    “the end justifies the means” is a logical fallacy. Namely it is a form of outcome determinism, a deductive fallacy.

    NYC has a bed bug problem
    Bed bugs can be controlled by DDT
    DDT is outlawed due to its relation to increased developmental and reproductive problems, cancer, and diabetes rates in humans and a mutagenic effect in wildlife (especially birds)

    It does not follow that the ends of ridding NYC of bed bugs would be justified by the means of using DDT. It would solve one problem by creating a host of other problems.

    Just like violating not only the Geneva Conventions, but the U.S. Constitution and Federal law actually isn’t solving any problems but creating a whole slew of new ones instead.

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