Beer Appreciation Week: A Call for Craft Beers Or Beers-For-Babies?

Rep. Betsy Markey has introduced House Resolution 1297 to support “the goals and ideals of American Craft Beer Week.” Or does it? Given the current state of political discourse, I am distressed that no one has found a way to oppose this resolution and attack its sponsor. Instead, the most that has been said is that Congress has more important things to address than beer. Where is Rush Limbaugh to cut through the froth and uncover the evil Democratic purpose and plan? It should be obvious. The very same week that Democrats introduced this resolution Matthew Brace allegedly sought to sell a baby for two beers. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Beer Appreciation Week is not like those other recognized celebrations as night shift worker day. Yet, Markey insists that she simply “wanted to celebrate that this is a craft.” Mainstream media did not press her on any ulterior motive and she insisted that “[w]e wanted to celebrate entrepeneurship — and good beer!”

In the meantime, in Northampton, Brace, 24, offered to sell his baby for two over-sized beers. It is not the first case of beer-for-children, here.

What is happening to American politics when a resolution like this can get by without a conspiratorial theory aired by one party or the other? We cannot do all of the work on this blog.

For the beer-for-babies story, click here.

17 thoughts on “Beer Appreciation Week: A Call for Craft Beers Or Beers-For-Babies?”

  1. Swarthmore,

    Denver is the MMJ capital of the world. Personally I think we should just do away with the stupid ‘medical’ part and just regulate it like we do alcohol. It could even save the incredibly badly run liquor store I work for.

    Everyone else,


  2. Ft Collins is a pretty nice college town. This rep can’t be too bad. She beat Marilyn Musgrave. Marilyn Musgrave was Colorado’s Michelle Bachmann. You can always drive down the road and get some medical marijuana in Boulder.

  3. Or the slogan could be “Drink more Beer, nothing matters anymore.” Making the US more bearable…..

  4. Finally! A Representative with a plan (sorta…) for reviving the economy. Support your local entrepreneurs! Drink more local beer! The South could legalize moonshine and West Virginia and Alabama Rep’s could introduce their own resolution – Support Our Stills! We’ll be back in the black in no time.

  5. Palindrome,

    Exactly what else is there to do in Fort Collins, CO? Except to drink Bier?

  6. Betsey represents Fort Collins, CO which has the highest concentration of brewpubs per capita in the United States. We fully support and plan to drink to her resolution – a lot.

  7. Also, the movie ‘Beer Wars’ is a great look into big breweries vs. craft breweries. Plus, the 3 tier distribution system that makes it hard for small places to get their product on a shelf.

  8. It’s to honor all our American Craft Brewers that have raised the reputation of American beer. Be sure to watch the video “I Am A Craft Brewer” –

  9. How come we can’t even talk about beer anymore without ‘terrorists’ and ‘Muslims’ and ‘political conspiracy’ in the same breath?

    just wondrin

  10. Roland 1, May 19, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Bravo for her! The American Beer Maker is hard to find now days. If we can make our own and not have to import from terrorist supporting nations we will be be a safer nation for it. ….

    Psst, do you know how many of the American Cigarette Company’s have opened shop in EurAsia? Just to sell cigarettes to these country’s? All of them.

    FYI, if a devout Muslim, they would never make this stuff as its against there religion. The only places that you can purchase alcohol in the Arabic/Muslim Country’s is in Hotels that have been set aside just for that purpose. They import the spirits, wine and beer to these places. How they get it into the country without being charged with violation of the Sharia is beyond me.

  11. Also during this Craft Beer Week is the 2nd annual Beer City poll.

    I encourage anyone that has visited and enjoyed the amazing local beer culture of my fair city, Asheville, NC, to vote for us. If you haven’t had a local Asheville beer, come and visit.

    Last year we tied with Portland, OR, which has a population close to 10 times that of Asheville. Yes, we take our beer and support of local breweries VERY serious.

    Here’s the link.

    Vote Asheville!

  12. Bravo for her! The American Beer Maker is hard to find nowdays. If we can make our own and not have to import from terrorist supporting nations we will be be a safer nation for it. If you love your country you’ll make your own beer! As for that idiot who tried to sell his kids for two beers, jail him. You know how much beer I can buy for what it takes to raise a kid? Obviously he’s a con artist and should be imprisoned.

  13. Finally, a resolution I fully support – In memory of my father, the hard drinking mutt he was: Slainte! Salute! Zum Wohl!

  14. When I worked for the legislature it was amazing the amount of liquor, wine and beer that was consumed. For the most part the lobbyist were smart enough not to get drunk or drunker than the guests. I am glad those days are over. I learned some very valuable lessons, when you drink a fifth, it is always best to take the fifth the next morning…..

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