Two Chicago Men Intentionally Strike Bicyclists For Fun and Receive Probation for Aggravated Battery

Erik Fabian, 20, was sentenced this week in Chicago for an outrageous prank where he and his friend, Armando Reza, 18, took turns striking bicyclists with their car. He pleaded guilty and received a relatively light sentence of two years probation for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident.

The assaults began when Reza bet Fabian he wouldn’t dare hit a bicyclist. Fabian took the bet and struck 52-year-old David Silvis of Oak Park. After laughing about the incident, Reza took the wheel and struck bicyclist Juan Gamboa, 32. Neither bicyclist was seriously injured.

Reza pleaded guilty to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence of alcohol last week and was sentenced to only 10 days in jail as well as two years of probation.

Source: ChicagoNews.

9 thoughts on “Two Chicago Men Intentionally Strike Bicyclists For Fun and Receive Probation for Aggravated Battery”

  1. It’s the ‘for fun’ part that makes it diagnostically sociopathic…

  2. How can attacking some one with a potentially deadly weapon not once but twice not be a serious crime?

    If a gun had been used and was fired to only wound would the sentence be as ligh?

    As a cyclist I have to say, that this a very scary attitude on the court’s part, and one I find mind boggling.

    What next, knocking crutches out from under people as they limp along, buzzing wheel chair users for fun?
    How about firing a gun into a crowd to see if the bullet will pass through without hitting anyone. Boy what fun.

  3. After more thought … perhaps Moms and Dads found the right lawyer who knew somebody in which case, it cost them a pretty penny.

  4. Anonymously Yours

    I am sure Daddy or Mommy was somebody. That’s the way Justice really works.


    Yep, gotta agree with that

  5. Apparently in Chicago, knocking someone off their bike with your deadly weapon (car) just warrants a slap on the wrist.

    Too bad it did not happen in L.A. where despite cars being king, prosecutors, judges and juries don’t cotton to expressing your rage with your car. A doctor, annoyed with bicyclists stopped his car suddenly, and intentionally, in front of some bicyclists, causing injury, and doctor got five years in the clink for it:

  6. frankdwag,

    It is only a criminal act subject to incarceration in the state prison system in IL if they had knocked the shoes off of the cyclist. You see anything else is fair game until you get caught. These kids got caught so they have to have some connections or at least the attorneys did. If the cops can get away with driving drunk in Chicago and not be prosecuted what does an ordinary citizen have to loose?

    Charges Against Chicago Police Officer for DUI and Killing Two People Are Dropped — Police Then Arrest Upset Members of Victim’s Family

    Oh yeah, you arrest the complaining family member. That is Chicago style justice.

  7. The City of Minneapolis, MN decided this summer to restripe a major downtown street. It eliminated the bike lane in favor of making the entire right-hand lane a ‘bike, bus, right turn only’ lane.

    This works about as well for bike commuters as you would expect. I have been run into the curb by drivers who are mad as hell at me for biking in the street. Many others have cursed & threatened me, or other bikers. The police seemed to enforce the no-car-unless-turning rule for about 2 days.

    I’m sure everyone will be stunned when someone is killed on Hennepin Ave. But its a better than 50-50 bet the ‘accident’ will be as intentional as this.

  8. I am sure Daddy or Mommy was somebody. That’s the way Justice really works.

    Catch this burka, the Police Department immediately south of Dallas son was visited by the LPD because of a Domestic Violence call. They did not arrest him but called Daddy who is the Dallas PD Chief to call his son. The son later shot and killed someone, the police responded and the officer was killed in the line of duty.

    If it were anyone else other than the Chiefs son they would have been arrested.

    Lancaster Police Visited Brown Jr. Before Shooting

    LANCASTER (CBS 11 / TXA 21) ―

    [Click to zoom.] Click to enlarge
    1 of 4
    A mugshot of David O’Neal Brown Jr. from a 2003 Dallas Co. Sheriff’s Department arrest for driving with an expired license.

    Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept.
    [Click to zoom.] Click to enlarge
    2 of 4
    Jeremy McMillian, 23, was killed in the Father’s Day shooting.

    [Click to zoom.] Click to enlarge
    3 of 4
    Lancaster Police Officer Craig Shaw, 37, was killed in the Father’s Day shooting.

    Lancaster Police Dept.
    [Click to zoom.] Click to enlarge
    4 of 4
    Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown, whose son is believed to have started a deadly Father’s Day shootout in Lancaster.

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    Hours before starting the Father’s Day shooting that killed an officer, himself and an innocent father, the girlfriend of Dallas Police Chief David Brown’s son called police and complained that he had barricaded her and her children in the apartment and may have taken drugs.

  9. Guy tries to get his girl to the hospital, gets seven charges including felony evading arrest. The criminal charges resulted in him being suspended from his job.

    Guy under influence tries to hit bicyclists off the streets for fun…

    Some judges should start thinking harakiri fast..

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