Please Read Fast and Get Out: Camden To Close Public Libraries

We have another story of how cities are de-evolving due to the economic meltdown as we continue to gush billions of dollars abroad. Camden, New Jersey will now close all public libraries despite the fact that librarians are reporting huge increases in traffic as people search for free places to go due to unemployment and a lack of money.

If you want to read a library book in Camden, make sure you can finish it by Dec. 31st. After that date, the board is considering the donation or destruction of its 187,000 books.

In the meantime, fourteen libraries are planned for shutdowns in Queens.

Of course, we have also been following efforts to cut back on education. The result is that we will be destroying the educational foundation for the next generation — undermining not just their chances in the new economy but the economy itself which actually needs educated people.

Source: Fox

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  1. WSAC:

    “Tootie you are wrong.”


    A truism for our time if ever one could be.

  2. Woost: Nurses, etc., know that ahead of time their obligations and are free to find other work in another field if they so choose.

    Buddah who?

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