New York Police Accused of Assaulting College Students Trying To Give CPR To Friend

Three college students are alleging that police in White Plains, New York first shot their friend, Danroy Henry, without cause and then beat them when they tried to give him CPR to save his life. The friends were later arrested and Henry died from his wounds.

Police say that Henry drove off when they were called to a bar and hit an officer. Witnesses allege that the officer was not struck and that Henry was responding to their orders to leave a fire lane. He was shot through the window of the car by police and then handcuffed on the ground. His friends tried repeatedly to give him CPR and were prevented from doing so by police. They say that they begged police to help Henry and that two of the friends were hit with tasers when they tried to save him. Another said that police put a gun in his ribs and told that “he would be next.”

We have not heard the account from the individual officers.

What is particularly disturbing is that the witnesses say that officers intentionally covered their badges when witnesses tried to record who the responsible officers were at the scene.

Most of the students at the bar were from Pace University and celebrating the homecoming football game. Among those arrested were Daniel Parker, of Lauderhill, Fla.; Joseph Garcia, of Floral Park, N.Y.; and Yves Delpeche, of Brooklyn, N.Y. All are 22. They were charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction. Parker and Delpeche also were charged with resisting arrest.

Mount Pleasant police Chief Louis Alagno insists that Henry was handcuffed until officers realized he was gravely wounded.

Pleasantville Officer Aaron Hess and Mount Pleasant Officer Ronald Beckley were identified as firing the shots.

At one point, the students allege, a student asked if an officer was going to shot him with everyone watching and that the officer then shot him twice in the stomach with a stun gun.

Source: Daily Record

20 thoughts on “New York Police Accused of Assaulting College Students Trying To Give CPR To Friend”

  1. Lets see, first the cops come up with some lies, then they will tell people that it will all come out in an investigation or trial.
    But investigations are skewed, and trials never happen.

    Next the taxpayers pay out a large chunk of dough to “settle” the lawsuit, before it ever gets to the inside of a court room, then everything is hushed up until people move on to the next story.

    I got $20 says this is the way it will go….any takers??

  2. mom whose heart goes out to you wrote:

    I hope that those officers are held responsible.

    We can only hope. It’s very sad. And troubling.

  3. I saw this on the news and it made me cry. This should have never happened to begin with and I just kept thinking about those precious 15min. that could have been used to save his life. Everything went wrong evey step of the way. I hope that those officers are held responsible. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  4. It’s frightening that police can do whatever they please and hardly get convicted for it because of the protections offered them. I don’t understand what it will take before the public does something about this. It seems that they live by their own code and laws and not by the State’s.

    It is sad that the good cops out there are being misrepresented by these lunatics. I am beginning to think police should have IQ tests, stress training and be subject to mental evaluations. This whole bully attitude is ridiculous and not part of the original job description of police.

  5. Popos jumping in front of cars as an excuse to shoot and kill. Once again. Like with Jonathan Ayers. And Sean Bell. I has to stop and hopefully lawyers will make that happen.

  6. AY,

    I think EL uses rubber bullets now because it’s cheaper than tear gas – I heard they used almost $100,000 worth of tear gas in the first riot…

  7. Small town and inadequate training doesn’t excuse or justify this level of ignorance. I agree that we need to have the right to film or record police activities.

  8. Mike,

    Living in a small town myself … sadly, your assessment is more than likely correct. I wonder if any of the residents will rise above the concern for PR … after all, a young man is dead.

  9. I used to live in Pleasantville (literally a 5 minute walk from the mall where the shooting occurred) and go to Pace University. That bar used to be my favorite place to eat.

    The only time I ever encountered the Pville police was when my friend was pulled over for a broken tail light. The locals are probably grossly under trained to deal with any real situation. The area is relatively safe and quiet, most of the police work is done with high schoolers that smoke and drink (which never applied to me when I attended PHS). This is the kind of town where the entire fire dept and ems respond to a call just for an excuse to go to Dunkin Donuts after.

    I seriously doubt that much would be done about it. The town is pretty insular and will want to hush it up, in fear of being looked down on as lower class than neighboring Briarcliff or Chappaqua. In that area, your town’s PR is more important than its actual quality and safety.

  10. The real reason to have a video camera in your phone, and strenuously object to attempts to criminalize filming law enforcement officers performing public duties.

  11. Remember folks. Domestic policy can only be a reflection of foreign policy. If Uncle Sam’s cops shoot Iraqis in their cars then his cops are bound to also shoot Americans in their cars. Many returning vets become cops after all.

  12. Gosh … however will the cops counter all these eyewitnesses? I’m sure their union and their chief will find a way.

  13. Yeah baby…Let us take lesson from East Lansing, MI and use rubber bullets…maybe the Chief can take those tactics to Texas…that shit won’t fly…he’ll end up in one of the various rivers…..swimming they will say…he’ll just be gone the same….

    Slarti…what say you…

  14. nothing will happen to them because nothing ever happens when they close ranks

    make a sentence from the following

    carpet under the swept

  15. It’s a good thing he didn’t steal a loaf of bread.

    (That’s a Victor Hugo joke for you trolls slow on the uptake.)

    On the serious side, it’s about time the FBI showed up and dissected your “police” department. Because if your moron beat cops think this is remotely appropriate, you’ve got criminal issues that run much deeper than simply shooting an unarmed civilian over a parking violation.

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