So Many Stories…So Little Time

 I have developed an even deeper respect for Jonathan Turley over the past week. Here I am a little old retired lady with not all that much to do and yet I found that it wasn’t all that easy to choose stories/issues to write about for this blog—and to write about them. I had at least half a dozen stories selected last weekend that I had planned to post about—and I didn’t get around to writing about any of them. Searching for and selecting stories, reading them, condensing them to provide blog readers with the heart of the matter takes time and a lot of concentration. I was disappointed with myself for not being able to come up with clever titles for all of my posts. Sometimes inspiration takes a vacation when I need her most.

I want to thank JT for entrusting me with the responsibility of being one of his three guest bloggers. I felt it was an honor—especially considering the company I was in. Nal and Mespo, I enjoyed reading all of your posts. I’d also like to thank all of you who took time to read and to respond to my posts.

I am looking forward to JT’s return so I can sit back, relax, read, and return to just commenting on the Turley blog.

P.S. to Mespo: “metaphysical, mental meanderings while the maestro was away” Be still my heart! I love men who know how to alliterate.

– Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

12 thoughts on “So Many Stories…So Little Time”

  1. Well, the Turley Blawg is now off its MEDs…

    I thanked you and your compadres on mespos thread, but thanks again Ms. EM.

  2. Thank YOU Elaine, I enjoyed your postings and poetry and the time you (and your blogging-fellows) took to conserve this most-awesome blawg in the Professors absence.

  3. Elaine,

    Who are you kidding? Old? Definitely not.

    I really enjoyed your postings this week — you were great. Thanks.

    The MED team is something to behold!

  4. Elaine M:

    “P.S. to Mespo: “metaphysical, mental meanderings while the maestro was away” Be still my heart! I love men who know how to alliterate.”


    Profuse praise for your plethora of profound and pithy parables.

  5. To ElaineM, Mespo and Nal

    Thank you each (and all) for so ably filling in for Professor Turley this past week.

  6. ElaineM, Mespo, and Nal– Congratulations on a great week’s work. The stories you chose and your introductions were terrific. Unfortunately for me, I had a very busy week out in the real world, and I’m still trying to catch up on the Turley Blog. As your title says: “So many Stories…So Little Time”. Thanks for your outstanding work!

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