Couple Gets Hitched…Limo Gets Snitched

 Here’s a Sunday morning crime story for you:

 Scene of Crime: Dorchester, Massachusetts

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time: Approximately 1:30 p.m.

Perpetrator of Crime: Unknown

Description of Crime: A man wielding a hammer carjacked a limousine that was parked outside the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta at St. Margaret’s Church on Columbia Road. The carjacker allegedly whacked a window…and the limo driver. He forced the chauffeur and the bridesmaids out of the vehicle. At the time, the bride and bridegroom were inside the church and unaware of what was transpiring outside.

Once they entered the church, the steely bridesmaids remained cool and calm. They acted as if nothing had happened in hopes of not spoiling the bride and groom’s nuptials.

Reportedly, the carjacker abandoned the limo and remained at large last night. No information has been provided about the mode of transportation the married couple took to their reception. Maybe they floated over on “cloud nine.”

Source: The Boston Globe

P.S. The picture I posted with this story is one I took of my daughter’s wedding cake. It  tasted even better than it looks!

– Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

4 thoughts on “Couple Gets Hitched…Limo Gets Snitched”

  1. Correction: The music director didn’t spoil our day of celebration. He was truly a “little man”–and I don’t say THAT because he’s short.

  2. Blouise,

    My daughter’s wedding day was near perfect. The photographer was a sweetheart and took great pictures; the florist did a beautiful job; the trolley came to the hotel at just the right time to pick up the bridal party; the bagpiper was wonderful; the hotel had lovely accommodations; the staff and owner of The Lyceum Restaurant went out of their way to ensure everything was perfect for us; the food was to die for; the wedding cake was amazing; the torrential rains stopped just before we left the hotel.

    The only dark spot on the entire wedding experience was the music director at the church where my daughter got married. In a meeting my daughter and her husband had with the director several weeks before the wedding, he raised his voice to my daughter on more than one occasion, gave her a hard time about the songs she wanted him to play, told her the day she got married wasn’t “her day,” refused to play a different song for her than the one he played when the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle. On the day my daughter got married, he wouldn’t allow the bagpiper into the church. He even slammed the door on the bagpiper when he began to play his pipes outside the church while wedding guests were arriving.

    IMO, he didn’t like my daughter too well because she isn’t docile and spoke up to him…more than once. When she told him she wanted him to play “Amazing Grace”–he replied: “That’s not a Catholic song.” She opened up the church’s hymnal to the “Amazing Grace” page and showed it to him. You go…girl!

    The music director didn’t spoil our day of celebration. He was truly a “little man”–and I don’t say they because he’s short.

  3. It shouldn’t, I know, but this story tickles my funny bone.

    Kudos to the bridesmaids and I hope the limo driver is ok.

    I have sung at literally thousands of weddings over the years and I have witnessed some unbelievable occurrences that make a wedding memorable but never a stolen limo …

    (Here’s an example involving flowers. The bride’s father had spent $8,000.00 on floral arrangements for the church. The ceremony had to start on time as there were two following it. The florist never showed and calls to his shop and home went unanswered(this was before the cell phone). The bride, bouquet-less and weeping marched down the aisle with her fuming father. Meanwhile, at the church across the street, the scheduled wedding got off to a late start because the bride’s father was arguing with a florist who had shown up with a ton of flowers that no one had ordered. Following the ceremony, as bride number 1 exited the church on the arm of her groom she looked up and saw all her flowers sitting on the lawn of the church across the street. Bride number 2 exited her church shortly thereafter and the two fathers met in the middle of the street. It was a sight to behold! I believe law suits against the florist were filed. Miraculously the flowers for the reception (an additional $6,000.00)had been delivered but the florist was gone by the time the wedding party arrived.)

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