Resolutions and Dreams for 2011


Now that the end of the year is just hours away, I thought it would be nice to put into writing some of the New Years resolutions that I have for 2011. This year has been a year of highs and lows for myself and for the country. These resolutions are my hopes and dreams for myself, the country and the world in the coming year.

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Beware of Boys with Magic Beans!

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

I decided to dust off another old case that I found in my Fairy Tale Crimebusters File. You may remember my previous post about a wolf, a hunter, and a little lass who wore a red riding hood–Crime & Punishment: Cross-Dressing Criminal Meets His Maker!

Today, I have a tale in verse of a poor fatherless boy who disobeyed his mother and later robbed a man of gigantic proportions…three times!


About the thief who robbed the sleeping giant:
It was Jack, a boy who’s self-reliant.
He climbed the beanstalk near his shack
And stole some gold coins in a sack.
He raced back home and spent the money
On chocolate cookies, milk, and honey.


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Lincoln Nebraska Police Shown Arresting Man For Firing Crossbow at Target in Backyard

I saw this story on Reddit and it raises a lot of unanswered questions. The Examiner below reports that the video was taken by the wife of Gary Grana, 33, who was arrested for firing a crossbow in his yard at a target. Grana ends up under a pile of officers after a rather large number of officers respond to the call.
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Colorado Man Stomps Puppy To Death on Christmas Eve To Punish Girlfriend For Not Answering His Calls

Christopher Blackstone, 25, seems intent to make the worst people of 2010 year before time runs out. Upset that his girlfriend, Talitha Peterson-Hooks, 25, left their apartment during an argument and then refused to take his calls, he proceeded to stomp her puppy to death and sent her a text message saying “If you would have answered your phone, your dog would still be alive.”

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