Out Foxed: Man Shot By Fox in Belarus

As someone who has always loved foxes, I am struggling to feel sorry for the subject of this story. A man in Belarus was participating in one of the favorite sports of that country (fox hunting) when the fox shot him.

The man had already shot the fox and decide to finish the fun by bashing the fox’s head in with the butt of his gun. That is when the fox fought back, struggled with the man, and hit the trigger of the gun. The man was hit in the leg and the fox escaped. There is a limit, however, of one Belarussian a season for fox hunters.

We have wonderful red and brown foxes in the woods near my house in McLean, Virginia. I consider a great day when I spot one on a walk with Molly. The thought of bashing in its heads with a rifle butt is unthinkable to me.

On another subject, we have our giant Bears banner flying this week outside of my house in anticipation of the Bears v. Sea Hawks game. We are the only family known in Virginia with an actual Bears garden gnome (who comes in for games). I will be serving Sea Hawk chili and Bloody Marys during the game and frankly thinking of Eric Fatla who would have loved the game. I am expected Eric to do his part in working on divine intervention for God’s team.

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  1. I am glad Mr. Stupid Hunter Man is OK, for I would not wish any life threatening harm on anyone, but a shot in the leg is just AWESOME!!! A big hoooray for the fox!! I only wish more foxes and other innocent animals would learn to use guns to protect themselves from idiotic hunters!!!! I’ve been around foxes for years and they are beautiful creatures and pose no threat! There are ways to safeguard your property and yourselves from harm, and there are ways to interact and co-exist with them in a healthy way, without killing them. For crying out loud, just leave our animals alone!!!!

  2. pardon me?,

    That vidyo sounds like my cousin Cletis who married our kissin’ cousin Loretty Pearl…

  3. “Bear Down Chicago Bears. . . .” and since you mention it Dave R GO HAWKS. Some things are important!

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter, who would like to politely interject



  5. We have a couple of fox’s that run through our subdivision and they are lovely, delicate and smart looking creatures. They use the storm sewers to get around and come above ground to check things out. The number of rabbits in the neighborhood has declined over the last year and a half though. Hmmmm?

    I accidently ‘confronted’ one of them on my front lawn this fall. He stood his ground for a bit then retreated about 10′ and urinated on my last two remaining healthy tree in the front. I guess he taught me who the front yard belongs to! LOL.

  6. If Hasslebeck plays as he did last week and Cutler has one of his all too usual games, you may need divine intervention.

  7. Gyges:

    you got to shoot them with a rifle not a camera. Them there bushy tails make for a good hat.

    Your son coulda had both the video and the hat. That .243 would do the job and best part is, its hard to miss at that range.

    Although those were kinda scrawny.

  8. Buddha,

    I consider myself a good parent, but he’s an exceptional kid. I know every parent thinks that about their kids, but his day care provider once told me “if all the kids were as happy and well behaved as him, I’d get bored.”

    Of course, the poor kid still runs like everyone else on my side of the family. You can’t have it all. Personally I’d rather be happy and smart than fast anyway.

  9. Gyges,

    That video goes a long way to explaining why he’s “the world’s happiest toddler” (TM).

  10. One of my son’s favorite videos…


  11. Foxes are fairly common in urban London, too. It isn’t unusual to spot a fox or a pair of them running silently down the street at twilight, dashing under a parked car if detected. Listen in the darkness at night and you’ll often hear their peculiar hoarse barking call.

    They usually scavenge discarded food from rubbish bins, but in our street at night I occasionally hear the distressed screaming of a dying bird and I know it’s been cornered by a fox–no other predators live around here.

    Hunting with dogs was made illegal in the UK about a decade ago but the hunts still go out, ostensibly to follow a prepared trail, though there is evidence that some hunts disobey the law by permitting the dogs to savage foxes.

    City dwellers generally welcome the glimpses of foxes, just as they like to see squirrels in the trees. Last year though a baby left sleeping was savaged by a fox that entered a London house through an open door or window, and the foxes picked up some negative press.

  12. There is a limit, however, of one Belarussian a season for fox hunters.

    Now, now how could you tell….do they ferment there own potato peels…..too?

    Should it not be more appropriate if it stated “There is a limit of one Belarussian fox hunters by Foxie”. But then again this might take you to a Foxie Fight….

  13. I sang at a “Bless the Fox Hunt” service once. It was a church somewhere around Chad’s Ford in PA. It was one of the weirdest services I ever participated in. We were out in the fields and all the attendees were dressed for the hunt … they were quite serious .. hounds baying, horses neighing, ministerial robes flapping … totally strange. I refused the invitation the following year.

  14. We have beautiful foxes in my neck of the woods. There was a Fox farm in Golden a few decades back. Several of the more exotic coated foxes got out and had some fun with the locals. Since then the phenotypes have been spreading.

  15. Love the foxes. The Bears? Not so much. Back the Pack! Yes, I enjoy a nice wedge of cheddar. No, I don’t wear one on my head. Enjoy the game, Prof. I’ll be cheering (half-heartedly) for da Bearsss.

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