Dallas Officer Suspended Over Facebook Postings

Dallas Police Sr. Cpl. Cat Lafitte has become the latest victim of the enticement of Facebook. Lafitte reportedly posted an assortment of shocking comments on her accounts, including bragging about cutting a hospital worker’s face when he tried to get her to stop screaming profanities into her cellphone.

The six-year veteran is now on administrative leave while being investigated. She is also accused of posting the picture of a small black boy surrounded by officers with the comment, “Quick . . . sprinkle some crack on him!”

Lafitte, 32, also described herself as an “Official Bum Roller,” part of attacks on homeless people. In the case of the hospital worker, she reportedly stated that she “threw my boot at him, Jerry Springer style, and nailed him in the face . . . It broke his glasses and cut his face and bruised it up real good.” His offense? He wanted to stop her from “cussin out my Lieutenant on the phone.”

This raises a novel variation of our prior discussion (here) of the increasing punishment meted out to public employees over writings and conduct in their private lives. Lafiite is a bit different, however. The alleged posting could be used as evidence of a crime of assault. As for the homeless people, the commentary would also be incriminating evidence as to abuse of official power.

Source: Chronicle found on Reddit

Jonathan Turley

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  1. @DuHast2323

    I know michael; I think the reason he did that stuff at the academy is

    1. lack of confidence; (one reason because he was grotesquely out of shape)
    2. He confided a lot of really, really, personal things to people he considered “friends”
    3. afraid of getting fired for his mistakes/poor performance

    what other choice did he have? He had to make friends with richeson.

  2. I agree with everything you said “Duhast”

    And thats because I was in class 320.

    Fraternization really brought the class down.

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