A Sunday Jack & Rudy Post…Including a Guilty Dog Video

 Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Rudy: Hey, Jack, did you hear about that naughty dog named Denver who ate a whole bag of cat treats while his owner was out of the house? Well, his owner figured out who the culprit was and gave him a timeout in the kennel. Maybe Mom and Dad should do the same thing to you when you empty my food dish!

Jack: Aw…you don’t mean that, do you, buddy? We Labs are active dogs. We need continual sustenance so we can maintain our high energy level.

Rudy: Energy smenergy! I’d like you to stay the heck away from my cat food!

Jack: Rudy, little bro, I may feed from your food dish—but I’d NEVER eat a whole bag of your kitty treats! Trust me.



Rudy: Watch the “guilty dog” video I rented for you, Jack—and take heed! 

Good Morning America: Denver, YouTube’s “Guilty Dog” Visits GMA

21 thoughts on “A Sunday Jack & Rudy Post…Including a Guilty Dog Video”

  1. Mike Spindell

    “The cat, not my wife.”

    I suspect it would be much, much easier to lock out the cat 😀

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