A Sunday Jack & Rudy Post…Including a Guilty Dog Video

 Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Rudy: Hey, Jack, did you hear about that naughty dog named Denver who ate a whole bag of cat treats while his owner was out of the house? Well, his owner figured out who the culprit was and gave him a timeout in the kennel. Maybe Mom and Dad should do the same thing to you when you empty my food dish!

Jack: Aw…you don’t mean that, do you, buddy? We Labs are active dogs. We need continual sustenance so we can maintain our high energy level.

Rudy: Energy smenergy! I’d like you to stay the heck away from my cat food!

Jack: Rudy, little bro, I may feed from your food dish—but I’d NEVER eat a whole bag of your kitty treats! Trust me.



Rudy: Watch the “guilty dog” video I rented for you, Jack—and take heed! 

Good Morning America: Denver, YouTube’s “Guilty Dog” Visits GMA

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  1. Oh, by the way, there is an unfortunate “glut” of “pocket pets” (Chihuahuas) because of a fad started by fans of Paris Hilton. This is really very annoying.

    The problem has been going on for a while, but if you thought you might like a dog and don’t want the walking and big messes to clean up, a little dog is a great way to have a sweet companion.

    There are several orgs trying to find new homes for these sweet little pups. Check it out:


  2. My dog is a fraidy-cat.

    Recently one dark night she ran yapping across the yard at full speed chasing something across a half acre or so only to be seen moments later rushing back to me while yapping and looking BACK at whatever critter it was that she charged. The moving forward while looking back and running full speed was the problem. She wasn’t watching where she was going.

    And she ran smack dab into a pvc pipe sticking out of the ground (protected by a metal post) with the water spicket on the end of it. She snapped that pvc pipe and water went shooting up about 15 feet in the air.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like an America’s Most Funniest Home Video. By the time my husband got out into the yard (it was about 2 a.m.!) the water was only gushing. Got it fixed the next day without have to shut off the whole system.

    Just yesterday that the scab on her nose was finally gone. Naughty dog!

    I understand the tiresome chore of walking a dog and cleaning up after them. I have a HUGE yard (several acres) and a small dog. You train them in the beginning as to where they shall do their business and potty breaks eventually become a routine of you standing at the door protected from the elements letting the pup out the door and running to the designated area far enough from the house. Let sun and rain take its course. Have two such areas and rotate them. Since the dog is small so is the mess. At a great distance from the house it takes care of itself. The rider mower keeps you out of anything nature doesn’t take care of (which we are amazed to never find evidence of).

    That’s how we do it. If I lived in town I’d have an even smaller dog and paper train it. Small dogs do NOT have to be walked daily. Ever.

  3. So expressive! From the instant the camera gets on him you can see he is trying to disappear in the corner…

  4. Our lab loves string cheese pressed into a butcher’s bone and then frozen. It keeps him busy for an hour or so!

  5. I had a beautiful dog for years who smiled just like that whenever I said the words, “potato chip”

  6. pete,

    I’d add that women shouldn’t feed pickled eggs to their husbands–because there definitely are some things that a much worse than dog breath!


  7. when i lived in stone mtn ga. my neighbor was having an easter egg hunt for their kids and grandkids. i noticed my dobie (she was very gentle and loved playing with kids) kept going over playing for a few minutes then coming home holding her mouth slightly open. when i checked her bed i found she had been stealing easter eggs from the kids hunt.
    when i tried to return the eggs to the neighbor she told me “natasha found them they’re hers”. so i cracked the boiled eggs and fed them to the dog.
    the point of the story is, if you ever feed your dog boiled eggs don’t let them in your house for about a day. there is something worse than dog breath.

  8. In my humble opinion, this video is exceptionally well done.
    The choice of music was brilliant. The whole thing is
    an elegant glass of red.

    Macy is beautiful, and Denver is a better communicator than
    most of what passes in these days of modern times as great

    Thank you for having the good sense to know that most people
    here would probably like it. I loved it,

  9. “Oh, and the litter box thing sucks, too.”


    My wife has to do that one it’s a transplant medication thing. Your right though about waking you up to eat, but if it’s too early I just lock her out of the bedroom. The cat, not my wife. 🙂

  10. Mike S,

    “What I love about cats is you don’t have to walk them and ignore them when you want without agonizing over guilt.”

    As a cat lover myself, I agree. Except when they wake you up an hour earlier to eat due to daylight savings … 🙂

    Oh, and the litter box thing sucks, too. Next cat will be potty-trained!

  11. Listen, I love dogs. Have owned them. Can train them well and with kindness. However, the “cutesiness” so adored by dog lovers makes me ill. When my last dog died 28 years ago I decided I’d had enough of walking a dog at 7:30am, 6:00pm and 11:00pm, to only have to clean up after them. Yes they’re good companions and they can be fun, but please they’re bred to win your heart and often it is difficult to determine in a given household who is the pet and who is the master/mistress. :-). Incidentally, I have been a cat person now and off and on since the 70’s. What I love about cats is you don’t have to walk them and ignore them when you want without agonizing over guilt.

  12. Shoes are also a favored hiding place for cat-nipped items.

    And the “I hope you’re happy too” to Macy seemed a bit excessive. She looked like she probably slept through the whole of Denver’s B&E (that’s Breaking & Eating). Poor ol’ gal getting chastised for Denver’s crime!

  13. Well Elaine….

    Remember if you find them hidden in the yard in a veritable fertile oasis of extra green grass…probably not a good ideal to…..well should and could bag em…..

  14. AY,

    Speaking of Easter–Rudy already got into mischief when my daughter put a decorative Easter tree on her dining room table. It appears that Rudy stole all the little decorated eggs that were hung on the tree and hid them somewhere.

  15. Aw……Do we get the Easter Video of them dress as the Bunnies…..

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