Woman Claims TSA Inspector Left Note In Bag Saying “GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL” After Discovering Sex Toy

Jill Filipovic claims to have found quite a surprise when she arrived in Ireland. Upon opening up her luggage, she allegedly discovered that the TSA had done an inspection of her luggage. What was disconcerting is that, after finding a sex toy in her luggage, an inspector left a message on the inspection notice saying “GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL”

Filipovic admits that “I also just died laughing in my hotel room” but found it to be an obvious total violation of privacy.

As the article below notes, the TSA appears less interested in actual weapons as opposed to sex toys. A.38-caliber handgun fell out of a duffel bag as a luggage ramp crew was loading it onto an Alaska Airlines flight to Portland, Ore.

It is not clear what TSA will do in this matter. Filipovic is a writer who went public with her experience.

If true, it is a pretty serious breach of privacy to send jokes or taunts to passengers based on their personal items. However, what would the damages be in such a case, particularly given the right to inspect and Filipovic’s admission that she found the note funny?

It reminds me of that scene in Fight Club:

Source: Prison Planet as first seen on Reddit.

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  1. Now if the Oakland PD will do something about an officer who thinks it just fine to hit a Marine in the head with a tear gas canister and fracture his skulll, then throw a flash-bang grenade amongst the people who came to assist the unconscious man.

  2. Thanks….and the “Agency” is taking the necessary disciplinary measures….

  3. This story has some other followers I see:

    Whoopi Goldberg Vibrator Talk Shocks ‘View’ Ladies (VIDEO)

    “On Tuesday, a story in the news gave the ladies (sans Barbara) a chance to revisit the topic. Apparently, a TSA agent creeped out a blogger by attaching a note to a vibrator that he or she had found in her bag. That was enough for the panel, which sounded off for some minutes.”


  4. Then I guess there might be the question as to whether someone else left her the note and used that piece of paper to write on (or maybe she did it herself, as someone pointed out maybe this woman has a book to promote. At the least she loved promoting herself and something most would consider private.) (Did she leave her suitcase out for others to look into, in ladies room, hotel, etc. Was her purse available for a comment to be left but no other paper available?

    1. I think these are all very good questions. The answers might speak to her state of mind or just her willingness to bear the exposure for a good story and publicity.
      That being said, I don’t think we can afford to assume that she is lying about the incident. It’s too easy to just brush this sort of thing off. When an American citizen or anyone else for that matter files a complaint such as this, I think we must assume that it is true. The consequences of this sort of action are far too grave to make assumptions. If we investigate the agency and find no pattern of inappropriate behavior, we are reassured. But if we do not investigate this to the end, and it is true, then we have tacitly condoned the behavior. Or at least demonstrated that we don’t really care if it happens and thus we give Carte Blanche to every disgruntled or smart-ass TSA employee who decides he wants to humiliate or embarrass any taveler of his/her choice.
      When a person files a complaint about a government agency, we have no choice but to assume the complaint is valid. It is the only way we get honest feedback as to the performance of these security forces. We must be willing to investigate the perhaps suspicious complaints in order that the true complaint not be ignored as well.

  5. When she wrote about this incident; did she also mention her phone number?
    Just asking.
    Seriously though. I was having a blast just laughing this off for all the reasons previously mentioned and then I came upon O L’s comment. I have to agree. The important thing is the level of service we expect from these agencies. If this happened once to one person who took it public; how many other incidents go unreported? This should be considered a heads up and the entire agency, nationwide should be open to investigation to determine the extent of the humiliation their employees have been inflicting on people. Aren’t these people a part of Homeland Security?
    Seems like just one more case of the government moving closer and closer to a Fascist Police State. When the Police and Security forces are allowed to humiliate and degrade the people, making light of what is a very sensitive and private area of their life, the time has come to yell; STOP!
    The lack of respect this proves is a dangerous thing. It has a numbing and traumatizing effect on the very people these guys are supposed to be protecting. And it is the top of a slippery slope that ends in random Police beatings and incarceration without due process.

    Not to mention the violation of the pretense of privacy that we expect from those who are allowed by law to ignore our rights.

  6. At Boston Logan airport last week I got a more extended version of the checkpoint interview they have been using. The TSA does this at the ID-check stage at Terminal A.

    The TSA agent asked where I was heading, for what purpose, how long I would be there, two questions on my line of work, and the name of the company I was employed by.

    Not only do you explain all that to the TSA agent, but your answers are a few minutes of entertainment for your fellow suspects waiting in the queue alongside.

    Is it a crime to lie to these questions? How are these or future potential questions bounded?

  7. Revisiting this thread you know the saying wearing your heart on your sleeve,she seems to be wearing

  8. OT kinda’ but a dildo shaped microphone is at issue. This is a cooked up charge and political payback IMO. Thisi s also relevant to who owns the cops in NY city discussed currently in another thread.

    This is a case where the complainants are essentially the police. Murphy is the guy behind the prank Koch call to Governor Scott Walker.

    “Buffalo Beast’ editor faces jail time for dildo-infused protest”

    “Ian Murphy, editor of satirical newspaper “The Buffalo Beast,” is facing up to a year in jail for using a dildo as a prop at a protest against same sex marriage earlier this year, Raw Story has learned.

    Murphy was arrested on July 24, 2011 — the first day same sex marriage was legal in New York state — as he was interviewing counter-protesters who were mocking a demonstration by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a conservative lobbying group.”


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