Egyptian Party Leader: “I Am the Enemy of Democracy”

With Libya now moving to a Sharia-based system that will impose religious values on the population, Egypt is also rapidly moving toward an extreme Sharia based system. Indeed, Hesham al Ashry (the leader of the Salafists) announced this week that “I am the enemy of democracy.”

Businessman Naguib Sawiris now calls Egypt’s future “dim … bad.”

Al Ashry put the reality into perspective: “This is a big opportunity and it’s not going to go back. This was mentioned by the Prophet Mohammed. Peace be upon him. He said this was going to happen.” Thus, the freedom that led to the overthrow of Mubarak regime will now be extinguished to embrace a new form of oppression — just faith-based rather than tyrant-based repression.

One of the objections made to the intervention of the United States in Libya was that, in addition to the absence of any declaration from Congress, President Obama could bring bring about a more radical regime. Even at the time, Libyan rebels were known to have extremist elements, including some linked to Al Qaeda. Some of the same concerns were heard in our Egyptian policies. I am less critical of the Obama policy on Libya. Indeed, I thought the Administration struck the right tone — without military intervention. However, there is a general misconception that the “Arab Spring” necessarily means a triumph of democracy and human rights. Movements in both Libya and Egypt show the powerful pull of theocratic oppression. The denial of the separation of mosque and state (as well as religious freedom) undermines a host of other rights from free speech to free association. The Obama Administration undermined those rights further with its shocking support of a United Nation’s resolution that embraced the concept of blasphemy prosecutions.

With the move to Sharia law, Egypt is showing other signs of extremism. Sectarian violence, particularly against Christians, has increased with little intervention from the military.

The loss of Egypt to religious extremism would be extremely destabilizing for the regime. It will also raise a question of our continued massive support for the country. Even though we have cities and states breaking under economic pressures, we are still pouring billions in aid to both Israel and Egypt.

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  1. Bron,

    Actually the causal analysis of the situation that created protesters in the first place terminates at the proper level: with those responsible for the criminal actions that created the current situation where people feel the need to protest the injustice of their not being held accountable for their actions that damaged millions of people, the U.S. and global economy.

    As for your food poisoning, it might very well be that the farmer is the prime cause, but only an investigation would unveil whether it was improper farming techniques that led to the bacteriological infection or whether it was improper handling at the processor or restaurant level. It would never be the chickens however as they are incapable for defining the procedures for the correct processing of their carcasses let alone the mens rea required to purposefully break a food safety regulation.

    However, what doesn’t require an investigation is how you’ve failed in your application of reductio ad absurdum in an attempt to discredit the causal analysis. You did manage to once again make yourself look absurd though by attempting an argument technique you have no mastery over. Good job.

  2. Bdaman:

    causal analysis. Yeah, I got food poisoning once, it must have been the fault of the farmer who raised the chicken. Hell it was the chickens fault for being hatched. Well no it was the fault of the rooster who made my chickens mother a mother.

    How far back do I need to go to figure out who/what to blame for my food poisoning? I just figured it was the restaurant or the meat packer, silly me.

  3. Bdaman, I watched your film. Notice all the people say the police refused to help them, refused to answer calls for help when the police were “standing right there”, and ignored what was happening.

    Good job, DC police.

  4. I think we have all learned that the problems we face cannot be solved at the ballot box. The whole system of lobbyists, the corporate revolving door into regulatory agencies, unlimited secret campaign funds, corporate control of our voting machines, et al.

    How the hell do we get the majority of politicians to vote AGAINST their cozy insider interests? It seems impossible.

  5. What the fuck that is, Bdaman, is a correct causal analysis.

    If she wants to be seek justice for being attacked, go after the individual attackers. If she wants to know who is responsible for the situation creating an environment that encouraged her attack? She need look no further than her buddies the Koch Brothers.

  6. Speaking of Koch I saw the interview with the reporter today. She said David Koch walked out from the conference right through the crowd and nobody said a word to him. She said these people don’t even know who they are protesting against.

    Correct me if I am wrong but didnt Bush and McCain both try and stop this 3 or 4 years before it happened? And didnt Barney Frank say everything was fine at the same time he was schtooping his buddy at Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?

    Yep you are right Bron

    Gene what the fuck is this then

    Dolores would not have been hurt – absent a supervening normally occurring crime – if the Wall Street criminals and their Washington co-horts had been brought to justice in the first place.

  7. No, Bron.

    You once again miss the point by framing the problem in partisan terms.

    There are plenty of both R and D’s who would be going to jail over the Wall Street debacle. The corruption that allowed it to happen and is allowing the crimes to continue unpunished is ultra-partisan. Corruption has no party allegiance. Most of the worst corporate offenders graft both sides of the aisle. To do otherwise would decrease the chances of success in their efforts to distort and circumvent the law.

  8. Bdaman:

    I doubt it has anything to do with playing golf. The dragnet would pick up half the democrats in congress (along with some republicans).

    Correct me if I am wrong but didnt Bush and McCain both try and stop this 3 or 4 years before it happened? And didnt Barney Frank say everything was fine at the same time he was schtooping his buddy at Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?

    I imagine some of the 0.000178% would be going to jail as well.

  9. “You hear that Delores, it’s all your fault.”

    Straw man again.

    Expressing the opinion that Dolores has terrible taste in friends is not the equivalent of saying it’s her fault for being attacked. That being said, actions – including political allegiances in a time of ever increasing political turmoil – have consequences. Just like an argument, the surest way to lose a revolution is to be on the wrong side when it starts.

    You really aren’t much at argumentation, Bdaman. However, your defense of the Koch organelle Americans for Prosperity and its members is admirable. All good pets are loyal to their masters.

  10. Dolores should choose her friends better.

    You hear that Delores, it’s all your fault. You shoulda picked better friends. It’s for the greater good. You hang out with evil doers.

  11. gENE:

    I am all for an independent special prosecutor to look into this. I think a number of congressmen and senators will be joining the CEO’s.

    Why hasnt Obama had his regulators send this to the FBI? Answered above.

    Spend to get out of a recession?

  12. Gene H:

    you still havent told me that a law or laws have been broken. Which ones specifically that will lead to arrest and trial?

  13. Let me tell you a story.

    In law school, moot court is based upon cases that usually involve some degree of precedent. Sometimes the case is known up front, sometime it is framed in such a way that the names are changed but the fact pattern is identifiable once research into the subject matter begins. Because it is based on precedent, the arguments for all sides have already been considered as a general rule. This means among the participants in moot court, one side gets the winning side of the arguments to build their presentation for the moot court from, the other gets the losing side. This is because moot court is an exercise in presentation primarily, but it also teaches soon to be attorneys an important lesson.

    The one sure way to continue to lose an argument is to be on an indefensible side when it starts.

  14. You’re assumption is that I don’t think she deserves justice, Bdaman.

    Justice for all means exactly that.

    However, it is precisely the greedy kind of assholes like the ones you find at an Americans for Prosperity conference that are responsible for the mess America is in in the first place. Dolores should choose her friends better. I’m sure that many of the people harmed in the Indian Revolution were just out showing their support for the Raj too.

    You are also – again – trying to deflect from the reason for the protests in the first place: the crimes committed by Wall Street and aided and abetted by Washington, absent which the OWS people would have no reason at all to be protesting.

    Dolores would not have been hurt – absent a supervening normally occurring crime – if the Wall Street criminals and their Washington co-horts had been brought to justice in the first place.

    You want to blame victims of the initial crime, some of whom are naturally going to lash out in the face of injustice, instead of blaming the perpetrators of the biggest and initial crime which set the whole scenario in motion.

    Hide behind children, hide behind grandma, it still doesn’t eliminate that you’re trying to blame consequence instead of cause.

  15. How bout some justice for this lady.

    78 year old Dolores Broderson rode a bus for 11 hours from Detroit to attend the Americans for Prosperity Conference in Washington DC this past weekend. She was looking forward to the pro-liberty, pro-capitalism, pro-American conference. But on Friday night several Occupy DC protesters pushed Dolores down the cement stairs.

    She went to the emergency room with a bloody nose and bruises on her hand and leg.

    Hey Delores I got news for you. Gene says it’s for the greater good. You deserve it. Your an evil doer.

    P.S. the other grandma they shoved to the ground is in serious condition.

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