An Unarmed California Man Threatens to Kill Himself — Police Allegedly Arrive And Hit Him With A Stun Gun and Then Shoot Him To Death

Police in Keyes, California are investigating why police officers killed an unarmed 32-year-man after first shooting him with a stun gun. Family members called police to tell them that George Ramirez was suffering from depression and threatening suicide. The Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy is now on administrative leave. According to reports, Deputy Art Parra Jr. has been on the force for six years.

Ramirez reportedly had a history of depression and the family said that they wanted to get him help. When police arrived, Ramirez reported demanded to know “Who sent you to arrest me? Where’s your credentials?” The single officer reportedly used the stun gun soon after arriving at the scene and family members said that the shot caused Ramirez to fall to the floor. They insisted that he had not threatened the deputy. When Ramirez got back on his feet, the family says the deputy proceeded to shoot him three times in the torso. The father says that after the officer killed his son, three other officers arrived and started pointing guns at him and the family.

We have not heard the officer’s account, who was reportedly not injured.

The absence of a gun does not necessarily rule out a justified use of lethal force. The facts as stated by the family however are quite disturbing and the absence of a weapon raises serious questions of excessive use of force by the officer. I am also not sure of why the officer did not just the stun gun again rather than lethal force.

Source: KCRA as first seen on Reddit

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  1. George was never hotsile to the officer. Thats what the father told me. So there was no exuse to tazer and shoot him. The family was never hostile to Parra so there was no reason to point the gun at the family. One member of the family said ” I Thought he was going to kill us all” they all feard for there lives including a 15 year old child. After he was tazerd and fell to the ground.

    QUESTION why did parra not go over to his body(that was still laying on the ground) and handcuffhim .Hes suppose to do that its policy

    ANSWER Parra waited for him to get up so he can kill him and get away with. Parra killed George becouse a few days before and officer not far from keyes was killed by a mad man so parra shot George as a form of vengence. Gorge had nothing to do with the officer’s murder. But for parra George represented the officers killer. He chose George b cuz he was suicidal. After the officers murder there were many suspisous cases of officers shooting people. It happnes alot when ever a cop is killed.

    QUESTION how do i know why he shot George
    ANSWER a former cop told me
    IF you live in Stanislous county conctact the district attornys office and our congressmen and DEMAND JUSTICE!

  2. I live in Keyes my whole town is in danger b cuz of that psychopath that is allowed to carry a gun. I met the family gve the dad a hug. I demand justice!! Instead of pressing charges on him they gave him a promotion.R.I.P George Ramirez

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  4. When a tazer is deployed within a short distance they often loose connection which is why Ramirez probably got back up and then walked towards the Deputy then giving the Deputy no choice but to use deadly force with a lethal weapon. What people don’t understand is that law enforcement tools much like any other persons tools in their own proffesions sometimes don’t work. This man was mentally ill and this article falls short of explaining that this poor man was acting hositle and not complying with the Deputy’s orders and therefore this incident resulted in a tragic outcome. In regards to the deputies who responded to the scene they had no idea who shots were fired at. All they heard over the radio was “tazer deployed” and “shots fired” shortly afterwards. For all they know their fellow brother and co-worker had been shot at. In this case they were justified in pointing guns at the parents in case they were pontential threats. This is sad and unfortunate but the fact of the matter is that Deputy’s only goal is to get home at the end of the day to his own family and shooting the mentally ill and hostile victim not complying with his orders was the only option left after he tried one and then failed because of a faulty resource.

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