Controversial West Virginia Judge Faces New Charges

We previously discussed the taped outburst of West Virginia William “Chip” Walkins III who verbally attacked Rev. Arthur DR. Hage, 63, in a divorce case, screaming for him to “Shut up” and accusing him of telling a “damn lie.” It turns out that this was not an isolated instance.

Watkins now faces five charges from the Judicial Investigation Commission, including additional videos showing abusive treatment of other litigants. In addition to the Hage outburst, Watkins is accused of:

• Challenging a mother’s assertion that she got pregnant by accident by saying “Well, honey, it ain’t an accident. You don’t get them off of toilet seats.” He also described the father as someone who “got into some dumb shit” and he said that he didn’t want to spend time determining “who was the biggest jackass in the operation.”

• Telling a bailiff to remove a litigant from the courtroom and “take his ass into custody.”

• Telling a woman she was “shooting off [her] fat mouth” and “Shut up, you stupid woman.”

• Refusing to recuse himself in a divorce case in a letter to the litigant that said, “Every other witness describes you as rude, obnoxious, loud, unprofessional and generally acting like the south end of a north-bound horse. I choose to believe them.”

Watkins was served with the charges last week. The charges undermine Watkins’ claim that his infamous outburst at Hage for his alleged involvement in the publication of pictures of the judge’s house in the newspaper.

Watkins apologized for using “earthy language” but insists that it is done “to make a point.” The question of course is the point. For the Judiciary Disciplinary Counsel the point has more to do with Watkins’ temperament and his suitability for the bench.

Source: Daily Mail as first seen on ABA Journal

20 thoughts on “Controversial West Virginia Judge Faces New Charges”

  1. I have been in municipal courts where judges were unhinged and clearly mentally ill. It took many many years until I finally heard the judge was removed or ‘retired.’

  2. We have a case that involves a quiet businessman who is being manhandled by the Fed Court. 2 Judges are dong everything in their power to illegally hold this businessman in contempt of court, have taken many of his civil rights away, threatened him with jail or death. Lawyers and judges conspiring and holding ex parte meetings and accusing this man of vexatious litigation when it is the court that has fired any attorney hired. Now the businessman is prohibited by court order to hire an attorney to defend himself. Please read about this on
    and a video

  3. I salute the memory of Judge McGettrick of Cuyahoga county, also sheriff at one time though I can’t remember in what order.

  4. Judge Watkins obviously didn’t study or learn what Socrates said about judges:

    Socrates said: “Four things belong to a judge; to HEAR courteously; to ANSWER wisely; to consider soberly; and to decide impartially.”

  5. First the judge says if the man opens his mouth he is going to jail, and the next thing you know the person is going to jail anyway. The judge is divided against himself. The judge has a debt of death to his body holding a debt over the d head of another that cannot pay. Court has no mercy in it..The Judge is being unfriendly,and froward. That to God is being abominable. The man being yelled at is meek. The Judge will not let the man explain that he gets little to eat. 10:47 Judge is l a liar. Judge asked the man to speak, Judie saying lets hear it, and then says he did not tell him he could speak 11;36.
    The legal system is anti Christ from the get go.
    Jail is a tool.Jesus never used.

  6. AY thats very disappointing to hear. I bet I saw 2 dozen judges over the course of my youth & I never saw one that behaved badly. I admired their cool rational handling of disputes so much I really wanted to be one.

    As an adult I have been on a couple of juries so I have not seen many judges in action. I assume they are capable of any human frailty but I thought the bad ones got weeded out.

  7. Rafflaw, you have not been to court much in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I take it? OK stay up there in the chilly midwest, then.

  8. I like him. Maybe he needs the “salty” words to get his point across.
    Maybe because he is in West Virginia “redneck country” that
    everyone can have free shots of him. Leave him alone.
    I have a relative in West Virginia studying.

  9. I can’t help it. This one is FUNNY to me! I guess after most of the other horrible things we see, this one just cracked me up! It IS rather Judge Joeish (well, Judge Joe’s language is not quite that earthy on TV)!

  10. People say it takes a special person to be a cop, but I think a judge takes someone REALLY special.

    I know I could never do it.

    Watched a judge give a speech to a guy that this was a preliminary hearing & not the trial, etc etc and then asked if he understood. (He didn’t)

    So the next person comes up & gets the same speech AGAIN. (I guess they weren’t paying attention)

    You won’t believe this, but 20 people later & he’s STILL having to give the same speech again!!!!

    I think I was starting to have a allergic reaction to these people….LoL

  11. AY, yes yes, and it’s rare they get disciplined for it. Quote from the late Honorable Lewis Friedman, NY Supreme Court: “The way I look at it, you phuck me, I phuck you whoever phucks last wins.”

  12. I used to hang around the courthouse when my dad was there on business and saw a lot of courtroom stuff. I have always said that there is judge who would behave a Joke Judy does and that she is really a horrible representative of the profession.

    I guess I was wrong about the first part. This guy is worse because he actually is a judge.

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