Karzai’s Bag Men: CIA Promises To Continue Monthly Cash Deliveries To Karzai

225px-hamid_karzai_2004-06-14250px-SeabagWe previously discussed how the CIA has delivered millions in cash in bags to the office of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Karzai’s family and friends are have been denounced as openly corrupt. Despite these reports of grotesque corruption, the money continues to flow into Karzai’s pockets even as he attacks the U.S. and Americans as “demons”, and moves to shift alliances to Iran and China. The news of the CIA’s bag men produced outrage among many, but once again the objections over the corruption and waste in this country has no effect on the CIA. Karzai insisted that the cash keep flowing and even went public to say that the CIA assured him that the deliveries to him would continue regardless of the objections of U.S. citizens.

Karzai appears to have been irate at the thought that the CIA cash bags would stop and he is so immune from any standards of decency or legality that he went public to declare victory over public objections. Karzai declared “Yes, we received cash from the CIA for the past 10 years. It was very useful, and we are very thankful for this aid.” Of course, Afghanistan has received billions in “aid” — much of which simply “disappeared.” Karzai added that “Yesterday, I thanked the CIA’s chief in Kabul and I requested their continued help, and they promised that they will continue.”

Karzai simply dismissed objections to the overt corruption perpetrated by the CIA and himself. He insisted “[t]his is not unusual” and “[t]his is the choice of the American government.”

It certainly is not “unusual” for Karzai and his corrupt family. So let’s catch up. Karzai has praised the Taliban and called the U.S. as “demons.” He is working with Iran and asking China to come into this country as a new ally. His government is denying rights to women and religious minorities. Corruption is open and grotesque. The response of the CIA is to openly continue deliveries of cash in suitcases and the Administration continues to lose American lives and billions of dollars to prop up this government.

It has long been evident that the opposition of the public to this war and the outcry over corruption is meaningless. We appear to have no effect on policy even when it comes to the obscene delivery of millions of cash to Karzai. The public and American values be damned.

Source: CNN

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    One of the most important issues today is the war in Afghanistan-Pakistan and the fact that US
    Military Aid to Pakistan is being used to fund the Pakistani ISI which is in turn funding Taliban
    and Al Quada fighters. While this has been reported sporadically in the media for whatever
    reason political pundits on the left and right have effectively ignored this issue.

    Joe Klein in an article for Time, August 9, 2010, p. 19, has written an article that every American
    citizen should go to their library and read, he writes,

    “The commanders are unanimous in their belief that the ISI is running the show….And so,
    despite professions of alliance with the US by Pakistan’s then dictator Pervez Musharraf, a
    decision was made to keep the Taliban alive. A spigot of untargeted military aid from the George
    W. Bush Administration helped fund the effort. A commander of the vicious Haqqani Taliban
    network tells Waldman that their funding comes from ‘the Americans–from them to the
    Pakistani military, and then to us.’ Waldman reports that the commander receives from the
    Pakistanis ‘a reward for killing foreign soldiers, usually $4000 to $5000 for each soldier killed'”.

    American tax dollars if not directly, then indirectly are being used to fund the Taliban and put
    a bounty on American boys and girls head… Makes one wonder why the establishment right
    or left is not reporting on this? If the right is covering for
    the mistakes of the Bush administration…why is the establishment left not reporting on this???
    …this is the most important issue of the day…we will never win a war where if not directly then
    indirectly the US is funding the opposition!!!!

    woody voinche

  2. No Win War???

    The New American for November 9, 2009, has an interesting article on General Barry McCaffrey’s statement that the US “faces 10 more years of war in Afghanistan” and that the US should “focus upon a long and expensive nation-building process for Afghanistan’s tribal culture.” There seems to be a mindset in the establishment for the US to maintain a long term presence in the MidEast.

    For a long time, the US has operated in the region through hidden agendas. In his book, The New World Order, Mr. Pat Robertson, states that George Bush 1 suggested that the fate of Kuwait was not the main issue, “launching the New World Order was the main thing.” Mr. Robertson further writes, “By words and by silence, the United States flashed Saddam Hussein a green light” … to move into Kuwait and suggests this was used as a pretext for the 1st Gulf War…the implication is that Saddam was entraped with Green Light Diplomacy but there was a much larger agenda(hidden) for moving against Hussein………..

    For the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the evidence suggests that the US and its allies are not doing all that can be done to win this war and there is some agenda for prolonging this conflict.

    The Advocate quotes Hillary Clinton(Dec. 7, 2009, p. 5A), stating it is “hard to believe” that no one in Islamabad knows where the al-Qaida leaders are hiding and couldn’t get them “if they really wanted to.”

    In the aftermath of 9.11, the bombing of the wrong escape route out of Afghanistan into Pakistan and the nighttime airlift by the US of the Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives that were allowed to escape(The New Yorker, Jan 28, 2002, p. 36); Gary Berntsen, the head of the CIAs team at Tora Bora said they tracked bin Laden and (he) “…could have been caught.”(Newsweek, Aug 15, 2005, p. 5); There is evidence that the Pakistani ISI is funding the Taliban and knows where they live but dont arrest them.(Time, Nov. 29, 2004, p. 44)

    There is a strategy by the Pakistani government “…which pays tribes and insurgent networks to attack each other with a goal of preventing any one group from getting too strong”.(US News, Oct 13/Oct 20, 2008, p. 24)(a strategy used by the Brits) Pakistani Ambassador, Haqqani presents evidence in his book that the Pakistani military and ISI make “…the pretense of arresting militants in order to get funds from Washinton. But it never shut down the networks.”(Newsweek, May 11/May 18, 2009, p. 29)

    The CIA never takes a junior partner role with any of these groups and we have to assume wants this to continue. The New York Times(Oct. 27, 2009) reports that Karzai’s brother is on the CIAs payroll and is a suspected player in the opium trade which finances the Taliban.

    All of this only contributes to a more chaotic situation which feeds a hidden agenda for a “no win war” and prolonged conflict at the expense of American boys and girls lives!!

  3. CIA gives cash to Karzai, political elite, and warlords…

    if you control the flow of money,
    if you control the flow of opium,
    if you control the flow of arms,
    to all sides…
    if you have superior military technology…
    (drones that can read the license plate on the back of a vehicle at
    25000 feet; with infrared capability and prevent mass formation of
    troops… And identify those who are placing IEDs and roadside bombs
    *when the NSA had identified Bin Ladens phone number–00873-682505331—and was able “…to secretly eavesdrop on it as the signals transited communications satellites.” (James Bamford, A Pretext For War, Doubleday, p. 163)
    *when the FBI, CIA, NSA had bugged the phone of Ahmed al Hada which was the main center where he would resend information from al qaeda operatives around the world to Bin Laden.(Newsweek, Junde 10, 2002, p. 25)

    then who is in control and is managing the chaos and the no win war ????

  4. So where are all the Obama worshipers when this story breaks? How about the Bengazi cover up to get the election won? He’s better they all say . . . He’s different they all say. This is just one more piece of evidence that he is a completely corrupt narcissistic sociopath – just like George Bush. They are the same.

    For those of you out there continuing to labor under the belief that Obama is any different than Bush, check out Mike Spindell’s excellent blog post from a few days ago. Bush and Obama, and all of those who preceded them in recent history worked for the same masters and suffered from the same mental illnesses – narcissism with extreme antisocial personality disorder.

    In short, they believe the ends justify the means because they are so much better than all of the rest of us – they don’t spend much time even considering our existence – except how it suits their ambitions. They will send hundreds of thousands to war for purely political reasons, watch them die, without a second thought.

  5. If want to ensure that Morroco Bamas’s policies continue on – then vote for HILLARY! in 2016. Or, for the GOP candidate.

  6. And the rightwing drumbeat for intervention in Syria gets louder. The problem is the pretext, chemical weapons- WMD’s, may have be used by rebels, the people that we would enter the fray on the side of. The US position today is that it is Assad using chemical weapons and the UN is not correct. The UN has started to backpedal. I’m wondering if the debate on getting out of Afghanistan will be ended before we are embroiled in Syria.

    “U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator”

  7. We should leave NOW! Not tomorrow, not next week. NOW! But it is not enough for us to rant on this web site. Write your congressman (small c) and senators (small s). Tell them you are outraged that they (yes they) appropriated money to do this.

  8. One cannot buy loyalty from pirates. The territory of Afghanistan is not a “country”, not a nation state and we must pull out now. The territory is in China’s backyard and Russia’s backyard. Let us worry about Mexico and let them worry about the pirates. Do not let anyone get on a plane at Logan Airport in Boston with box cutters–whether they wear turbins or not.

    The C.I.A. is not doing this without the Administrations support. Send this blog to your Congressman.

  9. Why are we there again…. Oh yeah…. To give the damned our money….. And oil…. And minerals…. And….

  10. Before Karzai there was the Taliban who were told “we are going to do thus and such … play along and you will have plenty of money, resist us and we will bomb you out of existence …”

    Obviously they were not kidding as the Taliban evidently surmised.

    Karzai was approached with the same message and made a different choice.

    As I mentioned about General Smedley above, 11 years after his speech in D.C. a guy wrote a book in 1944 which described the same thing happening then:

    The enemy aggressor is always pursuing a course of larceny, murder, rapine and barbarism. We are always moving forward with high mission, a destiny imposed by the Deity to regenerate our victims, while incidentally capturing their markets; to civilise savage and senile and paranoid peoples, while blundering accidentally into their oil wells.

    (Myth Addiction Is Establishment’s LSD, quoting 1944 book “As We Go Marching”). Sound familiar?

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