Team Masseur Blocks Game Winning Goal In Brazil To Allow His Team To Advance To Finals

split-1-522x293I have previously discussed how I continue to be mystified by how international soccer is managed as with the long resistance to using basic technology to confirm goals. The recent controversy out of Brazil however leaves me stunned by how these rules often ignore the obvious. In this case, the team’s masseur with Aparecidence snuck on to the field and saved a certain score in a semi-final play-off — resulting in Aparacidence winning the game and moving on toward the finals.

The score was 2-2 when the opposing team Tupi moved toward a last minute score. The masseur then ran on the pitch and blocked two goal-bound shots. Notably, none of the officials took any action and the masseur just grabbed his bag and ran from the field (being chased by some of the Tupi team).

Since the game was left as a tie at 2-2, Aparecidence was declared the winner since they were the away team. What is striking is that this was an employee of Aparecidence and not some deranged fan. Since it was clear that it would have been a goal, shouldn’t there be some equitable ruling. Even if they are not going to count the goal, they could at least waive the away team status. It seems that soccer needs a principle of respondeat superior where a team is responsible for the actions of its employees. It is clear from the video below that both kicks would have been scores for Tupi.

What do you think should be done in such circumstances?

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  1. I love people who don’t get soccer yet try and tell people how boring soccer is. And when you point out that they don’t get it, they get all bent out of shape claiming that they get but they just don’t like it. and then they say something stupid that reinforces that they don’t get it.

    DD is a classic example. The offside rule INCREASES goal scoring opportunities. But you don’t understand it and you think it keeps goal scorers away from the net. Just a foolish comment.

  2. If you don’t play by the rules, then you CHEATED, and haven’t “won” anything….and have lost the respect of the spectators….

  3. That video is one of the most disturbing sports scenes I have ever seen. I was amazed that even though the employee was not supposed to be on the field and was not a player, he made a point of stopping the goal attempts with his feet and kept his hands behind him!

  4. “Many many people in the world do not agree with these negative comments.”

    As is their prerogative.

  5. Obviously the most fit athletes are those who play Australian Rules Football. They play on a cricket oval, play does not stop, even for injuries, there are only 4 interchanges for 18 on-field positions, and the teams have the option to ‘play on’ rather than accept a called penalty.

    But the point i was making about soccer is that the matches are fixed, and the game is designed to make fixing easier. The fact that the game is also crap is neither here nor there.

    No sport where integrity is a consideration would allow rules that allow for such blatant interference. It is _obvious_ that the Tupi player attempting to score was violating the 2-2 preset result. This interference can be allowed to stand only if money (and perhaps gangland violence) is the main consideration. If integrity were even allowed into the stadium, Aparacidence would forfeit the game.

  6. What should be done? In North American football, if anyone on the sidelines interferes with the play on the field, a touchdown is awarded automatically. In the case of World football (aka soccer), what’s wrong with awarding an automatic goal in that situation?

    Unfortunately, that’s not an option for the ref, although abandoning the game or ruling it forfeit is an option. He probably should have done that.

  7. Soccer is certainly one of the most grueling physical sports. However, the players aren’t constantly running..they get brief respites when the ball is down field. Basketball is just as grueling IMO. However, besides the obvious long distance running, triathalons, etc. I think boxing is the most grueling of all sports. I was involved w/ Golden Gloves amateur boxing and have been to many pro bouts. The real boxers, and there are few now, are incredibly conditioned athletes.

  8. Sunny, My son was born in Colombia. He has soccer in his blood. He loves soccer and I love him. I watched more than a hundred matches. I understand the sport. I want to love it. It’s just not there.

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