Illinois Police Throw Woman Face First Into Concrete Bench Then Charge Her With Resisting Arrest

CassandraFeuerstein-300x171There is a disturbing video out of Skokie, Illinois where Cassandra Feuerstein is shown being thrown face first into a concrete bench by officers after her arrest for DUI. Feuerstein, 47, is suing for the alleged abuse, which included four deputies stripping her and leaving her in a cell without her clothes. Several bones were broken in her face.

Feuerstein was arrested for DUI after officers found her pulled over at the side of the road and asleep behind the wheel. The video below shows a calm Feuerstein who asks to call her husband and kids. Officer Michael Hart calls her out of the cell, and less than 20 seconds later, the video shows Hart throwing the 110-pound woman back into the cell — face-first into a cement bench.

A police report says that Feuerstein was not looking at the camera when being processed and then charged her with resisting arrest while being brought back to the cell. The subsequent charge raises obvious concerns. We have previously seen where, after an abusive arrest or seizure of property, police will add charges against the alleged victim. Notably, in this case, the State’s Attorney later dropped the resisting arrest charges and Feuerstein pleaded guilty to drunk driving. What is not clear is if the prosecutors saw this video and failed to take any actions. There is no report of any discipline for the officers.

The police report states that the resisting arrest charge was based on the grounds that Feuerstein “knowingly resisted … in that she pulled away from (the officer) and placed both her hands on the sides of the cell door all in an attempt to not be placed into the holding cell.” That charge appears entirely spurious and abusive and reads like a transparent effort to coerce a victim into silence in hopes of a plea deal. Yet, again, the officer does not appear to have been disciplined and the prosecutors took no action other than dropping the obviously baseless charge.

Neither the police chief nor the city would make any comment. The pictures and video below however speak for themselves.


Source: NBC

88 thoughts on “Illinois Police Throw Woman Face First Into Concrete Bench Then Charge Her With Resisting Arrest

  1. Disgusting.

    We all express outrage and then nothing – silence, or at best a small payment with taxpayer money and the cops stay on the street (with guns).

    Starting to feel cynical about the democratic process.

  2. The war is home. These are tactics used on detainees. No charges is also SOP. We are a police state where the weak are harmed and the strong do as they please.

  3. No one cares about what happens to people who are in jail or prison, because “they deserve whatever they get.” It is sickening that officers can behave this way with impunity.

  4. Too many unworthy people are deemed “authority”. Peace officers are not meant to create laws, they are paid to abide by and encourage others to do the same. I am so disgusted with the frequency of this happening! Imagine how the cops that are doing their job correctly feel.

    It is on video, undeniable! Fire and charge each one of these wolves in sheeps clothing immediately!

  5. Just to keep perspective, these incidents are isolated. This kind of behavior is not tolerated in any of the law enforcement agencies I consult with. Just this week, a local deputy sheriff was arrested and charged with violence. Two weeks ago, a correctional officer was arrested. New hires are warned there are cameras everywhere, and if they do something stupid, there will be consequences.

    It is said a fish rots from the head down. Some agencies are a moral pigsty from the top down. We only have to look to Oakland for a horrible example, where it starts in the Mayor’s office.

  6. Steve Fleischer – not cynical with democracy Steve, just those who abuse it. One day we may learn not to put animals in positions of power and authority, right up to and including the White House.

  7. The world’s largest and worst street gang of thugs commits another crime. And the gang members who did it won’t see a day in prison because they have undeserved immunity from prosecution.

    If the woman has managed to throw one of the pi…uh, “cops” into that concrete bench and caused the same damage, she wouldn’t have survived the night.

  8. Ron –

    Don’t call them animals. Few animals act vindictively or deliberately try to cause harm to other animals for amusement. Most harm that animals cause is for food and territory, not because of sociopathic behaviour.

  9. ddickerson2013 –
    “It is on video, undeniable! Fire and charge each one “

    Do you mean fire them out of a cannon at a brick wall? Sadly, we can’t. But if they got the longest sentence possible for aggravated assault and attempted murder, to be served consecutively, that would suffice.

    If “cops” expect civilians to get longer sentences for crimes committed against “cops”, then the boys with blue balls should get longer sentences too. They know what the law is and are supposed to uphold it, so when they violate it, they’re worse than the criminals and should be punished similarly.

    If you or I get a year for something, give the “cop” five. If we get eight for manslaughter, the “cop” should be executed. Fair’s fair.

  10. “Just to keep perspective, these incidents are isolated. This kind of behavior is not tolerated in any of the law enforcement agencies I consult with.”


    I don’t doubt you, nor do I think most police officers act like this. The problem though remains that the “blue wall of silence” extends to the good police officers everywhere who don’t speak up when stories like this come to pass. Like any profession that gives one instant authority, judges perhaps, a certain thuggish element is attracted to it and those that care to do their jobs correctly must speak out against those who besmirch their profession.

  11. Here, there was one officer who used a ridiculous amount of force, and a couple more officers with information suggesting that no such force would have been needed as the woman was basically cooperative. In the agencies I represent, each of those officers would have written a report concerning this incident. I wonder what they say. Until both the misbehaving officer and untruthful observing officers are disciplined every time, the abuse by law enforcement officers will continue.

    It is perfectly human to get irritated, but there are certain jobs in which such irritation cannot be permitted to affect how the person responds on the job. Law enforcement officer and judge are two of those jobs. Officers who lack the control necessary should be moved on to careers which are more appropriate for them.

  12. It is perfectly normal. This is exactly what happens when a society has a breakdown of the rule of law. We now have rule by law. From top to bottom law enforcement is uparmored and ready to kick around our citizens. They well understand that the DOJ and this administration, like the one before it, will do nothing to protect citizens from abuse. That’s why we don’t have prosecutions for torture and abuse overseas or at home.

    There are many good police people, but like other good people in these difficult jobs, their voices of sanity are being ground to dust.

  13. Another “Village” police department adding additional charges to cover the fact that the woman received extensive injuries while in custody. I wonder which supervising officer approved the arrest and the additional charges. I wonder how long it took to provide medical treatment. I wonder how many officers saw the naked woman with the broken face in her cell before she was released. Did it take more than one officer to strip her? The Chief is refusing to comment.

    It’ll all come out in depositions and, if correctly handled by her attorney, might even travel up the ladder to the State’s Attorney .

  14. … plpp_video
    “Just to keep perspective, these incidents are isolated. This kind of behavior is not tolerated in any of the law enforcement agencies I consult with.”


    OS, I don’t doubt you but I ran across this video a year or two ago and it was hard not to vomit. Granted some of the attacks were from other countries but most were here in the USA. The attacks extend to school security; private security for shoplifters, etc.

  15. “Feuerstein was arrested for DUI after officers found her pulled over at the side of the road and asleep behind the wheel.”

    So, now you can be charged with DRIVING under the influence while
    ASLEEP in a PARKED CAR at the side of the road.

    Is this the standard now needed for a DUI? Being asleep in a parked car? I mean, even if your BAC is above the legal limit, you’re not technically driving if you are asleep in a parked car. Are you?

    Did they have to wake her up to cuff her?

  16. Previously I mentioned someone who was charged with resisting arrest for asking “for what” in response to a “you’re under arrest”. No one wanted to have a trial but the defendant wasn’t going to plead guilty to something he didn’t do. He pleaded to something akin to “no contest”. The explanation was: it wasn’t a guilty plea but that there is enough evidence to convict. The evidence was the report from the lying cop and presumably, from his back-up-the-lie partner. Sentencing hasn’t happened yet.

  17. The corporations in charge of our politicians are working overtime to privatize the police forces (and fire fighters) which will make all this abuse even worse. At least, we the public, now have some kind of oversight over the abusers within the police. Privately funded police, as with privately funded soldiers, won’t have oversight at all!

  18. Max-1, in a similar vein: “It’s hardly news that the Obama administration is intensely and, in many respects, unprecedentedly hostile toward the news-gathering process. Even the most Obama-friendly journals have warned of what they call “Obama’s war on whistleblowers”. James Goodale, the former general counsel of the New York Times during its epic fights with the Nixon administration, recently observed that “President Obama wants to criminalize the reporting of national security information” and added: “President Obama will surely pass President Richard Nixon as the worst president ever on issues of national security and press freedom.”

    Still, a new report released today by the highly respected Committee to Protect Journalists – its first-ever on press freedoms in the US – powerfully underscores just how extreme is the threat to press freedom posed by this administration. Written by former Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie, Jr., the report offers a comprehensive survey of the multiple ways that the Obama presidency has ushered in a paralyzing climate of fear for journalists and sources alike, one that severely threatens the news-gathering process.”

  19. Blood boiling.

    I know this is a ridiculous suggestions, but what if we had an “Eye for an Eye” provision in the law, that permitted victims like Mrs. Feuerstein to demand that her attacker must likewise suffer a smashed face; or perhaps more significant, what if Mrs. Feuerstein could demand that the WIFE or DAUGHTER of the cop that assaulted her would have to take that punishment.

    Would cops might think twice if they knew what they do onto others might quite literally be done onto themselves, or worse, onto their MOST beloved? If that doesn’t do it, we could go after the cop’s supervisor, or HIS wife.

  20. Isolated incident yes; but out of control if this cop is still in uniform. I’m guessing the other officers on shift were intimidated into submission by this ogre.

  21. Having living in Skokie growing up, this video is especially disgusting to me. I have made a couple of “visits” to this station in my younger days and even then this kind of brutal assault would not have been allowed. This officer and every officer on the Village of Skokie police force who is hiding the facts should be immediately terminated.
    It seems obvious from the video that the officer got frustrated because a drunk woman was having a hard time looking right at the booking camera. If this officer is does not get terminated and indicted for assault, something is really wrong in my home town.

  22. Big beasty males assaulting a woman. They need to be beat to a pulp. No civil suit, no criminal charges. Just someone beat each one involved to a pulp. Men who beat up women. What lowlifes.

  23. This abominable police brutality is but a symptom of a much larger problem: authoritarianism, or as I sometimes call it, brutalitarianism. This is not a Democrat or Republican problem–but a national problem at the highest levels of government. What can you expect from a nation that elects politicians that actually give a standing ovation for the Washington D.C. police shooting an unarmed black woman? And I mention the race of the woman because you won’t hear a peep of disapproval from racists Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. They are also part of the problem.

  24. Check this comment posted on the NBC story…

    I hope that her attorney noticed that Officer Hart intentionally placed his left foot in front of her client’s in order to intentionally cause her to trip and fall when he shoves her forward.

    That he knowingly and willfully intended to cause her to injure herself in the fall is also indicated by the fact that he was holding her arms locked behind her when he launched her forward in her stocking feet on a painted cement floor, where she would have had almost zero traction. Anyone having experience of working in a detention facility would know what would happen under the conditions involved when he shoved her forward with such velocity, proving that Officer Hart acted with the specific intent of making her fall head-first like that. This was nothing less than aggravated assault, possibly even attempted murder, by the officer with an avenue of plausible deniability in order to avoid punishment for his actions.

    He knew full well what the outcome of his actions would be, just not necessarily the level of actual injury, but his actions were absolutely intentional and specifically directed at causing serious bodily injury or death.

    … Death.

    When you place someone under arrest, you strip away their ability to physically care for themselves in almost every way. You must take onto yourself that responsibility. Remember, this is an INVOLUNTARY condition. Then going out of your way to INFLICT that bodily harm.


  25. Neither the police chief nor the city would make any comment.

    Of course not, if they don’t immediately condemn the act, then you can bet they will shut up or say it will all come out in court…when they KNOW it won’t even go to court, and they will be denying FOIA requests until the case is settled by their insurance company, who will not even take that chance with that much evidence in a trial. (They then can blame the insurance company)

    So the taxpayers will take a big hit, either for the suit or the raise in insurance, and the cops will hope it quietly goes away.

    And if you keep on them when the case is finally settled, (after years), they try to say it’s an “old” case & settled, so move along…there’s nothing to see here…

    It was the same way in the Hope Steffey case.

  26. What a Manly thing to do– beat up a woman.
    Can someone send these creeps in Skokie this blog so that they read what we have to say?
    Where is Skokie, anyway?

    I’m just an oakie from Skokie
    We just live off farts and LSD.
    Some fools listen to our stories…
    Bigger lies have fallen on deaf ears.

    Oh, I’m just an oakie from Skokie..
    Illinois ain’t got nuthin but mean men.
    We can whip,,, kids, puppies and women…
    Ethics ain’t got no traction way out here.

    [to the tune of Oakie From Miskogie.]

  27. Skokie is not all that far in miles from Park Forest where the police shot and killed a 95 year old WWII veteran in his nursing home room with a taser and then a shotgun and killed him. See the article on this Turleyblog.

    What is it with the runts in Chitown?

  28. This video is damning to the officer who pushed her. He should be “toast”. She appears to have a “civil” suit against the officer, the entire chain-of-command, and the city. Sh doesn’t need to be the additional victim of a coverup.
    They should NOT be able to keep her from suing them with some BS about “public” immunity since as of the FALL of 2012 there was an NC case where Rodney Dale Class prosecuted his own case as a “private attorney general (PAG)” under an 1866 law of the Federal Act and won his initial case and prevailed in the appeal the result of which places almost everyone in government, elected office, agencies, police, etc. in the “private” and NOT the “public”!. Because they operate in the “private” they possess NO “public” immunity from prosecution and can be sued in the “private” without permission for ALL their “stuff”.
    Because the case was won initially and then prevailed in the appeal it can now be cited in court. Had they not appealed it could not have been cited but since they did …..
    Happy hunting!

  29. im sorry os i respect your opinions and definitely the facts that you post the majority but this is not a isolated incident. unless you meant for that precinct then its still not isolated the below link is a site dedicated to the crimes committed by cops that the lame stream media will never tell us..

    and lets not leave out the fact that we now have a cop posted on the front page of all lame stream media for attempting to break the window of the suv containing Mr lien and his family… he’s a black cop so he was marched into the court house/room alone and like the perp he is.

    until the people wake up and begin to understand that the irs is a illegal entity set up to rob us to pay the rich. then this will continue to happen. because it isnt coming out of their pockets. and in todays society they no longer even pretend like they are going to discipline the criminals uh i mean cops.!!!!

    come on now there is a reason israeli military members are training our cops and we all know the truth. the crooked cops are meant to shut us up and keep us from defending our rights and freedoms.. what gets me is these stupid axx cops don’t realize they are hated just as much if not more then us civilians because they have turned against their fellow americans. and are wholly owned by the real crooks. who still won’t allow them the pay they so called deserve for putting OUR LIVES on the line its no more about cops putting their lives on the line. but oh boy when the day comes that karma reminds them of who and what they truly are!!!!!! PUNKS IN UNIFORMS WITH A GUN AND BADGE…

  30. Would love to see that S.O.B. try that crap with me. Bet his mommy is real proud of her coward as* son assaulting a helpless woman.

  31. Her federal civil suit against the igPays can be grounded upon one of the federal civil rights acts. A person who is a cop is a “state actor” and if he/she violates the civil rights of a person then they can be liable under Title 42 of United States Code Section 1983. If you sue for conspiracy against the perps who conspired, even by their silence and coverup for each other, you can allege Section 1985(3). You can get punitive damages. You can sue the City involved but not the State sovereign if it is state igPays. You can not get punitive damages against a municipality. Monnell doctrine. You can also get attorneys fees paid on top of nominal damages, actual damages, punitive damages. Section 1988.

    But, this part of Illinois is becoming a Pirate Territory and the lord only knows what kind of treatment one would get in a federal court there suing opCays and city officials. Nothing has been done to the igPays who murdered the 95 year old WWII veteran in his own room at his nursing home when he refused some medical treatment. They said he was armed with a shoe horn and so they tased him and then shot him in the stomach with a shotgun. Park Forest, IL, not far from Skokie in the Greater Chicago area.
    That story was on this blog.

  32. BarkinDog,
    Just a little geography for you. Park Forest is not close to Skokie. Skokie is just north of the city limits of Chicago, while Park Forest is a far south suburb. I could take you 1-2 hours by car, depending on traffic to get to Park Forest from Skokie. It is approximately 45-50 miles.

  33. Once again the Gestapo cops brutalize an American citizen. These fascist goons should be fired and prosecuted for violation of the woman’s civil rights.

  34. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. If that cop did that to my wife or daughter, even my friend, it would be me facing charges next because I would beat that MF badly. The cops mentality in this country is disgusting

  35. That Policeman was wrong shoving that Women in too that hard bench. It was in call for. At lest I’m not too stupit too do a thing like that! He must hate Women.

  36. Skokie and Park Forest are both in Cook County and of course both are under the same federal prosecutor. Neither case will get a look from either a County Grand Jury or a Federal Grand Jury and all perps will keep on keepin on in Chi Town.

  37. The cops in Park Forest who murdered the 95 year old WWII vet because he did not want to go to a doctor are the worst person this blog in a year.

  38. LK

    so a u s city operates an intelligence organization outside the jurisdiction of not only their city limits, but outside the state where the city is located?

    my question would be, have they gone international yet?

    this would be a great topic for a guest blogger (hint,hint,hint).

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  40. What bothers me most is all these comments. I saw ONE monster throw that woman into the bench and then at least FIVE heroes, gently handle the situation, getting her onto a gurney for proper medical treatment. One man even cradled her comfortingly in his arms, which is how a MAN handles a woman who has been badly hurt.

    I saw way more heroes than monsters and no appreciation for righteousness. How can we POSSIBLY handle the few rogue cops if we have no appreciation for the good ones?

  41. An average person on the street would be charged with assault and battery of high and aggravated nature with a sentence of 10 years in prison for broken bones. He pull her arms back and launched her forward. He deserves to be fired and charges brought!

  42. Don’t blame the police or authoritarianism for these incidents. Blame movies and the moviemakers. This scene from A Clockwork Orange (1971), based on the novel by Anthony Burgess, is responsible for the police acting the way they do. When scenes like this are shown in movies, the police are compelled to replicate them. (However, interestingly, the police are not compelled to replicate acts of kindness and valor in the line of duty when those scenes are shown in the movies, for some unknown reason.)

  43. Photina, what heroes? I didn’t see any heroes. Which one of those heroes promptly arrested the person who assaulted the woman? Which one of the heroes suspended the person without pay who assaulted the woman, to ensure this would not happen to someone else?

    Seems to me your heroes were just working to protect one of their own. Nothing more.

  44. A real tough guy throwing a 100 pound woman into a concrete slab.

    This thug needs to go to Prison for a while and he can show how tough he is with the guys he’ll be having lunch with.

    As for hero’s – we’ll see how they testify when they take the witness stand when this cop is charged.

    IMHO – it is just as likely that they realized this was ALL being filmed – they could do nothing about it and figured they better look as good as possible once the lawsuits started up.

  45. I’m so tired I have to rest before comment. I was picked up on a “Dolmestic” never been arrested in my life. I called because a 5 ft 11 50 pound ex boyfriend said he had a “scratch on his neck”. I had already reported as he hit my face and eye to the point of swollen.

    They came back and arrested me (a single mother) who is 5’2 and 110 pounds. I was forced to drink toliet water and have low blood sugar so barely survied was was dismissed.

    They handcuffed me and my children had to go to a neighbor who is a fireman. He was applalied at the incident. As I had reported the “beadbeat dad” prior and needed help.

  46. I forgot to say that after I way “let go” prior to blood pressure being in the 30/150 range I was threated to eat or I would continue to stay in a cell. I also begged the next day for sugar – it was past 12:00 and my case was dismissed with no bond.

    They threw me in yet another cell and I begged for juice with sugar as was having a seizure.

    Some girl, an inmate of some sorts tried to push her juice to me. I couldn’t reach it. After hours of screaming the man threw 3 packets of food on the floor for me to eat like a dog.

    Thankfully the sugar in the juice helped me until they released me with a complete dismissal and NO CHARGES.

    The woman who checked me in put her fingers in between my vagina lips. It was un real. DEAR GOD help these people.

  47. Not that it matters but he is a dead beat Dad and owes thousands in child support. He came charging at me and I tried to protect myself. He already had violated an order of protection. I have been examined by a doctor. He has a “scratch on his neck”.

    My children suffered and NO ONE listened to the event.

    So a man twice my size can physically assault me and as a protection he has a scratch on his neck. I can’t wait to get out of Niles. What an awful place to live.

  48. Here in America, we use tax money to pay the cops to beat, mame, and kill our citizens…..but god forbid we use tax money to provide basic healthcare to our citizens.

    Many jails are already privitized and the faceless investors are working hard to fill them. If you are too poor to hire a good lawyer you are screwed.

    Capitalism and lobbyists will be the downfall of this country. The government has been bought. Don’t blame Obama – this problem has been manifesting itself since this country was founded.

    Can you imagine a privitized Fire Station? Your house catches fire, but the firemen are not coming to put the fire out because you can’t afford to pay for their services. So your house burns down.

    The American Dream is dead.

  49. Oh my God! Oh my God! It almost ripped my heart out watching the stark county police officers males & females, forcibly remove Hope Steffey clothes in a jail cell. Left completely nude while different male police officers gawked at her and laughed. For some reason the female officers were sent away, leaving a naked woman with a pack of men.

    They even lead her around to booking in only a vest that covered her breasts. And her hands were behind her back at all times. After 6 hours she received her clothing. And that treatment is for pretty females who the officers deem as suicidal. 128 tiny females received that treatment because officers said they were suicidal.
    Um… Why haven’t police dept.’s acquired beds and chairs were “suicidal” individuals can be stapped into with their clothes on? Hospitals do it all the time.

    Now, this! I felt like throwing up after I saw this.

    1. I understand she was drunk.
    2. I understand she was pulled over to the side of the road sleeping in her car.
    3. I even understand that, her actions my have been slow towards what they wanted her to do but that’s to be expected, she’s drunk. According to them anyway.

    But what I don’t understand is why the officer felt such a need to throw her head first into the jail cell?

    Police officers are no longer hero’s to me. They are the monsters you should avoid at all costs. It’s so sad that the one organization that states, “We are here to protect and serve” are the ones you should fear the most.

    I never understood why people from other countries fear the police. Now I do.

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