The Purging of Professor Gruber: ACA Architect Disavowed In The Beltway

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.45.49 AMPelosi-denies-Gruber-2014nov-fullIt appears that friends (albeit a dwindling number) of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber may soon have to put his face on milk cartons to locate the economist. After a series of frank but embarrassing statements on the strategies behind the Administration’s passage of the Affordable Car Act (ACA), Gruber has moved from the status of “disfavored” to “disavowed” to “disappeared.” This week, Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi expressed a complete lack of knowledge of who Gruber is, was, or will be — even though she previously cited his work and he was paid $400,000 as one of the architects of Obamacare and has made over $2 million from HHS. Such roles are often difficult for scholars in moving between the political and academic worlds, but it is rare to find an academic become such an issue in a national debate.

Gruber had already previously attracted controversy with statements where he endorsed the theory at the heart of the recent decisions in Halbig and King by challengers to the ACA: to wit, that the federal funding provision was a quid pro quo device to reward states with their own exchanges and to punish those that force the creation of federal exchanges. That issue will now be decided by the United States Supreme Court. Gruber caused uproar when, after he had denounced the theory as “nutty” during the arguments in Halbig and King, he was shown later to have embraced that same interpretation. Gruber has become a major liability in the litigation. Gruber then was back in the news with an equally startling admission that the Obama Administration (and Gruber) succeeded in passing the ACA only by engineering a “lack of transparency” on the details and relying on “the stupidity of the American voter.” Now a new videotape has surfaced from Gruber speaking at the University of Rhode Island in 2012 and expressing the same contempt for the intelligence of citizens — suggesting again that they were hoodwinked to “the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.” In another view taken from at an October 2013 event at Washington University in St. Louis, Gruber also refers to the “Cadillac tax,” and says “They proposed it and that passed, because the American people are too stupid to understand the difference.” His comments of working in Massachusetts (with Mitt Romney) are no less insulting to an array of people.

That is when the Beltway machine kicked into high gear to erase all memory of a professor named Gruber. If this trend continues, we will need dental records just to confirm his identity.

The Washington Post noted after Pelosi’s press conference that she cited Gruber’s work by name in support of Obamacare:

PELOSI: We’re not finished getting all of our reports back from CBO, but we’ll have a side by side to compare. But our bill brings down rates. I don’t know if you have seen Jonathan Gruber of MIT’s analysis of what the comparison is to the status quo versus what will happen in our bill for those who seek insurance within the exchange.

Her office also relied on Gruber when fighting to pass the law.

Before he was “disappeared,” he was widely cited as an architect of the act. The New York Times said in 2012:

After Mr. Gruber helped the administration put together the basic principles of the proposal, the White House lent him to Capitol Hill to help Congressional staff members draft the specifics of the legislation.

Nevertheless, the White House used an anonymous official to disavow Gruber’s role as an architect of the Act and insist that he never “worked in the White House” — a comment that may refer to the location of his actual desk.

He was widely sought as one of the architect of the law, which ultimately proved his undoing since many of these comments came in the same 2012-13 period. Supporters of the White House have even challenged the $400,000 figure paid out for Gruber. However, the Washington Post not only affirmed the figure used by Republicans but found that he had received $2 million on various contracts. Pretty good for a guy who must not now be named.

The tempest swirling around Gruber is difficult to watch. He is an accomplished scholar with a long list of accomplishments to his credit. The frankness with which he has spoken is a signature of an academic, though his view of the intelligence of the American people is quite shocking. It will remain a cautionary tale for those traveling between the academic and political worlds.

244 thoughts on “The Purging of Professor Gruber: ACA Architect Disavowed In The Beltway

  1. Nancy Pelosi should be an embarrassment to Dems and particularly Dem women. She is the Queen of Malapropism and must be Baghdad Bob’s sister. Pelosi is now fighting for her political life. Young Dems w/ actual intelligence want to kick her out of leadership. Tammy Duckworth is one. Duckworth is an Iraq war hero and @ age 46, pregnant. She asked the for the courtesy of a proxy vote since travelling is not prudent. This heartless,, power hungry, dumber than a bag of hammers woman did not allow it. Now, that is a War on Women.

  2. One consistent thing about socialists is that they really, really like redistributing income to themselves.

    What Jonathon Gruber has shown in the four videos made public this week is that he is very much in love with the cleverness of his own brain, and cannot but help telling anyone and everyone about it. He is an accomplished liar and proud of it. His wondrous brain has committed fraud on the American people (hereinafter called “The Stupids”) cleverly, oh so cleverly that he cannot keep quiet about it. His brain created a re-distribution that doesn’t look like a redistribution, because it is masked as a tax on the evil insurance companies for selling really good coverage to people who can afford to buy it. Such a smart brain. So agile.

    And poof! Gruber and is magical brain are now invisible! One can only fervently hope that they will magickally re-appear under oath in front of an angry congressional committee. Or maybe in the middle of a group of The Stupids who have peen forced onto ObamaCare and cannot get the life saving meds needed for their children’s cancer treatments…….

    Gruber and is yet-unrevealed ilk are the reason why every bill introduced in the House or the Senate should include a detailed listing of the names, titles, affiliations, bio, and credentials of every person involved in drafting said bill. that way when someone asks the question “Who wrote this piece of crap??” the answer is already baked into the bill.

    And maybe the sanctimonious pricks that use their wondrous brains to lie to The Stupids will think twice about having to be clever in a truly transparent environment.

  3. When they start scrubbing his image from the group photos we know there is a real problem. However, we knew this when it was happening and the dumb as rocks Democrats kept telling us we had to pass it to find out what was in it.

    BTW, has anyone done any studies on the long term effects of Botox on the brain. I think the injections Pelosi is getting is freezing more than just her face.

  4. Haz, Gruber encapsulates the smug, elitist, liberal. Obama is about to change the focus on him again by a lawless act. I saw Holder last night telling us an executive order is perfectly legal. He, the most illegal AG since John Mitchell. at least Holder doesn’t have a crazy and alcoholic wife.

  5. Isn’t it just a tad bit ironic that the people Gruber is calling stupid, are those who voted for, supported the bill and that would not be Republicans, it would be the Democrats. Republicans from the get-go knew this bill did not make sense, heck anyone with half a brain could figure out that you can’t cover more people for free, give other subsidies and somehow, through political, economic alchemy, it would cost less.

  6. “Isn’t it just a tad bit ironic that the people Gruber is calling stupid, are those who voted for, supported the bill and that would not be Republicans, it would be the Democrats.”

    It is indeed. But in the leftist mind, under no circumstances are they the stupid ones, ever. That’s always reserved for the “others”..

  7. It is interesting that Gruber is now “coming clean” although he was happy to go along with the conduct he is now disclosing. I have to ask who is paying him now. Now that doesn’t mean I am necessarily surprised at what he is saying, I am just wondering why it took him this long to find “religion”.

    As to comparing him with the “disappeared”, that is over the top and a bit offensive.

  8. Nick-Great point about Tammy Duckworth. I don’t agree with many of Representative Duckworth’s political positions, but there is no doubt that she is an absolute hero and a woman of vast intelligence. Could you imagine the uproar if Republicans refused to allow a pregnant member to vote by proxy? There would be wall-to-wall coverage on MSNBC about the war on women. But because Nancy Pelosi did it…crickets.

  9. Orwell would be so proud. The word parsing and double speak knows no limits. The “in your face” falsity, apparently justified by our “stupidity” open every action, every word, every intention of the progressive minds/powers that be to scrutiny. My dad used to tell me that alcoholics will steal your wallet and then offer to stay and help you look for it. Shoe fits.

  10. I think the more the Democrats responsible for the PPACA try to “erase” Gruber, the more noticeable he becomes. The effort will fail.

    Now that Harry Reid is soon bereft of his power in the Senate, my next wiosh is for Holder to just be gone…and the way to assure that sooner than later is to NOT block the appointment of his replacement….anyone will be better than Holder, virtually anyone. lf the Republicans are smart as they should be, they should know Holder’s replacement, even if Elmer Fudd, is NOT the right battle to pick, especially now. The replacement will be also gone in less than 2 years. So, hold their noses and confirm the new nomination by at least 80+ votes, with Republicans joining the Democrats in doing so…it will take away any air left in Harry Reid. Like, what can he say about a near unanimous confirmation?

    Next, don’t let Obama’s potential “Executive Amnesty” take center stage. Yes, make verbal objections, yada yada, but don’t go do anything futile in Congress…Harry Reid can still block it until January. After that, Congress can de-fund any aspect necessary to block it (problem here is the perpetuation of CR’s…which lets the President and executive Branch run amok anyway with 95% of last year’s funding levels, without accountability), and eventually can revoke all the features. Passing a real annual budget for 2016 is essential…if he objects, Obama is in the position of being the “man of no” from the new “party of no” in an election year.

    What I am suggesting is that Republicans lick only smart fights, a sort of rope a dope…doing what is unexpected by the liberals in DC… until January at least.

    I realize many will not agree with me. But I remain convinced Holder’s departure is essential literally as soon a possible and that won’t happen until the new nominee is confirmed. It is a temporary less that 2 year appointment. I also remain convinced letting Obama start a fight over his weird amnesty ideas only helps him…so don’t do it until January or later. He’s talking about temporary status for some 5 million…leaving the other 7 million hanging by their short hairs. I know a lot of Hispanics and they are smarter than many think they are…especially the White House. Take is ego out of the picture…the only reason he is acting on it now is because he disliked intensely losing his center stage role to the drubbing of 04 November…he just has to act out to regain center stage. He’s going to do it…don’t make it a victory, let it be passe’….it can be revoked in the new Congress. Come January send bills to the President and let him defend his “no” vote (veto) repeatedly…that’s “the new party of no.”

  11. I predict that Jonathan Gruber will join Obama/Reid/Pelosi to complete the Progressive “Mount Rushmore”. And his name will forever be associated with the “sausage-making” we call the legislative process. Bills will be defined as “grubered”, especially if anyone EVER suggests again that it must first be passed in order to find out what’s in it. Pelosi might want to forget Gruber but history won’t be kind to either of those two names.

  12. Very few of the congress people read the bills.There are so many cross references that one would need a library to do so. They rely on counsel to tell them what is in them.

  13. Kind of like when you ask a supposedly intelligent republican politician, one with perhaps several degrees and supposedly intelligent enough to get elected, excepting for straw men like the little doofus we had for President for eight years-you know the one that said he just wrote a book, and he or she replies, “I am not a scientist.” Any sixth grader could respond to the question regarding what 90% of the world’s scientists are saying, but not the republican politician who is in the pocket of big coal or big oil, or big anything. It’s kinda like that.

    However, if the republican politician or any politician for that matter, opted to use the science, then he or she would all of a sudden be intelligent enough to understand science right there on the spot.

    So what’s your point Turley?

  14. I don’t think Americans understand how deeply propagandized we are. Right now, because Democrats have “their” president in charge, they seem particularly loathe to believe that “their” leaders could possibly be lying to them. However I will also say that ordinary Republicans are falling for propaganda and are also loathe to understand this. For this reason I think all of us need to pay real and deep attention to Gruber.

    He is telling us what our dear leaders really think of us and how they manipulate us. How he is currently being handled by these dear leaders is also an important lesson for citizens.

    Many people keep defending the dear leaders and actions which are indefensible, actions which harm the interest of ordinary Americans. In order for this to happen, people have been fed incredible lies, repeated propaganda and suffer a lack of access to alternative reasoning in the public sphere.

    Gruber sounds odious, just as the people he works for do. But we should take a lesson from this. We are seeing what the elites really think of us and what they are really doing to us. If we will pay attention, we can stop giving credence to their lies and start working together for the good of ordinary people.

    Know your enemy.

  15. Elaine – Romneycare was transparent. The key take-aways to this are the lack of transparency and calling the Democrats stupid. And, now, of course, becoming a non-person.

  16. When we were in Alaska we saw grizzly bears feasting on salmon as they swam upstream. The cultists, trying to cover this Grubergate, remind me of those salmon.

  17. The democrats are like Detective Drebin in the Naked Gun.

    Nothing to see here!!! Nothing to see here!!!! Please disburse.

  18. Aridog, Great to see you back in the mix. Great comment. I have said many times, Hispanics will never be enslaved voters like black folk. They have a much different culture and values. Dems are playing w/ fire thinking an amnesty will endear them to Hispanic voters in the long run. But, politics is myopic, just like big business in this country, next election cycle, next quarter, seem to be as far as they can see.

  19. Absolutely Jill and this is a bipartisan problem. There are many ‘ordinary’ citizens that recognized this problem long before the current administration came into power; there are those that have only recently accepted the reality of it. What this has the potential of creating is a non-partisan block of citizens that will no longer accept the ‘grubered’ legislative process.

    For all of you still clinging to the possibility this will all go away; you are the very people Jonathan Gruber and his ilk rely on for legislative success.

  20. The Gruber issue wasn’t mentioned on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNBC and MSNBC, so maybe their doing a good job of it,
    How can voters in Pelosi’s district think their not starting to look like idiots reelecting this empty dress

  21. With apologies to Country Joe and The Fish….

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    Everybody sing along this time

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  22. He was formerly known as Goober on the Andy Griffith show. Or Goober Pyle. Those who live in the Beltway wear short pants. Their Congress person does not even have a vote. That is for good reason. Schools and universities within the Beltway are suspect. Sorry JT. Those who live outside the Beltway but commute to the Beltway to work are dogs of a different breed. Who was it that paid Goober the Four Hundred thousand and thence Two Million? Was it public taxpayer money or some Koch Brother Fund or what?
    This dog believes that Gruber should hence forth be known as Goober.

  23. Bruce, Visit SF and you’ll see how Pelosi gets reelected. SF is a great city because of the history, architecture, sights, and FOOD! Those aspects are so far immune from the crazies.

  24. Trooper York,

    I noticed that response as well. It is a complete failure to grapple with the real issue. Making a truthful statement that Gruber was hired by Romney isn’t a problem. The problem lies in leaving the analysis at that point-“well, an evil Republican hired the man so that’s all we need to know.” Of course, it’s not all we need to know, nor should it even be a surprise that a Republican, evil or otherwise, hired Gruber.

    It is significant that supposed opposite parties keep working with the same set of characters to formulate the same policies. That’s important information we need to understand. Charles Ferguson’s “Inside Job” is an example of a film that goes into what bipartisanship really means in the US.

    As Oily said, there is now a block of citizens who see through what is going on. The greater that group becomes, the better chance we have.

  25. Haz, I did some work for a large law firm working on the Napster case years back. They were relentless in going after college kids and colleges. You don’t want those sharks coming after you on copyright infringement!! Good parody.

  26. The Gruber issue wasn’t mentioned on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNBC and MSNBC, so maybe their doing a good job of it, Bruce. Really, every time I turned on the TV yesterday Gruber was on and I don’t watch Fox. Gruber also worked for eight states. He made a lot of money off his “model”.

  27. swarthmoremom – “ Got his start with Romney in MA. Hired by Obama for his expertise……”

    “Very few of the congress people read the bills.There are so many cross references that one would need a library to do so. They rely on counsel to tell them what is in them.”

    How do either of these comments make you feel better? If they do, remember that the next time you feel screwed over by your enemy and not the ones you praise.

  28. I am so naive. I actually expect the lawyers we elect to Congress will actually read the proposed new laws before they vote on them.

    Such a sucker.

  29. Oceania was at war with Eurasia now, but just four years ago, these two had formed an alliance against Eastasia. Winston remembered this clearly, but it made no difference what he or any other individual remembered, for the Party said that Eurasia had always been the Enemy and what the Party said was the Truth. This, thought Winston, was the most frightening aspect of the party regime-that it could obliterate memory, turn lies into Truth and alter the Past.

    And here we are. Took longer than Orwell anticipated, but we have arrived.

  30. Hired by Obama for his expertise……

    Gruber was hired by who ever hired him (no one will admit to doing so) solely because of his political ideology.

  31. “Inside Job” is indeed an eye-opener. Too much at one time. Still haven’t seen the entire thing.
    Aridog has interesting ideas, but I think he gives the new crop of repubs too much credit. They’ll just knee-jerk like the last guys.

  32. Haz,
    That is step 1; well done! I’m ignorant of the grubering process and naively believe legislation should be read by those that vote on them. If they don’t have the time for all they try to do then perhaps they are trying to do too much. We aren’t necessarily better served because they want to “get stuff done”.

  33. Here we go: Gruber White House Meeting Included CBO Director, Robert Gibbs, Axelrod and Barack Obama.

    Link to article here. Link-a-roo.

    Gruber travels in a pretty fancy crowd, for someone Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know.

  34. Haz, Pelosi is jealous of this Hans Gruber. You know Obama treats Pelosi like the flighty, crazy aunt, found in most every family.

  35. Actually, in a presser this morning Nancy Pelosi denied knowing anyone named Nancy Pelosi, and said that it is anti-woman to think otherwise.

  36. anyone supporting Pelosi is an idiot and a dishonest individual who follows the mantra that the end justifies the means. Goosestepping fascists

  37. Im not going to name names and be uncivil but its time the real Democrats and Classical Liberals get rid of the progressive socialistic trash that has hijacked the party. There is a few of the koolaid swilling goosesteppping commies around here. They defend Obamacare.

  38. Anon, Haven’t you heard that Bernie Sanders is running in the democratic primary? Probably, not a cleaner politician around but leans too socialist for this right wing crowd.

  39. The thought: “Better to disavow him now before others investigate me further” is probably running through many minds on the beltway.

  40. People like Gruber are why people like me are Global Warming skeptics. The whole “expert” thing has been way overdone, and adding millionish dollar grants to the mix proves that some people will say anything to keep the money coming.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  41. Michael Haz – you probably think the lawyers we elect to Congress actually write the bills instead of lobbyists.

  42. I am doing some research and need to know what “a Koolaid swilling, goosestepping commie” is? A reference to Putin? What is Koolaid? Aid to cold countries above the arctic circle? If you have Communists in this country why do they not speak up for things like equal pay and all that? I went back to visit Ferguson for two days last week. Went to some good bars in St. Louis City nearby. Someone wants to run Michael Brown’s mother for a seat in Congress. She said she is no longer fertile, that she cant have a welfare kid and “she needs a check”. Ferguson is a good place here on Planet Earth. Go visit after the turmoil is over.

  43. Clinton is a rat. They are all rats.
    There is plenty of Republican support for the TPP also btw.
    Both parties are traitors

  44. Oh, look, their reaction to someone telling the truth about their misdeeds is to lie.

    Those that have claimed they don’t know him have been caught on video speaking about him. He’s been to meetings chaired by Obama. Claimed he had nothing to do with the writing of the bill when he was paid almost half a million dollars to do just that.

    More despicable lies. If we continue to accept this behavior, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Gruber is on record saying Obamacare was never meant to save anyone money. But Obama claimed America families would save $2500. Gruber explained that if American voters realized that they would be charged more for health care to provide it to the poor, no one would vote for it. So they lied. He said it was really a tax, which is illegal, in how it neither originated as a tax nor was voted on as a tax. In fact, Obama is on record denying it was a tax.

    At least Gruber is, belatedly, telling the truth.

    I wonder how his supporters feel, hearing undeniable proof that Obama et all thinks they’re stupid and easily led.

  45. And I particularly like how Gruber gleefully explained how he got the health insurance tax through by claiming that it was only a tax on the insurance companies . . . who turn right around and pass that added cost on to their customers. Obviously. That’s what any business does.

    I wonder if Gruber chortles every night about moron voters.

  46. Voters are so eager to pass taxes on other people, while ignorant of the fact that those taxes inevitably affect all of us. Tax businesses, and they will either lay off workers or raise prices on all of us.

    That is why it becomes unfair and undemocratic for us to keep voting on taxes for “other people” because voters will almost always vote for higher taxes on a minority, but rarely vote for taxes that affect them. The minority is helpless to prevent it, whether that minority is small business owners, the rich, or the manufacturers of luxury products.

  47. I don’t get the impression that Gruber is “coming clean” or doing a mea culpa.

    It seems more like gleeful narcissism, and doing a victory dance about pulling the wool over the eyes of naive voters. He probably thought he accomplished the impossible, fooling Americans as he did.

    Sounds like gloating, to me.

  48. Aridog:

    It is my understanding that there are two non-Democrat objections to Holder’s replacement:

    1) There hasn’t been an AG appointment during the last couple of months of a lame duck Congress in over a hundred years. Clearly, the public voted for a new direction, so they’re squeezing as much in as possible. Unfortunately, this is their legal right.

    2) There is a concern that we will be scorched with the same sort of ideology as Eric Holder, with whom she is very close. Although she can refuse to answer their questions on how she would have acted in similar situations, if she does so, it will sound like an affirmation, which will be on record and display to the American people.

    They can’t block her, but they can probe her ideology while on the record.

  49. Speaking of True Believers, there was just a scandal where a Charter School in Michigan, I believe, painted over their Hall of Heroes with Mother Theresa and Ghandi with portraits of Obama, among others.

    Way to keep the politics out of our schools . . . especially in light of this latests admission of lying to us all.

    Is that what these teachers believe is a hero – a liar?

    It’s true that anyone entrusted with teaching children can make the mistake of failing to check their personal politics at the door, including those in public, private, and charter schools. But it is a very serious transgression for schools to start teaching there is a single, “correct” political affiliation.

  50. Gruber on Romneycare, and how a federal surplus in that state, contrary to other states, enabled them to pay for it. Also, how the bill only affected the uninsured, instead of every other bleeding person, as Obamacare:

    How else is Obamacare different from Romneycare? Well, for one, it was created and voted on with complete transparency, with unanimous bipartisan support.

    Something that seems to be a completely foreign concept to this proven dishonest administration.

  51. And yes, I agree that you can trust ANY establishment politician as far as you can throw him or her.

    That is why I would like to diverge from this entrenched government ruling class that keeps getting elected. We need a regular person, untouched by political indebtedness, to have a turn.

  52. We need a regular person, untouched by political indebtedness, to have a turn.

    You’ve made the case for Sen Ron Johnson to run for the presidency.

  53. Karen – I have to agree. Gruber is patting his own back about what a good boy he is. He is just too proud of his work not brag about it.

  54. Jill and Trooperyork,

    You misconstrued my comment about Jonathan Gruber working for Romney. I was responding to something Olly had said about Gruber being on the “progressive” Mount Rushmore. The man has done work for both Republicans and Democrats. I have no idea whether the man is a progressive/liberal or a conservative. Do you?

    BTW, Jill, I haven’t failed to “grapple with the real issue.”

  55. SWM – care to address the lying that pushed this bill through?

    I explained that Obamacare was a financial disaster for my family, and some either didn’t believe me or thought my situation was not representative.

    But now Gruber has been caught stating that Obamacare was never intended to save people money. It was to make people pay more for health insurance to provide it to the poor, giving up some things in the process.

    I was right. I recall fighting to stay awake while actually reading part of the law, something almost no one else that I know did. And there were things in it that were really concerning. And yet Pelosi actually said “we’ve got to pass it to know what’s in it.” This is another problem with any legislation that is 6 feet tall when stacked up. It’s impossible for the people voting on it to really be familiar with it.

    Sometimes a vote does great harm to your neighbors. But if people fail to understand the consequences of each and every vote, they are in danger of repeating mistakes that are harmful to others.

  56. “The frankness with which he has spoken is a signature of an academic, though his view of the intelligence of the American people is quite shocking.”

    Just curious, who here thinks, generally speaking, Americans are “smart” when it comes to understanding and actively participating in the political process? History?

    My experience is that most are ignorant at best.

  57. Elaine:

    Let me explain something. A rabid progressive can work for anyone – an Independent, a Progressive, a Republican, a Libertarian, and still be a progressive.

  58. I had the misfortune to work with a Progressive who told me she hoped a customer who was getting deployed with the military died because she thought the war was world domination/colonization by Republicans.

    I was grateful to have a job. Guess what? It didn’t make me a Liberal.

  59. Gruber has played his own role in the piecemeal delegitimization of the US government.

    History has proven that even lethal force is unable to ensure a State remains in power. The Soviets crumbled almost suddenly, the Chinese are losing their hold.

    Both nations employed enslavement, imprisonment, psychiatric wards, and assassination to coerce compliance.
    But in time even that failed.

    Our smiley-faced jackboots think they can force our acquiescence by lying to us, and slowly strangling our freedoms.

    But once the State has lost legitimacy, it needs more and more government officers to ensure compliance. All the methods the Soviet proles learned to evade, wreck, gum up, game, and disable the system will be employed here as well.

  60. Elaine:

    So you knowingly put forth a false argument?

    You appeared to question his status as a Progressive simply because he had worked for Romney at some point?

    But you know what? Romneycare was unanimously supported by all political parties. So . . . that means . . . people of all political ideologies worked on it.

    And yet, HE didn’t have to resort to lies and subterfuge or a ridiculously long bill to get it passed.

  61. SWM:

    “SWM – care to address the lying that pushed this bill through? Karen No thanks……”

    Okey dokey. Thanks for clearing that up.

    You know what I see as a trend on this blog? That Obama/Hillaray/pick-your-idol supporters steadfastly refuse to address actual facts and sincere concerns.

    And that’s weird to me. Because, although I adored Reagan, for instance, I’ve openly said that he made a mistake when he added Medicare benefits that jacked up their premiums. I even recalled how a mob of the elderly looked like they wanted to try to roll his car.

  62. It would be different if Gruber had been complaint that he’d urged Dems to lie about the legislation, but they had refused. They had allowed it to pass or fail on its own merits.

    But the true scandal is that they DID follow his advice and lie about it the entire time.


  63. Trooper – no, they won’t, but people like them will still blindly vote for her, every time.

    This is not the first time she’s been caught lying. She comes from my state of CA, which is rapidly descending into Chicagoland/Detroitland. Her history has been well documented, and yet it changes nothing at the polls.

  64. This sound familiar?

    To initiate the Russian economic recovery, on 21 February 1920, he launched the GOELRO plan, the State Commission for Electrification of Russia ), and also established free universal health care, free education systems, promulgated the politico-civil rights of women.[168] and also legalised homosexuality, being the first country in the modern age to do this.[169

  65. progressives should just leave the country. Move to Canada where they can have the type of country they want ready made. Let em take the illegals with em too

  66. So Jon Gruber was:
    1. hired by Obama and the Democrats
    2. paid by the Democrat-led government
    3. to figure out how to deceive the CBO into scoring various taxes as not being taxes at all
    4. to figure out how to deceive the American public about costs, taxes, and coverage.
    5. and afterwards gloated about doing it.


    Reacting angrily on Thursday night to the latest series of caught-on-tape comments made by one of the architects of Obamacare, comedian Stephen Colbert said he couldn’t believe “elitist” Democrats had the nerve to give Americans healthcare.

    The host of “The Colbert Report” took a hard look at the comments made by Jonathan Gruber, an MIT professor who helped design the Affordable Care Act. Gruber was recorded saying the confusing language of the law, particularly regarding taxes, was one of the things that helped it pass.

    “A-ha! I knew it!” Colbert said. “Obamacare is funded by taxes, unlike every other part of the federal government. I mean everybody knows the F-35 fighter jet program is paid for with candy sales.”

    Colbert then challenged Gruber’s comments about “the stupidity of the American voter.”

    “If you want to see how stupid Americans are just look at who they elected last Tuesday,” Colbert said, referring to the GOP’s nationwide sweep during the midterms. “In your face! These are smart guys!”

    Colbert finally brought his attack on Democrats home by pointing out their biggest flaw.

    “Yes, contemptuous Democrats looked down on the American people from their ivory towers and thought, ‘What a pathetic horde of dullards. Let’s give them healthcare.’ It’s shameful! It’s shameful! For shame!”

    Watch the video below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

  68. SWM, is that your response? Seriously?
    It’s all Democrats can do here, is ‘refute with a sneer’?

    “Let’s give them healthcare
    Because that’s the biggest lie of all, and Colbert is still peddling it. So are you.

  69. @ SWM

    Comedy Central may be where you choose to get your news and your political talking points from comedians.

    I prefer the WSJ, Forbes, Financial Times, IBD, Washington Times, various on line publications. If I want entertainment and laughs I will turn on Netflix or Amazon streaming videos.

  70. DBQ, Okay, but your sentence makes no sense. “Comedy Central may be where you choose to get your news and your political talking points from comedians.”

  71. I hope Democrats/leftists/Obama Admin supporters are just tickled pink to know the high esteem in which they are held by their betters.

    Gruber is not calling me or any other conservative stupid – we’ve understood the dangers of this “law” from the beginning (remember the town halls and demonstrations in 2010?) I believe some Dem politicians basically called those attending the town halls stupid, too.

    I have written over the last five years no less than 10 letters to the editor of my local paper warning fellow citizens about the pitfalls, the lies and the true motivations behind Obamacare.

    I hate to say I told you so (and I mean that, because a lot of people have been hurt and many, many more will be in the future), but, I told you so.

  72. The movie MASH was funny.
    The first few seasons of the TV series MASH had some good moments, too, but it was watered down.

    Then MASH became a vehicle for leftism ant-war propaganda.
    Then it wasn’t funny.
    Over time, it became a Social Justice Warrior TV show.
    Then it was excruciatingly bad.

    Then came Colbert.

  73. @Pogo

    A sneer is all they have. Just like in The Emperor’s New Clothes, the little kid who saw a naked emperor was sneered at. After a while, however, the truth came out. Like it is now. Here is a good read by a Democratic activist, Burke Beu, who saw the light about Obamacare:

    ObamaCare is a failure. For anyone who thinks this is a misprint because no Democratic activist would make such a comment, let me add that it is too big, too complicated and too expensive. Without a public option within its network of exchanges, ObamaCare is a giant blank check to the insurance companies that pushed it through Congress. It punishes responsible consumers like me and treats younger individuals as fools who are expected to pay the bills while not paying attention.

    Now we learn in videos that came to light this week that Jonathan Gruber, MIT economist and a key architect of the Affordable Care Act, proudly relied on his perceived “stupidity of the American voter” as the basis for designing ObamaCare. Such comments, along with the program’s notoriously dysfunctional website and false assurances that people can keep their previous health plans, are insults to every citizen regardless of party.

    Contrary to Medicare, which was quickly accepted at a time of economic vitality as a meaningful complement to Social Security, ObamaCare was the sequel to an overpriced economic stimulus package that didn’t stimulate very much. Those least affected by the recession benefited the most from the stimulus. I think that’s called “trickle-down economics” when Republicans do it, and the economy continues to struggle for good jobs and a real recovery. ObamaCare is part of the problem, not a solution.

    For most Democrats in Congress, Medicare was originally a model for health-care reform. Single-payer, universal coverage was the favored approach. Then Republicans let loose the “socialized medicine” boogeyman and Democrats panicked.

    Fearful that doing nothing was worse than doing the wrong thing, Democrats gave up on Medicare for the masses and opted for a drastic alternative. ObamaCare is an outrageous combination of private-market inflation, government bureaucracy, excessive mandates and a ridiculously delayed implementation schedule. When the thing finally kicked in, it hit hard—and there is plenty more pain on the way.

    Worst of all, ObamaCare looks and feels exactly like what it is: a health-care plan devised by lawyers and corporate executives rather than true health-care providers. Democrats are top-heavy with attorneys, and this hurts the party on many issues.

    More at this link:

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  74. A majority of Americans give good reviews for insurance they recently acquired through government exchanges within the past year, a new poll shows.

    With the second round of Obamacare enrollment set to begin on Saturday, 71 percent said their coverage through the exchanges was good or excellent, according to a Gallup poll released Friday. Another 19 percent said the coverage was fair, while 9 percent rated it poorly.

    The pollster notes that these marks are comparable to all who have health insurance. However, those newly insured through the exchanges are more satisfied with the cost of health care — with 75 percent saying so — versus 61 percent of all insured respondents who said they were satisfied with the cost of health care.

    A majority — 68 percent — who received insurance through the exchanges said they plan to renew their policy, while an additional 7 percent said they will look for a new policy, but through the exchanges.

    Read more: Very interesting new poll………..

  75. DBQ, Okay, but your sentence makes no sense. “Comedy Central may be where you choose to get your news and your political talking points from comedians.”

    I guess I was missing the Oxford comma.

    “Comedy Central may be where you choose to get your news, and [get] your political talking points from comedians.”

    There. Better.

  76. @SWM

    I don’t believe the poll. I don’t tend to believe Politico. The only person I know who likes Obamacare, likes it because it is currently pretty much free to her. Plus, she has not had to use it yet. She did, however, choose to work part time instead of full time so that she would qualify for it. I do not see this being a viable choice for her over time.

    Other than that, others I know are not satisfied at all with it.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  77. For those of us who knew the whole thing was garbage, this is bittersweet. It also shows the total lack of respect for our citizens and our laws by the Democrats. The fact that every Democrat who voted for this wasn’t kicked out proves Gruber’s assertions. If you are one of those, start paying attention! We have citizens who want, but don’t give. Think about it, people collecting thousands of dollars because Democrats give them things so they don’t have to work! I think the people who pay should have the voice. If you pay no taxes, you can’t vote. One election and we’d see more people working. Jefferson said “the problem with Democracy is the people can vote themselves out of it.” And we are just about there, especially if the “stupid American people” vote for a Democrat in 2016. Also, one election and the party would seek new people to run and retire anyone who’s been in Congress 30+ years. Then we might get back to the greates country in the world.

    Food for thought, when Dems started working toward a single-payer system, our health care was much simpler. We now have transplants of so many organs, if someone gets to the ER they have a good chance of pulling through. Babies that would have died years ago are surviving. Our medical ability is astounding. 300 Million couldn’t have transplants. It would just be too expensive. Surviving in ER would require a hospital stay, and if every baby survives with a long time in ICUS would increase our population. Research by the government would have to stop. The private sector, who brought us so many life-saving devices, would be the only research. People come from all over the world, with cash, to get our advanced care. Would they get to the front of the line, absolutely, we need the money. Would we be able to help outside the US? No!

    Tell me where I’m wrong.

  78. @swm

    I still do not believe the poll. I suspect that is top heavy with people who are getting free or nearly free insurance. As with my friend, there is no place in the poll for her to answer that she gave up two days work per week to get Obamacare.

    Even in her own mind, it does not yet compute. She does not understand that she is losing $128 per week, or over $500 per month to get her nearly free insurance. Plus, she has not yet had to pay any of the deductibles. I guess she is a prime example of Gruber’s stupid American.

    Plus, most Americans have not yet been personally introduced to Obamacare and its ramifications. So far, it is mostly the sick and uninsured. It would not take much to make them happy. As with my friend.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  79. You can explain to me how Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know who this guy is when she cited his work when she was pimping this bill?

    Sadly, Congresswoman Pelosi suffers from Demzheimer’s Disease. She remembers things that never happened, while forgetting things that actually did happen.

    For those afflicted, there is no known cure.

  80. “The dirty secret in Massachusetts is the feds paid for our bill…. Ok? In Massachusetts we had a very powerful Senator you may know. His name is Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy had basically figured out – Ted Kennedy and smart people in Massachusetts – had figured out a way to rip off the Feds 400 million dollars a year… ” ~Jonathon Gruber

    Edward Moore Kennedy – philanderer, drunk, murderer, and thief.

  81. Oh, and another thing. Some money transfer schemes work out because the dollar amounts are small. If we pay a dollar or two a month so that poor people can get Obamaphones, it is just a minor irritant if at all. But with Obamacare, the people who are going to be adversely affected, can be out several hundred dollars per month and see a significant increase in deductibles.

    People like my friend, who either voluntarily or involuntarily get part-timed because of Obamacare. stand to lose several hundred dollars a month, and at that level of income, that is extremely significant. Sooo, I don’t think this scheme is going to go over as easily as some.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  82. “We have citizens who want, but don’t give. Think about it, people collecting thousands of dollars because Democrats give them things so they don’t have to work!”

    Next Friday there will be many millions more of this ilk when Obama gives amnesty to illegal aliens who want to flout our laws but love to belly up to the bar to get benefits.

  83. “Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression. In our Governments, the real power lies in the majority of the Community, and the invasion of private rights is chiefly to be apprehended, not from the acts of Government contrary to the sense of its constituents, but from acts in which the Government is the mere instrument of the major number of the constituents. “- James Madison

    “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or perhaps both.”- James Madison

    “There is no maxim, in my opinion, which is more liable to be misapplied, and which, therefore, more needs elucidation, than the current one, that the interest of the majority is the political standard of right and wrong.”
    James Madison

    “A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or perhaps both.”- James Madison

  84. There’s a reason Letterman suggested Colbert replace him. Both are hardcore haters. Colbert used to be much funnier before he started getting more and more adversarial. I watched him for years, but have seen him slowly become a caricature playing a caricature. Letterman also used to be funny until he went very dark. Now, that’s not all political. He is a harasser of women and was forced to get married when his girlfriend got pregnant. Letterman took a number one show he built and drove it right into the ground w/ his smug and angry political humor. I’m no fan of Palin, but he was despicable in going after her kids. All part of preaching to the choir.

    The past 10 days has been a fascinating psychological study. Most have passed from denial[except for Botox Nancy and Barry] to anger. I doubt most will ever get to acceptance. Many liberals are angry and negative by nature so I suppose they find some weird comfort remaining in that phase of grief.

  85. A question for the commenters:

    Would Hillary Clinton skate her way to being elected president if she stated that ObamaCare was a broken mess, and that if elected, she’d support its repeal, and replacement with a far better health insurance system?

    I think she would.

    I believe politicians are highly calibrated to the direction the breeze is blowing at any specific time. After the beating at the polls earlier this month, I expect that Congressional Dems will soon begin to run away from ObamaCare. They’ll hang that albatross around Obama’s neck as they look to their next election.

  86. If you are STILL touting ACA polling data then you really are grubered. They expect Gruber ‘ s ‘idiots to completely ignore the greater point that Big Government Progressivism will not be stopped as long as they have the idiot class to enable them. You will rue the day when this monster is doing something you don’t support.

  87. Haz, She has too much baggage w/ her failed healthcare, which was even more radical. Plus, you notice all doing the Alinsky playbook, ridiculing BENGHAZZZI. I think they will be choking on that ridicule in the nest year or so. Maybe not. She may have covered her very wide ass. But, there will be blood.

  88. There is going to be a steady stream of scandal about much of what this Administration has done over the past 6 years. The Dems better do some searching and come up w/ a fresh face.

  89. Hillary Clinton is a traitor. It is time to call her what she is. A lying vile snake that is no different than any of the past few people that served as President.

    These thieves are undermining the Constitution to expand their own personal wealth and power. It is time we remove them from that position.

    Clearly elections are not working.

  90. Hillary Clinton is a traitor. It is time to call her what she is. A lying vile snake that is no different than any of the past few people that served as President.

    Her base sees that as a feature.

  91. SWM:

    “A majority — 68 percent — who received insurance through the exchanges said they plan to renew their policy, while an additional 7 percent said they will look for a new policy, but through the exchanges.”

    Right. These policies are basically all the same. So, unless you have employer coverage, you are going to have to either get insurance through the exchange, or go without.

    The individual policy I get directly through my insurance provider is exactly the same as that on the exchange. There really isn’t much difference between policies on the exchanges. They all cost a boatload of cash.

    But, you see, that’s what the government did. It removed consumer choice from the industry, and decided what we all should have. And then you’re going to say that since people can’t choose anything else, then this is a success?

    Obamacare is wildly unpopular among Americans. It’s pure denial to believe otherwise.

    You are defending the indefensible – an unpopular law that was passed based on a slew of lies.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly like when politicians lie to me and get naive voters to pass legislation they would not choose if they had access to all the facts.

  92. SWM:

    I’m just wondering if you actually read the original Gallop poll?

    Because if you did, you would know that people who got NEW insurance policies gave it the best marks.

    And who got the new policies, according to the data? The uninsured.

    So, yes, amazingly, the uninsured were happier with something than with nothing. They were also heavily subsidized, so they would not feel the negative effect of doubled premiums.

    What do you think this proves?

  93. AND that 61% figure of those happy with the cost of health insurance includes ALL people who are insured, including those with employer health insurance, as well as the heavily subsidized Exchange recipients.

    You really do have to go to Gallup itself and download the questions and resulting data directly. Because clearly the media analysis does not always understand the results.

  94. Here is what Obamacare supporters do not understand.

    We do not trust your word.

    To us, you appear to be the types to fall on your sword to advance the cause. Obamacare could be the worst thing to ever happen to you and you would still fall in party line going “mmm umm that is good!”.
    Why? Because your side has proven to be outright liars. Your side has been caught in so many lies its impossible to keep track of them all.

    Then we point out the lies, your side gives us a song and dance routine where you either change the subject or give us a bunch of doubletalk and spin.

    So tell us, why the hell should we believe ANYTHING you say on the subject?

    Definition of Doublethink:
    “The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed,” George Orwell

    Something the Progressives have mastered.

  95. Squeeky, Well, Jesus may be one of the illegals Obama saves from deportation. He can also play 2nd base and hit to all fields.

  96. Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has billed federal and state governments at least $5.9 million for advice, as more videos surface showing him undercutting the landmark law

    MIT economist got $392,600 from the Dept of Health and Human Services for his Obamacare consulting
    National Institutes of Health paid him $2 million for Medicare consulting
    Justice Department has added $1.7 million for expert witness testimony
    Four US states combined to pay him another $1.6 million for advice about health care laws, and contracts for four more states were unavailable
    If those states followed suit, Gruber’s haul would exceed $7.5 million
    Gruber has become a thorn in Democrats’ sides since videos emerged of him candidly discussing how the Obama White House misled Americans to pass the Obamacare law

  97. Professor Turley, if impeachment was apropos for Nixon, it surely would be an appropriate remedy for “Obama…the president Nixon wanted to be.”

    The actions of the executive are now demonstrably “beyond the pale.”

    Your suggestion otherwise leaves the branches in a stalemate.

    If the people are the sovereign, the power in America resides in the legislative branch and it is imperative that that power is exercised.

    The executive and judicial are perfunctory and have only the power to carry out and assure that legislation, or will of the people, prevails. The current executive branch is too flawed to lead and the judicial is too cowed to decide in opposition when required.

    The executive has lead in the wrong direction. The judicial has failed to correct.

    You have a duty to assure the leaders in the Congress and the Senate that it is imperative that they exercise power of, for and by the people.

    The ship of state is foundering.

    Will you be on board when it sinks?

  98. Professor Turley, I watched your discussion with Megyn Kelly this evening. I wonder if your insistence on no impeachment is because you voted for Obama and agreed with some of his agenda? I have great respect for you, and every time I’ve seen you discuss your concerns about the Constitution I’ve seen real pain on your face. I’m wondering if he wants to be impeached; I think he’s been depressed about his Presidency. Everything I read, especially Madison, makes impeachment the duty of Congress. Madison says Congress was given this ability to protect the people from a President who isn’t abiding by the Constitution. If Obama is given a pass, what does that say to future Presidents? How much more damage in the next two years? It would prove to the world that our Democracy really works for the people. He was sent a strong message last week, but can’t admit it, especially to himself. Congress must do their duty, or what is our democracy about?

  99. Sandy, I am also puzzled why JT is not in favor of impeachment after the things he has already done, he violated the constitution that he was supposed to protect, deceived the american public with an arrogance that is unparalleled. Wish JT would explain us why, despite all this, impeachment is not the proper consequence. It may not be politically easy thing to do, but it may be the only thing that would prevent future behaviors like this, and if we allow him to get away with such behavior then wouldnt it make it more likely for us to experience another president behaving the same way in the future?

  100. My interpretation of what Professor Turley stated, XYZ, was that he hoped Congress would exercise all its available remedies before they tried to impose and impeachment due to the costs and consequences of such an action.

    It surely would send a message as you have mentioned to future presidents as a deterrence to future violations, but the consequences in doing so could unravel many things. Professor Turley was involved in the workings of the impeachment of President Clinton over the issue of lying to Congress. To me while the lying was certainly a cause for a possible impeachment proceeding the abuses of presidential authority in unilateralism by the president if he does take action as is anticipated on the immigration debate is a greater violation.

    It had been over one hundred years since a formal presidential impeachment, though President Nixon undoubtedly would have been likely so. I suspect, and I am purely speculating here but I imagine having experienced the ordeal that was President Clinton’s impeachment might have given many pause to go down the impeachment route before other remedies are not tried first.

  101. Darren, what remedies do you think will be actually effective to restore the balance of power? JT said in the interview today that the president has made a mockery of power of the purse, so that may not work. As far as impeachment, I think it was Carl Jung who said that sometimes we have to do things, that we really do not want to do, but have to in order to keep living.

  102. For all I know, Jesus will return before then and run as a Republican.

    And He’d be a tea party member, because kicking over the tables in the temple, booting put the money changers, etc. :-)

    Re: impeachment of Obama – Those nice white boys in the House of Representatives impeaching our nation’s first black president would give the Democrats campaign fuel for generations to come. Impeachment ain’t gonna happen, and Obama knows it, so what we are now going to witness is a game of chicken between Obama and congress.

  103. When Obama had a Dem Congress he chose a horrible healthcare plan as his legacy. He could have done immigration reform but said “screw then” I’m using my political capital on MY LEGACY. Well, his legacy is about to be repealed and he’s going rogue, using illegals as a weapon. His actions in 2009-10 showed what he REALLY thought of illegals. Now, he’s taking action that will cause a backlash against illegals, that will hurt them. Quite Machiavellian.

  104. When the truth starts coming out, in a comical way…it’s DISTRACT FAST and lie. What about Romneycare? Oh look, it’s a feeding frenzy. Childish reactions!


    Recently Pelosi said she was insulted that people are questioning her age and called it sexist. Consider it a compliment Nancy, some one thinks it might be senility instead of pathological lying.

    This is what happens with socialist in a free market economy.They have to lie because their crap doesn’t work and then…you really can’t murder the masses, Comrade.

    Your stupidity fed these racist, sexist, elitist, statist our wealth and our children’s future. leaders enslave people by taking away their self empowerment. Don’t count on it happening again without a serious struggle. We forgot Carter and his mess…what is it with you socialist? Why do you like living in misery? Where you picked on in high school? Didn’t get called on in sports? What? You have some sort of revenge thing going on?

    Here’s what fun…there will be more coming out. This smug nasty but now rich (thanks to people liken Annie) Gruber, is just the tip of the iceberg. Promise. Wait for it.

    “Scandal” these aren’t scandals, it’s just another Tuesday to pathological liars who want to do nothing but control us stupid people whom are paying their bills. We can’t call them scandals anymore. I believe scandals are shocking and unusual events. No these people, include the Supreme Leader and their behavior is “common” in every way possible and including the classical definition. COMMON. Common thief, common liar, common criminals. Sadly too common. No scandals here.

  105. Well, JT, I am nitpicking here, but this is a CLOUD 9 statement: “The frankness with which he has spoken is a signature of an academic…” Academics tend to be anything BUT frank, unless of course jabbering behind closed office doors and speaking the accepted party-line.:) G. Tod Slone, Ed.
    The American Dissident

  106. I’m not sure of the validity, but in reading about what happened in Massachusetts, and as I understand it, before Romney Care it was Ted Kennedy Care. Teddy boy hoodwinked the Congress to give his state mega millions for a healthcare bill he never really intended to get off the ground. The millions of dollars towards that states healthcare for the poor was a guise. When Romney became governor he established a healthcare bill and put those millions towards it. Massachusetts has had its share of headaches and the healthcare program has become too costly. Or so I’ve read.

    None-the-less, you would think our federal government would have studied the mistakes made and the vast amount it has cost Massachusetts, and then corrected the problems, or scraped the project. But no, the Dems wanted to pull at the American people’s heartstrings that we just had to help the poor NOW, because we are the party that cares. They had to get this bill pushed through (without reading it) so that the “architects” and those who had their fingers in the pot could make millions of dollars on this great muse.

    So there we are, once again, we, the American public have had the bag pulled over our eyes and we’ve been water boarded. Thanks Democrats you get rich and people who you say your going to help get poorer. It’s a Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton kind of thing.

  107. Professor Turley would support impeachment if he felt there were impeachable offenses. He has expressed before that Obama has treaded the line very close and forgive me if I get this wrong but I believe he stated the only offenses close is if they could tie the IRS scandal to him or he illegally invades another country like Syria.

    The Syria thing is interesting because we have a Democrat congressman who has said Obama has enacted illegally in Syria.

    Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine: We’re in ISIS war ‘without legal authority’

  108. My interpretation of what Professor Turley stated, XYZ, was that he hoped Congress would exercise all its available remedies before they tried to impose and impeachment due to the costs and consequences of such an action

    I concur with Darren. As much as I would like to see Obama gone from office and even Biden as President….how much worse could he BE?……..the act of impeaching a sitting President is not only divisive, it would just add more fodder for the MSM to beat up on the eeeevil Republicans.

    The low information voters (Democrats) would buy any drivel that is sent their way. The racial divide would be exacerbated by the race hustlers and bought hook line and sinker by the black population. As it is now, any disagreement with Obama’s agenda is construed as being based on racism. The Republicans would be tarred with that label. Obama WANTS this. It is a way to get back not only at the Republicans but also to try to polish his own legacy. If it also creates a Democrat increase in the 2016 election, that would just be a byproduct as it is really and always just about HIM.

    In addition it would totally gum up the process of governing, stalling any real remedies to the chaos that Obama has purposely caused.

    Instead of being drawn into chasing that tar baby (not a racist term for those knee jerk reflexive racists hollerers…..look it up) the Republicans would be better served to “exercise all available remedies”. Budgetary control. Produce bills to repeal aspects of the various laws. Get a tighter control over the out of control regulations, that are not laws, imposed by agencies. Start with the EPA. Override Obama’s inevitable vetoes. Show just who is doing the voter’s business and who is acting in the best interest of the voters.

    They were sent to Congress to do work. Impeachment is a lure and a trick that they need to avoid at all costs.

  109. Ali used “rope a dope” against a stronger and @ that time better boxer, George Foreman. He invited Foreman to punch away and then defeated the punched out champ using the strategy to perfection. This amnesty is Obama’s attempt @ rope a dope. And, Rep have proven to be quite dopey in the past.

  110. I really do not think that impeachment, though well deserved, will do much good for the Republican Party. Besides, Joe Biden will become President. Now the upside of that is that it would give him a running start for 2016 and drive a stake into the hearts of Hillary and Warren.

  111. The simple argument against impeachment is that there’s no way that an impeachment trial would result in 67 senators voting to remove Obama from office. Obama would be much less of a lame duck.

    If the press hadn’t turned overwhelmingly against Nixon, I’m not sure that he would’ve been removed. Even Andrew Johnson was acquitted, in the most toxic political atmosphere in US history.

  112. I personally believe that impeachment can be brought by violation of oath of office. I believe the Founders had the tool for that reason.

    The oath is legally binding. That is why Obama had to retake it when Roberts made an error giving it.

    I think a valid case can be made that he has been anything but faithful and operating in a wreckless manner.

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

  113. Biden is Obama’s insurance. As some Rep said yesterday, “Biden is just a pair of floppy shoes away from a complete clown outfit.”

  114. Darren, I think the situation was very different back with Clinton impeachment , the public did not support that because his lie was related to something personal , here the lies have been used in situations that involved other people, e.g., Benghazi . Consequently , I believe there will be more support in public for the appropriate consequence . However , I agree that in the MSM there will be people like Maher screaming that it’s all about his race . The way CBS kept his interview portion hidden that would have supported Romney’s point in the debate , in my view , was a crime .

    By the way can anyone share any video clip of JT from the Clinton impeachment ?

  115. Impeachment would be a technically appropriate tool for correcting the President’s abuse of the separation of powers but couldn’t a case be made that he’s merely taking the path cleared for him by previous administrations and complicit congresses?

    We are not an 18th century culture fresh off a defeat of the world’s most powerful tyrant. Our 21st century culture has been groomed for this form of tyranny. Our electorate doesn’t understand the philosophy that makes impeachment a legitimate response and would respond consistent to that of an addict having their source of drugs threatened. We’ve actually seen that irrational behavior demonstrated in this blog and these people are not as grubered as most of the apathetic populace.

    I’m going to guess there are videos and other evidence that demonstrate just how mutually-dependent the administrative state is on the malleability of the minority voter. Until that constituency has their Gruber-moment, these political actors will always be able to rely on them as the trump card for further abuses of power.

  116. Perhaps this is asked and answered already above somewhere but is it fair to say:

    “Gruber caused uproar when, after he had denounced the theory as “nutty” during the arguments in Halbig and King, he was shown later to have embraced that same interpretation.”

    Since he says he “helped craft the legislation,” is it really an “interpretation?”

  117. Obama can never be impeached.

    Why would you want to turn your town into Ferguson, MO?

    I like my liquor stores and Quickie Marts just the way they are thank you very much!

  118. trooperyork – I have never understood the philosophy of destroying the businesses that you really need in a community. These rioters keep burning down all the businesses that they really need. It is like cutting your own throat.

  119. Gigi

    What you’re reading about Ted Kennedy and Massachusetts is beyond misleading (more Gruberism). For all intents and purposes, Ted Kennedy never even lived here in Massachusetts and certainly never had any involvement in state issues. Like many people, he summered on Cape Cod (we here on Cape Cod thank you for the business but wish you would stay out of your cars once you get here).

    The initial Medicaid waiver (circa 1998) was hatched under a Republican administration in Massachusetts when there was a Republican Congress in Washington. I’m sure Senator Kennedy and the rest of our Democratic Congressional delegation did good constituent service to help smooth its way through a then Democratic administration in Washington. But there was nothing unusual about it; dozens of states had such Medicaid waivers. They are called “demonstration waivers” and what Massachusetts tried to demonstrate — unsuccessfully — was that it would be better to spend the money through Medicaid than what we and many other states, counties and cities call “free care pools.”

    At the same time, Massachusetts began guaranteed issue and other policies that are often credited to RomneyCare but that actually predate it by a dozen years or more. There were three or four “Massachusetts health care reforms” before RomneyCare and this was part of one of them (there have also been four “Massachusetts health care reforms” since RomneyCare, which has now been effectively repealed.)

    You are absolutely right that every problem/situation beginning to show up under Obamacare (ESI crowdout, higher premiums, increased ER wait times, tighter doctor networks, etc. etc.) were all visible and well document in Massachusetts at the time Obamacare was proposed and passed. But the Republicans could not point them out because Romney was running for President (both in 2008 and 2012)

  120. Observer, Atkisson has proof this Administration has an enemies list just like their Republican predecessor, Nixon. Her book is on my short list. I’ve seen her interviewed several times. She even predicted in the book how the Obama cultists would try and slime her.

  121. Olly, if a decision has been made not to impeach, because of the way MSM is going to portray it, or how a certain portion of the electorate will react , or how Messy it can get (as Darren and JT have implied), then it may not be a bad idea, still, for republicans to discuss those reasons openly, rather than just saying impeachment is not an option. Remove the cover, and expose the game that is being played by the administration.

  122. A decision has been not to impeach because they don’t have the two thirds majority in order to do so. Why waste the time and money when they can revert to plan B and shut the government down again.

  123. I agree with you SMM, they should focus on making the case to get the 2/3’s necessary. They have sufficient cause for impeachment and should be able to find enough of them not yet completely grubered to get the necessary majority.

  124. Oily, Why don’t they just govern and pass a fix to the ACA, an immigration law, and tax reform. No democrats and many many republicans in the Senate will not vote for impeachment… waste of time. Oh well, the talk keeps the teapartyers hopes up.

  125. swarthmoremom,
    I believe they will attempt to do many things that the people want and time will tell if the President decides to honor that will.

  126. Olly,
    I am saying something different actually. Make it overt, that you believe that the right consequence is impeachment, but if that happens everyone who votes for that will be called a racist, the mainstream media will equate republican party with al qaida, people will say things like what other president has been treated like this , and all that will not be good for the country, so you will instead try other remedies to keep the balance of power that founders wanted. This may be the best way to improve things with least amount of negative side effects.

  127. Yes. This should be the next step, (may not be the last step) . I believe if this step is implemented correctly the last step(impeachment) may not even be needed to restore the balance of power.

  128. Any comment adding a Jonah Goldberg A-#1? If Hillary says “health care” she’s a goner. If impeached, Obama might resign rather than have all the dirty linen aired. Michele wouldn’t want that.

  129. Proof the Obama Administration really does believe his supporters are grubered:

    “Transparency is a key goal of the ACA: consumers now have more access to information about their health insurance than ever before,” White House spokesperson Jessica Santillo said in a statement to TPM. “The Affordable Care Act was publicly debated over the course of 14 months, with dozens of Congressional hearings, and countless town halls, speeches, and debates.

    “The tax credits in the law that help millions of middle class Americans afford coverage were no secret, and in fact were central to the legislation,” she continued. “Not only do we disagree with those comments, they’re simply not true.”

  130. Please stop calling Gruber an economist. He is a Keynesian court astrologer like Krugman, whose career consists of concocting asinine excuses for any and all government expansion.


  131. Now Obama doesn’t remember him being in a meeting, even though he’s in the WH logs as visiting 20 times! Obama is a lot like a Hillary, a compulsive liar. Maybe she won’t run when she sees lying doesn’t work as good as when Bill was President!

  132. Not sure if it was this post where Paul et al were saying people hate the ACA Gallup has found that not to be the case:

    PRINCETON, N.J. — Over seven in 10 Americans who bought new health insurance policies through the government exchanges earlier this year rate the quality of their healthcare and their healthcare coverage as “excellent” or “good.” These positive evaluations are generally similar to the reviews that all insured Americans give to their health insurance

  133. leejcaroll – I don’t think I made a comment regarding Gallup and Obamacare. My problem with Gallup is that they are generally a Democratic pollster. That colors their results. I think they are putting their fingers on the scales when they are reporting results.

  134. Of course they are Paul because you don’t like the results. Do you have any factual evidence that shows they are a democratic pollster? If you were not one of them, although I would be surprised if you have not posted that, just given the usual tenor of your comments, and your right antiObama leaning, I apologize although in rereding your reply I never said the ACA and gallup but “people hating the ACA”

  135. How many bought? That number changes daily. If it’s 7 out of 10 for 7 million people, then 4.9 million are happy. If it’s 10 million, then 7 million are happy. For a country of 300+ million, I think that’s pathetic! If it was so wonderful, 100+ millions should be on it. We spent who knows how many hundreds of millions. To have 7 million people happy. If we’d had a wise President, it would have been deferred a year (as recommended to him). But not this President. He wanted it, we got it, and millions of people are uninsured. Who were insured and happy. I want to know how many of the 7 or 10 million had no insurance prior to Ocare. Does anyone know that number?

  136. LJC,
    I must be reading this all wrong; here is what this survey seems to be indicating.

    Gallup surveyed 10,647; 85% had insurance (9,623); of that number, 19% had a new policy (1,541) and of that number, 27% got them through the exchanges (407). Overall, of the total number of people surveyed, only 4% got plans through an exchange. Of that number, 25% are dissatisfied and will not be returning to the exchanges.

    To conclude, the survey demonstrates that 97% of the respondents have not or will not participate in the exchanges. I believe the Edsel had better numbers than this!

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